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Dear all,

I hope everyone is doing great :) It's been a long weekend for the Chinese New Year here in Kuala Lumpur and I am enjoying these endless holidays :)

Difference Between Living in London and Kuala Lumpur

After 4 years of living and studying in London from 2013, I returned to Kuala Lumpur at the end of 2017. Moving to a different city after a long time can be exhausting with all the packing but also exciting. It gives you that adrenaline rush of the unknown adventure. Now that I have been staying in Kuala Lumpur for some time, I can now pick out the clear differences between the two cities. Both Kuala Lumpur and London are the capital cities of Malaysia and United Kingdom respectively. Thus, there are some similarities in terms of living a city life. However, they are on the opposite sides of the world so a huge difference in lifestyle is expected. Here I will share with you the differences and similarities that I have picked out. Enjoy reading :)

Food is the most distinct difference when comparing the two cities. Asian food is known for the rich flavour and for the variety. Asian people think that food in West is very plain and always the same thing. This is a very personal thing…

Facial Spa Review in Skin Valet Ampang: Diamond Silk Peel

Happy February everyone :)

It's a public holiday again in Malaysia because it is the Federal Territory Day. Today I'd like to share my experience at a new spa called Skin Valet. It is new in Ampang because it was previously called Hannan Medispa. I have been there once and tried their basic facial RM90 but I did not really feel satisfied after the facial session because I did not see a clear difference before and after. When I go to my usual spa, I see a clear difference so I decided to continue going to that spa. However, recently I read a review online about the Diamond Silk Peel at Skin Valet and it seemed interesting and good. Being the curious me, I decided to try. If you know me well, you know how much I am obsessed with skin care. Many have told me that my bedroom can substitute for a pharmacy and my handbag is a mobile mini pharmacy due to the many things I carry with me hehe. I have always been more interested in skincare compared to makeup but now my interest in make…

The Greatest Showman Movie Review: Best Movie Ever

Today was a public holiday and after having lunch at Cili Padi, we went to the cinema and watched The Greatest Showman. We were lucky they let us in because we were 10 minutes late after the movie started. The line was incredibly long (omg) but understandable as everyone was off today.

This was actually my second time watching this movie, I like it so much that I can watch it endlessly. The Greatest Showman is one of a kind. I have not watched a movie that I liked soo much like this. It had lots of singing and dancing like Bollywood movies. The songs in the movie are incredible. Here are two of my favourite songs from the movie.

I liked the movie so much mainly because there were so many important lessons conveyed and I loved seeing the sweet family of PT Barnum (Hugh Jackson). In a way, it reminded me of my little family when I was small; it was just me and my sister and my parents. His daughters were Caroline and Helen. Caroline is like my sister, she likes to dance and goes for ba…

Reflecting on Success, Beauty, Money, Glory and True Happiness; Michelle Phan is Truly Inspiring

I am a simple girl, simplicity is part of me and is who I want to be. When I was younger, I did not like to spend money on unnecessary items. I liked seeing people with makeup and fancy things but I genuinely did not want it. I did not like to portray luxury, fame and beauty alone. At a young age, I felt that there were so many things to work for, so many dreams to achieve, so many things to learn and talent yet to discover. Studying and education can be undermined these days. Popularity, beauty and luxury are often prioritised. It's not wrong at all, I like them too. It's just that I feel that everyone's life journey is different and people prioritise different things at different stages of their lives. Also, I wanted to be known for my skills, talent and success and since I was good at studying, this was my main focus for many years. Whatever your talent is, whether it is art, music, sports, makeup, be proud of your talent and work on developing your skills. Success mak…

TGV Cinema Indulge Review in Sunway Velocity

Last weekend, I went to the TGV Indulge Cinema at Sunway Velocity. It was my first time and I did not even hear about it before this. From what I know, there is one in One Utama as well. So, only two places in Kuala Lumpur.  TGV Indulge is different from the normal cinemas because you get an exclusive cinema with reclining chairs like those big massage chairs that you can press to go down or up. There is also a comforter blanket! My favourite because I do not like the cold so it was nice and warm watching at the cinema with my wooly comforter they provided. Another special feature of this Indulge TGV is that they have a personalised call-waiter service (omg) and you can order food and drinks while sitting down watching the movie. We came earlier so we could order some food and drinks before the movie started. I just ordered hot honey lemon tea which was RM11 (quite expensive) while he ordered spicy fried chicken and hot chocolate, yumms. You can order like rice and main meals there and…

Nutox Skincare Review and Sales on Lazada

Dear all,

Today I would like to write a review on a skincare product that I find useful for myself. Do you have sensitive skin and unsure of what product to use? NUTOX is the best solution. I have been using Nutox for almost 6 months now and I see the results. I used to have pimples easily especially close to the time of the month. Now, I still do but very minimal. Also, the scars go away easily. You will wake up with clean and clear skin. If you follow the routine, I will explain below there is a high chance you will wake up with your facial skin feeling invigorated and fresh and bouncy. No joke ;) I do understand that different skin respond differently to different products but for someone who has sensitive skin like me, I find that the Nutox Cleansing Gel works really good and is gentle on the skin. When I use the Nutox Cleansing Foam, my skin gets really dry and there is this stretchy feeling. If you feel this, you would normally think that your skin is clean but no, please apply …

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