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Life Update and Motivational Reminders

Dear beautiful readers,

I am in a hotel room in Muscat as I am writing this with a cup of hot lemon and honey. I am ready to sleep but before that I wanted to write a quick blog post. After posting some photos on Instagram of my geology field trip in Oman, I felt like blogging about it but I know it will take some time, hence motivational post it is. Plus, tomorrow is a Monday so hopefully this can be a good read for any of you out there to combat Monday blues. For me, Sunday is a working day here and lately I am so confused with the days because Sunday feels like a Monday. I like what I am doing here so when it is time to start again, I get pretty excited. I felt the blues after our geology field trip ended. It was so good, it felt so different the day after the field trip ended. I missed it so much.

At least I am still here in Oman. What makes it even greater is the people and the environment. I like the weather, the people are lovely masha Allah and so warm, everything is beautiful…

Ways to Manage Work Life Balance

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing great. It is a Monday and I am back in the office after going on a business trip for a week. I just had dinner, my veggie- bitter gourd, long beans, eggplant and spinach, my sour plain yoghurt and white grape juice with aloe vera. Healthy dinner tonight plus 2 of my favourite chocolate Munchy biscuits hehe. On my business trip. it was all heavy and fancy dinner every night  ;) so this is a healthy change. Now, I am listening to my playlist and the latest song there is 'Be Alright'. I have no idea why that song always makes me want to tear but I still like the melody. Nothing heals the past like time.......they can't steal the love you are born to find. So deep... so meaningful....

On a positive note, I received a request on this blog topic. How do I balance work and life? I have been personally asked this question many times. Ask yourself - which one has a priority right now for you? My quick answer to that question my dear is that it chang…

How to Cope with Being Different

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing great :) I have not written in a month, oh dear. Did not realise how time flies!
Today I am randomly choosing a topic, something that I thought everyone can relate in some way. Everyone is different and unique to some extent. Everyone can and may feel different from everyone else, be it something you can physically see or you cannot see. The physical difference is immediately apparent but there are many other things that are not. It is sometimes these unseen differences that are of greater concern because they cannot be seen immediately and dealing with it can also be tricky. The good thing is that people do not see these differences and you can easily blend in a group that are completely different to you.

Did you know that feeling different from the rest normally occurs to people who are mixed-blooded? If your parents are from a different tribe or race, chances of the child feeling different are high. If the parents are from different countries, the l…

How to Feel Good About Life and Yourself

Dear beautiful people,

How is everyone doing? Hope everyone is doing great :) Sending love and light your way.

It's raining outside and I am just resting on my bed with my current favourite song, Happy Now by Zedd. Went for a jog this morning, then went for grocery and came home to cook lunch. Had a quick, simple lunch, nothing fancy hehe. I have been feeling like I needed some alone time and also needed to get work done so this 3-day weekend was perfect for that. Surprisingly, it has been pretty good and I have been enjoying my own company hehe. I will be catching a flight soon so this has been some really good recharging time for me.

I really was not sure what to blog on next but then I saw someone's instagram post with a wonderful motivational quote and it made me feel like writing something motivational. It said 'You can go through hell and still be nice'. On another post it said 'Surround yourself with those that see greatness within you, even when you do not …

How To Turn Bad Days Upside Down

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing great and having a nice relaxing weekend :) I have not blogged in 3 weeks as I have been super busy starting August and before I know it, it is 19th August already. While deciding my blog topic today, I was choosing between this topic and life updates. Then, I thought let's have a fusion of the two. I have many life updates to share and also I want to write something motivational that can hopefully motivate you. Tomorrow is Monday and the start of a brand new week. May it be a wonderful start for all of you. 

Where should I start? Oh dear, so much has been going on in my life at the moment. So Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday have been eventful days. Bear in mind that Wed, Thurs and Fri were still normal working days so I was at the office the whole day and these happened after office hours. On Wed, I had a full rehearsal at the hotel for the event I was hosting on Thursday. Thursday was the BIG day we have been waiting for. It was an exclusi…

Silkygirl OMG Powder Matte Lipstick Review

Dear all,

Happy Saturday! I am in a good mood, had a fabulous morning on a hill watching the lunar eclipse with my GEO friends. Now listening to 'High Hopes' and chilling in my room with my diffuser that has a few drops of lavender oil.

Today I am going to share with you this new lipstick that I am wearing now. OMG OMG OMG I was so excited when I bought it. It even writes 'OMG' outside the lipstick cover. I could not stop looking at it, opening it and then closing it again. I showed it to my bestie at work the first thing when I saw her that Monday after I bought it. I took pictures of me wearing it. Oh dear, makeup can be addictive.

When I went to Watson, I was looking for a lipstick that looked nude sort-of but had a pink tinge. Hard for me to describe but then I found this Mocha powder matte lipstick and it was the perfect one! It was pretty cheap as well, around RM20. Things do not have to be expensive to be good and not everything cheap is bad. I feel more convince…

Ways to Motivate Yourself and Increase Enthusiasm in Life

Dear all,

This blog post is dedicated to A, she sent me a sweet insta message and it said :

Hi (flower and bunny emoji) :) I found your blog online and you really inspire me (flower emoji). I am sitting for spm this year and it is really hard on me. Can you give me some motivation because I am very lacking it?

This is a short snapshot of our conversation. She mentioned that she feels demotivated and depressed at times. The reason why I am sharing the message (not the name) is that I want others out there reading this or feeling the same to realise that there are many people out there who feel the same as you if you are feeling this way. Whatever you are feeling today I am sure there is someone out there somewhere, feeling the same or felt the same before.

Today's motivation of the week is on developing motivation, drive and enthusiasm on what you are currently doing in life whether you are studying, working, a housewife or working towards any goal. This is called 'semangat' i…

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