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Shell Face-to-face Interview

On Friday, 11 march i was happily going online and chatting with Ishaq i think.. and Aniq and one more person was Raihan or Puteri.. oh wait i think it was Anis. EH no anis texted me. ok whatever the main thing was that i was happily texting, chatting with some people when...

I received a email with my name on it. hmm...i was curious and the time was 10.44 pm. Friday night. I opened the email and was SUPER DELIGHTED to see that Shell sent me an email stating that i succeeded for the first interview(telephone interview) and I was invited to Shell House Kuala Lumpur for the second interview. Ok so the first thing i did was scrolled down the page and searched for the date 16 March 2011. What the ??!!!! OMG that was the date for my trip. Next week was suppose to be the school holidays and i already arranged everything for our family trip to Afamosa. We were gonna book a villa and stay there for 3 days 2 nights. my aunties uncles grandparents cousins second cousins, everyone was gonna be there. I already asked for a leave from my office for those specific days and all, i felt bad if we had to cancel the trip cuz my little sister and brother wouldnt get to go just because of me and they WERE on a school holiday.

Solution: We arranged some stuff and everyone advised me to not postpone the interview and they assured me it was ok to miss the trip. i guess i had to say bye2 to a wonderful holiday cuz the interview was more important.

I got the news Friday night. That Saturday i had classes at Brillington and after work i was super tired and didnt get to prepare anything. Deep inside, i was so nervous only Allah new how i felt...

Sunday morning i went for breakfast at Kayu and dropped by at school since adik left her key in her luggage and locked it up. That Sunday afternoon i went to the Education fair at KL Convention Centre with Sarah. her driver took us there. So when i got back from the edu fair, i did my exercise routine on CD with my mum and the research began!!! i started my research and preparation at 7 pm and slept at 2 am that night. never slept that late before. I searched and searched for stories or articles of those who have went through the interview. Guess what? Mission failed. I could barely find any and the ones i found were just job interviews.

Monday i had work from 1pm -10pm . before work, i dropped by at school and asked for my documents. that day my sis returns from her girl scouts camp. At work, there was the SPM leavers party since it was their last class. We took pics and i tried some cake and pizza. I talked to Mr. David who is an African-american teacher at work and what a coincidence,! he was from SHELL COMPANY.So got some tips from him and I practiced a little with him. He told me what I should know about the company and he was an interviewer once too. :D

That night, i slept when i came home from work cuz it was almost 11pm. the next day, i was off. WEEHEE so i spent the whole day preparing for the interview. Morning i went to school to collect my documents. then we tried finding Shell House KL so we wont have trouble that morning. #Key point :! i have to reach Shell House KL by 6.45am. Then we went to look for my attire at Ampang Point.  and fnally we went home at 1.00pm and i started my research again.

THE DAY:):) ...

My maid woke me up at 4.30 am and i leaved the house at 5.30 am after eating the hard boil eggs my mum made for breakfast. :P I reached there pretty early around 6.25 am and my mum went to pray first. I reached there and a friendly girl called Vinotha (which sounds like my close friend Vinosha) and her mum approached me. I started talking to them and then a girl called Jaclyn joined us. I felt kinda relieved after talking to them. :D:D

We went in at 7.15 and was briefed by Miss Nurul Huda. After that we went inside the room in pairs to read up on a 10 page article about Shell's Company at Moldana. You have 45 mins to prepare the presentation in any way you like. Then you have a one-to-one session where they ask u about your presentation and questions like this:
- How do you see the Shell in the next 10 years in Moldana
- How to improve the service there
- How can we cut cost
-How do u plan to do that
- May i know exactly how u plan to achieve that
- As a financial manager how can you plan the budget accurately

Second session-
You are given 4 articles on a Social Work Project and u have to decide among 6 people on which project to choose. First you are observed based on pairs. You come up with 2 projects then you gather at the meeting room and discuss with the other 4 people. they have their own different projects. At the end you have to choose only 1. While we were conducting the meeting, Miss Balkish entered and announced about an Earthquake in Yongyan. They needed 6 million but 1 million is required immediately. We had to change some of our plans and allocate some money to the earthquake victims. Our total fund was only $490 000 . We decided on the Turtle Conservation( this was the project that I proposed) which was $600 000 over 3 years ( average $200 000 per year) so we had $290 000 left for the earthquake victims. Wow what a real job experience. Note that, the interviewers will put you in a difficult situation and that is actually part of the interview process to see how you deal with that situation.

Then the interviewers which sat at each corner of the room behind us started to ask everyone an individual question.  I was the last one to be asked an individual question. Then they announced that we were finished and we could enjoy the meal outside. WHAT a relief! :)

Comments i heard from interviewer:
I never heard a better reporter. ...(sth sth) ...Yes they are 18 and just finished their SPM. Are you sure?..hahaha

Someone told me that the suspense was just like sitting for SPM again. We ate a lot and met people from the afternoon session. Overall it was such a great experience Im glad its over and i did give my very best into it. Will be waiting for the results in April :D

People I met:
Vinotha ( first person i met and very kind), Manjitra( she was my partner for pair work), Nida( she thought i was from sarawak hahaXD), Wan Hasif ( i first saw him in the basement and thought he was an employee at Shell) and Ming Jin ( got 13 A's for spm 2009)

Farng Hui and Jaclyn was from afternoon session:) - She is actually from Datuk Lokman and she remembered seeing me during the amali kereta at Imkeda Keramat and recalled that i got 50/50 for my theory exam when the penceramah asked the class.. oh my what a small world :D

They're all really friendly and right after the interview I was on my way to AFAMOSA babeh!!
Oh yeahh i didnt miss my trip. everyone helped pack for me ( i did put aside my clothes tho) hehe
PS: Went to Melaka with my baju interview, blazer, shoes and documents ahhahaha XD

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  1. So you really met with ms balkish and ms norhuda? u have their contact number ?

  2. yeah.i did. i just hav the email. :):)why? do u have an interview too?

  3. nope. im scholar 2007. they r both the new coordinator for 2011. so im having hard time to contact them. so they cnductd interview last week. no wonder they din pick up the fon. I tot they gave u their mobile fon no or ofiz num. just wanna check that with u.thats all.

  4. year student.. taking electrical engineering....can u email me the contact no to asap pls.

    u can add me too on messenger. we'll chat..

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  7. heheh XP so when r u completing your course? hav u started working with Shell? do they ussually send their scholars overseas or is it possible to get local uni or twinning programm?:D

  8. Hi there! I got an email for the face to face interview too and I was wondering if we could chat about your experiences for it? Let me know if there's any way I can contact you personally? Thank youuu! :))

  9. Hi guys,
    I just appeared for my phone interview a few days back on 10th of October. How long does it take before they usually send the confirmation e-mail for the face-to-face interview?

  10. Hello. Recently I bumped into your blog. It is very inspiring! Can we have a chat about this? I want to send my application form to Shell.

    1. Hi if you still need to discuss about it you may drop me an email at and Ill get back to you asap

  11. Here's my email. I hope we can have a chat about this scholarship :)

  12. Hello! I found your blog from someone else's blog -- he stated that your blog was very helpful and it is! I am planning to apply overseas scholarship from Shell and it'd be an honor if we could talk a bit about this scholarship, and of course your experiences, if you don't mind :)

    Annisa x

  13. Hi guys, thank you for your comments and apology for the late reply. If you are interested to have a chat or have questions to ask me directly, please check out this link :


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