Sunday, October 23, 2016

Simple Beauty Tips at Home


Ever seen a couple where the female is super duper gorgeous and the guy is yeah...(no comment) ok-la. 'She' dressed up just to impress him  but 'he' is pretty chilled.  Did you know for animals its the opposite?? The males are much more pretty and colorful  than the female. They try to impress the female.That was really funny :P

Favourite quote: A person's value lies deeper than skin-deep beauty. It is what's inside their heart that matters most...

Beauty is something really subjective. What appears beautiful to an individual may not be as breath-taking to another. In the end, you stick to the proverb : Beauty lies in the hand of the beholder. 

For a teen like me, my mom doesn't think its right to spend loads of $$$$$ at the spa or saloon or doing facial treatment so i'll teach you how to do it ALL at home. One exception, if you don't have a maid or if you're maid is lazy to massage you all the time and you have backaches often, then a spa/massage would do or at least a massaging machine.

Let's see. I'll divide this into several sections so you can choose which applies to you; 
  1. Facial - Eyes, Blackheads, Pimples, Lips, Eyebrows
  2. Hair care
  3. Nails
  4. Diet
  5. Exercise


The face is your main aset for looking beautiful. I mean that's what people look at first. First, make sure you wash your face at least one time a day. Best time is before sleeping. Don't wash your face right after sweating a lot or when you're face is red/hot.  Use a suitable face wash; ive tried so many Olay makes my skin  itch, Clean and clear makes my face more oily, Safi makes it reddish, and etc. Finally now im  using Oxy face wash with microbeads to clean blackheads. oh and remember to check on your label! Some face washes cannot be used daily like Omegatrend facewash. So if your the type that needs a twice a day face wash, get one that says: Use when necessary or daily wash. 

For blackheads, I use those strips. Biore' has the nose strips for blackheads at a reasonable price. I can get one pack at RM11. Don't touch your face especially the T-zone with dirty hands. For me, every single time I reach home I'll wash my hands with soap.( it doesn't matter whether you just washed 10 minutes ago or so but do it immediately when you reach home). Try this and see that the water will be greyish/ black. Imagine if you touched your face? Thats where the dirt all came from. 

For pimples, ok let me share with you something. Last year, around exam season my forehead was a pimple plantation or maybe that's what my sister liked to call it. Yucky :P For maximum pimple protection, try using OXY 10 Vanishing Formula, written "maximum strength acne-pimple medication".
# Take note: Oxy 5 is not as strong as Oxy 10. For immediate reaction, Oxy 10 works best but please don't apply more than once a day. It really stings *ouch*

For the eyebags, place a cucumber or a used teabag on the eye for 10-15mins. I also tried the Garnier eyebag roller but I'm not following the prescription, so im not the right person to judge that product.

Tips: Don't apply too much chemicals to skin to obtain radiating effects. It won't work and if it does its just temporary. Natural methods work better.

When I was small, my mum used to put Indian oil on my hair, I don't remember the name but all i know is that the oil was green in colour. Everyday without fail, my mum would put it on for me. She said its good to make your hair shine and also to obtain thick, black hair. I was lazy most of the times so she would tell me of the positive effects and make me sit down quietly. As a result, my hair became really thick and straight and black and i liked it. However, when i came to Malaysia the humidity and weather change made my hair texture change. If you learn Biology, its called Continuous Variation caused by environmental factors. So at certain parts of my hair like the front and side, it became frizzy and even curly. At Standard 6 (Grade 6) I did my first rebonding at my regular hair salon in Bukit Indah called Lela Indah. Loved the effect and as the years went by i touched up the rebonding parts at Derrick and Team Hair Stylist which was much cheaper. RM 99 to touch up. When you do rebonding, the hair gets very dry SO everytime I wash I use shampoo, conditioner and hair serum. 3 compulsory things for each wash. I don't wash my hair everyday because its unhealthy for my type of hair. I have to apply lots of chemicals so thats why i don't wash on a daily basis. To be honest, the conditioner reaaaallly works. I didn't do this earlier but when I did, I could see the effects right away.

The serum I use are Sassy Treatment Shine Serum or Natural : Revive Repair Essence.

Oh you wanna know something!  I used to use Coconut Milk on my hair. It provides a moisturising effect naturally but its so messy and I cant move without getting sth milkified so i stopped using that.

About nails, my mum used to polish them when we were small. My sister and I had a giant bag of colorful nail polish and we would choose what colour to wear each week to school. Schools at America allow nail polish as well as long nails. When I came here, I had to put a stop sign to all that. In fact, I was looking forward or wearing a uniform to school. It seemed so cool. My sister especially was super excited about the whole uniform is compulsory thing in Malaysia. I mean we never ever had that in America but then now we're so used to it already. Back to nails, I usually do manicure once a month, then i wash it off after I can pray again and let it grow naturally. When i cut it, follow  the lines  and i don't cut it all off. You will see that the shape is maintained when it grows again and it can last for a month or more. When i was in primary school, of course i didnt go for mani pedi so i just bought the ' Nail File' , the 3 in 1 set for Trim, Conditioner and Shine. Hey nails have conditioners too you know *winks That works too!


For skin i don't have to say it. You all know the answer right? LOTION
For some reason, im addicted to lotion for as long as my memory could remember. I don't remember a time that i was not using it. Its been in my life like forever so please don't try and separate us. Haha 
Here are some suggestions: Try Vaseline Cucumber and Aloe Vera Extract( good for moisturising skin) OR Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E (good for getting rid of scars and even complextion).

I don't diet and not planning to do so a.t.m. but here's a good tip. Eat punctually at normal times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't eat too late for dinner.If you forgot to eat early then just eat biscuits or light bread. When you eat all the main meals you'll realise you eat less junk food. Junk food is what contributes to excess fat actually, not the chicken or meat or rice. Drink lots of water. For me, i don't usually drink sweet drinks on normal days. I only drink if i eat at a restaurant or in the weekends. Since my dad had a garden when i was young, im used to replacing salad for snacks. Here is how I make it:
  • Get a cup of plain yoghurt (the sour one without sugar). Cut tomatoes into small pieces and dump them in the yoghurt. Done!

  • Another way is buy cutting any veggie you like. Cucumbertomatoes, lettucecarrot. Then mix them together, add fresh lemon/lime juice and add salt for better taste. If you like dressing, then you can add Thousand Island or so but i don't like dressing. I like it just like that. Bon apetite!


 Hmm this is the hardest part, aint it? I find it hard too to be honest with you. So you know what i do? I buy an exercise CD and keep it at home. Don't buy the long, lengthy ones if you're lazy. Mine is just less than 15 mins and its called Super Stomachs by Denise Austin and I follow her steps to exercising. It doesn't get bored too when you have music and someone to guide you. When there's a will there's a way. So go and exercise now. In her CD, she keeps on motivating us like " You gotta keep going if you want that flat tummy."

Looking beautiful may not because you want to impress someone but it may be of a simple reason that you want to care for your own body and health so that it is always in the best condition:)

 Last tip: Let's be stress-FREE. It is not impossible to have no stress at all but let's reduce unnecessary worries and SMILE :D :D 

Read up and hope my tips work for you!

Dealing With Changes in Life


Dear all, this topic touches my heart deeply as there are so many changes in my life right now. I feel like suddenly my world  moved by 45 degrees (this is enough as I don't think its more than this) creating a relatively new environment in many ways. You will not completely understand what I mean. It feels tiring, complicated, confusing but when I look at it positively, its definitely a fresh start.

Before you start reading, please turn on this song for better effects.

When you are used to something in life and reached your comfort zone, its hard to believe that it can suddenly change. When you come to think of it, some people face harder situations. Always remember that. When you have been living around people you love, suddenly God decides to shake your globe a little and let new snowflakes fall.

In a single week, there has been so many changes and so many people coming and going. Yes, I know that death takes people permanently but how about when someone leaves you and you have no idea when you can meet them again? Its also heartbreaking especially when I have spent the last 6 years with this person. If you want me to cry now, I can. I can cry anytime since she left me. I can break down silently whenever I see anything that reminds me of her. Oh gosh why am I tearing right now? She was more than a friend, she was like an older sister, even like a second mother with all the things she does for me; from waking me up, preparing food and even doing my laundry. She goes shopping with me, gives advice when i need to buy something and always the solution whenever I don't know how to do something. Imagine seeing her everyday since the age of 14 and suddenly she's gone. I could never have imagined life without her but now she's gone and I know she's not able to come back.

Now I will spend more time alone at home. Nobody to accompany me or come by my room to say hello. She keeps me happy because she's a fun person, always stress-free and cracking silly jokes.

Now I will have to wake up to that annoying alarm clock. She's no longer here for gentle morning wake-up calls.

This special person is my maid.

Now after a couple of days, I feel immune to this feeling..

Am I being a spoiled brat? No i don't think so because I am independent in my own way.

Am I being too emotional? Well, I don't exactly show my feelings too much...

Last few days, my sister went to Germany for something important so it feels more different in my house...

My best friend left as well to America on the second day of Raya...

Tomorrow my closest cousins, Shaz, Ain and Haris are leaving to Dubai. They just spent 10 days here and now they're leaving..

I feel like everyone is leaving me. I feel that my life is changing. Its one point in life where everything changes. Yeah. I'm going to be 20 in four months so maybe this is the beginning of a new chapter.

During this 3 weeks holidays, I think I have and will be going to the airport more than I could imagine.

Why am I treating this like a new thing? My entire life I've been going to and fro to the airport, moving and changes used to be a normal thing.

On top of all that, I have a university application due today. It is very important and thankfully I have submitted it earlier at 1am. I'm so glad that is over. 

Oh and I did spend a couple of days in Melaka for Hari Raya.

So now I hope that explains why I've been gone so long.

I realised that changes are sometimes good in life. Or else, life would be very boring and dull. If we look at it positively we will gain its benefits. There will definitely be changes that you are not used to and will find hard to cope with but trust me, not all you think is good, is good and not all you think is bad, is bad.

God has hold of your life plans and He knows better on what is good or bad for you so trust Him.

My brother's 6th birthday is coming on Wednesday! Something fun to look forward to- i'm a big fan of little kids.

My advice to people out there facing changes in life, go ahead embrace life how it is. This may just last a little while and you may be very happy with how it turns out to be in the end. Patience, gratitude and positive attitude will pay off. 

You never know when there's a tree of fortune on the other side of the river. The water currents will just last a little while. Your safety jacket will save you ! :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Song That Resonates With Me

Its Wednesday, 4th day since I reached London and I was having a relaxing morning, posting photos and making calls and buying some things online. Preparing stuff before I start getting busy very soon. This song came up in my mind and I started to humm it, decided to search on youtube and I played it over and over again. Never really realised the lyrics but when I searched for it, I realised that 80% of the lyrics resonate with me. Play the song! Inspiring music :)

PS: My <3 called few minutes after and he had to listen to me singing this song hehehe

Have a great day.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good News

This summer has been amazing alhamdulillah, so many sweet memories, so many new first-times and oh-we-havent-done-this-in-a-long-time. 

I know that some of my blog followers have requested I blog more often. I am sorry I have not been blogging much for last two years but when I do, I try to update you with pictures and new things. And this time, I have changed the template of my blog. I wanted it to maintain its original look and colour slightly (brown and turquoise) and to add a hint of its education background (paperclips, stationery) as well as a feminine touch (flowers). And even offered a new 'Speak to Meen' service.

In this post, I want to share with you some good news! 

First, alhamdulillah I had a skype session with my personal tutor and achieved an overall 1st class for my third year. Very thankful to Allah for helping me and family and loved ones for their support. I treat this achievement as a positive booster for future uptakings and believe in Allah's rezeki for me and for all. 

Next, I am starting my masters soon, please pray for me. I know nothing is easy but insyaAllah with prayers, hardwork, perseverance and positive perspective and faith, He will guide us and ease our journey. 
PS: I am not sure how much I will blog then but you will know now what I am up to if my blogposts starts getting slow...

Finally, I got 2 job offers over the summer alhamdulillah :') It is such an amazing blessing to obtain a job offer before I graduate completely. I am not bonded to my sponsor and able to work in the UK but I am happy with the offer. And if you know me well, I am certainly inclined to be near my loved ones. So for now, I will focus on the present and let Allah plan the future. 
First offer is not related to what I study, moderate pay but in an excellent location for me. 
Second offer is related to what I study, excellent pay and benefits but location, I won't comment too much for now. 

Remember that your rezeki is from God. Do not be put down by people who try to belittle you or spread negativity. Have confidence in yourself. Avoid jealousy, trust me the more you are jealous, the more reasons you find to feel more jealous and it does not bring you anywhere. I always read motivation books and focus on parts on human relationship and avoid myself from feeling jealous or have hatred feelings or think bad of another. It is unfair for you because you make yourself feel inferior for no reason. With good morale and good relationship with others, you will feel your heart warm and your rezeki comes to you. Trust in God's plans and sustenance for each and every person. Never compare yourself with others because yours might be different to another. A doctor might might not look good if he tried to do a lawyer's job and vice versa. 

Believe in yourself and know your priorities, I do not know how much more to emphasise this. Love people around you especially those who love you. Its important to feel loved and be loved and spread love. Keep your confidence high but not to the extent that you feel higher than other people. How do you test this? See if you greet the cleaners and gardeners at work or college. Do you treat them nice and equal? Do you speak to them in a similar way that you may speak to your boss? Do you only speak nicely to a certain group of people who seem to be 'your standard' or are you nice and polite to all? Its hard, I know but be kind. It warms the heart.

For increasing our sustenance (rezeki) I would suggest reading surah Waqiah every night, make lot of charity especially on Fridays- it does not have to be much just RM1-5 is good depending on your capability and sincerity, read and study the Quran and always thank God for all He has given you. There are many more ways I am sure, seek knowledge and it will come to you.

I will be writing more on these good news in future articles, so stay with LittleMissMeen to be updated. Happy reading and have a nice week ahead :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wisdom Tooth Surgery- What To Expect Before, During and After

Before I start telling you my story, let me explain some basic terms and general things about our teeth. Most adults have 32 teeth- 8 incisors, 4 canine, 8 pre-molar and 12 molar (including 4 wisdom teeth). Incisors are the cute top and bottom teeth that babies start developing when their teeth start to grow. Canines are the sharp 'dracula' teeth at each edge of the jaw. The molars and pre's are the ones at the back which are thicker. Wisdom teeth are at the most end of our mouth and develop late, sometimes even in our 20s. Mine grew at the age of 18, 19 and 20. Full of wisdom already ;) hehe

But.. no pain, no gain. Those teeth full of wisdom grew with a lot of pain for me. I got a fever everytime they grew. The left ones grew first if I am not mistaken and then the right ones. My teeth are bigger than what my mouth space can accommodate so the later wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth had a little trouble. The top one grew at a slight angle but still upright like other normal teeth but..... the bottom one did not. It grew 90 degrees and its position is that its side is facing up. Imagine a tooth lying growing sideways instead of upwards. That is what happened and I'll show you an X-ray I took.

It grew 3 years ago before I started my degree and at that time, the dentist mentioned that it may cause problems later one and the ONLY solution is to remove it by surgery. I was absolutely frightened by the idea so no, I would do and take every other option but not surgery. I bought some tiny little brushes that could clean the space it created between the wisdom tooth and the molar tooth next to it. Food would get inside that space and every night, I would make sure I would clean it. Sometimes, gargle with salt water or listerine and went for teeth scaling every year. Kept it nice and clean for 3 years until..... last July 2016. It started to feel painful and I had some headaches. My jaw hurt and after some time the top jaw hurt as well. It forced me to take a look at that very spot and in the mirror, I saw that the space it created has started turning black. I continued cleaning the space but it continued to be painful. I went to a dentist for my yearly scaling and during that visit she gave me antibiotics and paracetemol. But she did not comment much on what I should do next. The pain continued even after my medications finished. I knew I had to go for a second opinion and searched online for a different dentist. I found a very nice dentist with excellent reviews online at Menara 328, Kuala Lumpur. During that visit, she gave me really good advice. First she washed the area with salt water and said that I need to remove the tooth and the only way to remove a tooth that is in that 'lying down' position is by surgery. She also advised that I remove the top wisdom tooth as well that grew at an angle. The position of that tooth is normal so normal extraction would be fine. She gave me 2 doses of antibiotics and a painkiller. The pain subsided and the swelling reduced but not completely. The kind dentist explained about the surgery procedure at her clinic, she even whatsapped my mum prior to the appointment to do rescheduling, etc. Very humble indeed and caring for the patients. I was a bit intimidated by the dental procedures at the clinic- a gas would be given and I would be unconscious. Everytime I went to the dentist I would mention about the case whereby the son-in-law of Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi passed away upon given a sedation for wisdom tooth surgery. They strongly emphasised that I would not be given that particular sedation even if requested. A letter was given for me to take a dental X-ray at KPJ Tawakkal. I am lucky alhamdulillah because all this happened during the summer break so I had time to sort it out. The kind dentist even told me that it is cheaper to do the surgery in the UK, even free for students and she heard this from other patients who came to her. At her clinic it was RM1500 by her and about RM2000++ if she called in a specialist. The risk of the surgery is that there is an important vein near the area and the distance between the vein and the tooth differs for different people. The further, the better because if the vein comes in contact or is injured during the surgery, there is a risk that part of the lips, tongue, cheeks and some regions near the mouth are numb. For some people, numbness occurs 3 months, 6 months or some permanently. The only way to have an indication where this vein is located is by doing an X-ray. But I had to wait till the swelling subsided, otherwise the X-ray may be less accurate.

I had been slightly negative about the surgery but a week before Raya Haji, I had extreme headache while going out for a relaxing day with my family to Bukit Jalil Park, Johan and His Cats and Midvalley Mall. I went home that day feeling exhausted, took some medications and rested immediately. In my mind, I had a feeling that this was related to my wisdom tooth ache. I decided then that I needed to do the X-ray and see what was next. A day after Raya Haji, I went to the hospital for the dental X-ray. That visit was a turning point for me. I felt more confident and comfortable speaking to the dentist and nurses at the hospital. They were very warm and provided me with a lot of information. A specialist with loads of experience would do the surgery and it cost slightly less than the previous clinics I visited. I would have the option to stay conscious during the surgery and only take anaesthetics to numb the mouth area. I prefer to be conscious to be honest because the idea of going to sleep by inhaling gas and then have all the surgical procedures done while I was asleep and not knowing how many hours till I wake up are all very very daunting for me. I was happy to do the anaesthetic option. Immediately after the X-ray was done, I met the specialist and he took a look at my X-ray and I booked an appointment for THE SURGERY right after. I know this is a minor surgery but I have not known anyone who have been in this situation who I could speak to and even tried to find stories online but maybe I did not search long enough, so the idea of surgery for the first time in general was just slightly daunting. But in a way, I felt relieved to be able to get rid of the tooth which has caused me a lot of pain over the few months and extra care over the few years. 

The day finally came, 19 September. A day and few days before I managed to make sure I ate most of my favourite food because I knew my diet would be restricted. Menara KL lunch buffet, a wedding reception, laksa, beef steak, tomyam and all the spicy food I enjoy and hot drinks until the night of surgery. I had been feeling really relaxed on the days before surgery but on that night, I begin going online and reading articles on what to do, what not to do before and after surgery to prepare myself on what was going to come. I did not know what to expect but I knew any surgical procedure would be painful and there would be dietary restrictions post-surgery. 

That morning, I did feel butterflies in my stomach and wished that time would pass slightly slower. Both my parents came along that Monday morning and I wore comfy clothes and remembered to make prayers. I felt a neutral feeling, slightly overwhelmed but calm. I reached there 35 minutes early. It was scheduled to start at 9 am. I had hard boiled eggs and tea for breakfast. The kind nurse asked if I had my breakfast already because I was informed that I could eat normally before the surgery since I was using anaesthetics and not the gas method. Whatever we wait for will certainly come and before I knew it, I was sitting in the dental chair with the dentist examining all my teeth. That morning, I felt like my teeth knew they were going to be removed because they felt slightly odd. The dentist placed this thing in my mouth to keep it open. At first it felt uncomfortable but he said it was best to use it so my mouth would be constantly side throughout the procedure. He asked if I felt ok that morning because I have a runny nose sometimes in the morning and was using a tissue. I told him I was fine and able to proceed. I just really wanted to get it done soon. He gave me the injection at my bottom gums and in a few seconds, I could not feel any sensation on my right cheeks. I touched them but it felt like touching somebody elses' cheeks, no feeling at all even if I pinched it. He gave a few more injections to add the anaesthetics and then he said to the nurse and me... 
Let's start...

I took a deep breath and watched them turn the dental drill on with its loud noise and get all the sharp equipment out. I made my prayers and closed my eyes when I felt I could not watch it being done. It felt like when I watched those movies and the little kid would have bad dreams of going to a dentist with all the scary equipment. I was saying to myself  'this is what those kids are scared of' because normal dental check-ups are not like this. I was never scared to go to the dentist as a kid because in America, my mum took me and my sister to a dentist that was very children friendly, we would get all kinds of treats and wash our mouth with different flavoured toothpaste and mouth wash and the place was decorated like a play area. The room had toys and I had good memories of going to a dentist as a kid. I relaxed at the thought of this. 

There was a suction tube that sucked blood in my mouth and my parents were allowed to stay in the room during the surgical procedures and she said, there was a lot of blood going through the tube. It lasted about 1 hour and a half. I don't remember when but at some point I raised my hand to ask for a break. I was not allowed to move my head but I could lift a hand if I needed to say anything. I lifted twice because I was choking on the blood. The suction was probably not sucking out all the blood and I was beginning to swallow it. I was thankful I was conscious because then I could tell them. otherwise I would only rely on breathing through my nose. When I rinsed my mouth it was all bloody. I saw my dad waving his had at me sometimes and they looked at me pitifully. I must have looked horrible with a bloody mouth and teeth but I did not feel or see the pain much. During the break that I requested to use the washroom, the doctor asked if I was feeling giddy and reminded me not to faint in the toilet. I was went quickly and when I looked in the mirror, I saw a lot of blood all around my teeth but quickly rushed back to the room. It continued for a few more minutes. They cut my wisdom tooth into pieces for easier removal so sometimes it felt like he was using a plier and trying to shake and pull my tooth out.. oh dear I had to close my eyes at this point. Towards the end of surgery, it was time to remove the roots. He mentioned that if the roots cannot come out, they will leave it in its natural position in the gums and it will be fine. I was hoping they could remove it if possible to prevent further complications. Alhamdulillah it came out and that moment when they announced 'Ok finally we removed the root', I felt so so relieved and my jaw felt this removal of pain that I had not felt in a considerably long time. Even on anaesthetics I felt some pain taken away as the root of my tooth was removed. Since it grew 90 degrees, the root was curved slightly (not straight like normal ones) and looked a bit creepy. The doctor said that this was causing the most pain in the gums and caused swelling. They asked me every one in awhile if I was ok, did I need to stop to relax but I was fine. Finally, came the time to stitch my gums. I opened my eyes and saw the black thread and it was fast, I did not even realise that it was done. It was done. They let me relax for 5-10 minutes before asking me if I wanted to remove my top right wisdom tooth too on the same day. It was growing normally so this would be normal extraction, not surgery. I said yes, I might as well have both pain one-shot instead of multiple times. He said 'Wow, she is game-on!' 

The injection for my top gums and palate (lelangit in Malay) was a bit painful.. they had to add anaesthetic injections for this. But it happened so quickly when they removed the top tooth, less than a minute and I did not feel anything. They said it was looking like it is starting to develop cavity so good to remove. All done, alhamdulillah. Still numb I could not feel my cheeks but that was certainly better at that time. 30 minutes later after waiting, I returned to the room for post-surgery check. I was given antibiotics to avoid infection and strong painkillers- he mentioned repeatedly that I can only eat it every 8 hours and not less because it is addictive in the US. In between if it felt painful then I had ponstan. For the first day I was not restricted to every 8 hours but 3 hour intervals were fine. I slept as soon as I reached home until 1 pm. I woke up to a very painful sensation. The anaesthetics were wearing off! I was starting to feel the actual pain. Immediately I took the strong painkiller and waited for the pain to subside after 5 minutes and continued my sleep. That was incredibly painful.....

That Monday was one of my favourite days because I did not think of anything except for my tooth and just relaxed and rested. No commitments and I was receiving princess-treatment from my family. Everyone was extra nice to me and my mum took care of my food and brought anything I needed to me. I had a cold pack, we need to put this on our cheeks to prevent swelling. In the evening, my <3 dropped my and brought a beautiful white basket of light purple and deep pink flowers with a colourful balloon that said 'GET WELL SOON'. He also brought Baskin Robbin icecream for me- double scoop chocolate and vanilla. I could not eat ice cream with solid bits so all my food was mushy and soft and cold. My mum got jelly for me and my grandma made chicken porridge for my lunch and dinner. My mum loaded our freezer with different ice cream, it seems to speed recovery based on the nurse and dentist. It was still bleeding so I could not gargle or brush my teeth on the first day. I pray till today sitting down on a chair because I cannot tilt my head too much forward or backward or else, the pain will be enormous. I sleep with two pillows so my head it held up and not flat. I could not move my mouth or speak that day. I wrote down anything I needed to say using the S Note and pen. I could not laugh and tried not to cough or sneeze. My brother and sister were making jokes because I could not joke back and had to be nice and calm and do everything slow motion.

The second day, I started brushing my teeth and gargling gently but I woke up with hamster cheeks! Hehe It seems like I did not use the cold pack enough on the first day to prevent swelling so my right cheeks swelled up. The two cold packs my mum bought, blue and orange became my bestfriends for that week. I even took it when I went out for emergencies. The doctor was really kind and he called my mum 9 am in the morning to see how I was feeling. I have not waken up..oops. I had breakfast and called back. He had a patient and called back an hour after. I explained how I felt and his first question was if I felt my cheeks, tongue and lips. He was curious to see if the important nerve had been affected. Alhamdulillah I could feel all and just slight numbness on my tongue. 

On the third day, my painkillers were about to finish. I scheduled for an appointment after my brother's Sports Day. Swelling reduced so cheeks were like a baby hamster! My mum complimented that I was very brave and strong and my <3 agreed. I was strong and did not show any fear throughout surgery and then after surgery did what I needed to do and could not just sit and rest. I wanted to do things and get things done. Doctor said all was fine and I could eat like normal. I tried to eat tomyam and rice gently but seems like not a good idea. The pain came back, third day and fourth day were painful. 5th and 6th day pain subsided but I still ate painkillers. 7th day I did not eat painkillers and probably only had one before I slept the day before. I could eat semi-solid food already.

8th day was the day to remove stitches. 11am. It was removed in a blink of an eye but felt painful afterwards. I started eating soft mushy food again.

Good news on 9th day, it felt so so much better. No painkillers and it felt like the cut was healing more and more. I still cut my food into tiny pieces and ate soft food but I realised that the pain subsided on a different level today.

Today, the 10th day I feel so much better. I had nasi lemak and hot teh tarik for the first time since surgery, had no spicy food at all since then. It felt so much better. 

Still healing but the after care that my mum and I followed really helped. Even if the doctor says you can eat anything, ask yourself first if you can because different people have different pain-resistant levels and on the day that the stitches were removed, he mentioned that the area was quite red for me and he realised that I actually had lower pain-resistance. Thankfully I realised this early and watched my diet and followed after-care procedures carefully.

It is a painful experience but there are more painful things than this so if you need to get it done, be positive and just do it. It is worth the pain but make sure you are clear about the procedures and after-care and if you have someone to help you out, would be much better. All the best and that was my unique first time doing surgery experience. 

Now I will share with you the Do's and Don'ts After Surgery:


Cold drinks, ice, cold food, ice packs, gargle with saltwater, enough painkillers, soft, mushy food (my mum was seriously considering buying baby food), relax, keep your head upright and straight, take naps, lots of ice cream and keep loads ice, soupy food, jelly, smoothies, mashed potatoes, minimise eating and speaking


Spicy or hot food/drinks, hard food like chips or chicken with bones, fully solid food, jogging, running, talking too much or too fast, exercise or gym, carrying heavy items, putting pressure in yourself, drinking with a straw

Monday, September 19, 2016

Photos of Erfan's 10th Birthday Party

Dear all,

2 weeks and 1 day ago, we celebrated my brother's birthday as he turns a decade. Exactly 10 years ago, we were all blessed with the birth of my dearest little brother. I still remember the day clearly. It was a Tuesday, I was still in school and my father and sister came to pick me up. We stopped at McD for quick lunch then we headed over to the hospital. I felt all mixed feelings and was actually a bit shy to meet him for the first time. It sounded silly but I was actually trying to make a good impression and wondered what he thought of me. I know babies cannot remember but just in case he did, I wanted him to remember me good hehe. I remember my 10th birthday, I was actually a bit emotional because my age no longer had a single digit and it made me sound older. I was never a big fan of birthdays as a kid for one single reason- did not want to age. Now I am much better with birthdays and alhamdulillah do not get easily sad and actually feel blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday. Something that made me at least look forward to birthdays as a child is that my parents always made me and my sister's birthday special. They would always surprise me and make me like the princess of the day. And I would also get presents on my sister's birthday and my sister would get presents on mine. I grew up feeling that birthdays are special and the people who love you make you feel special and show appreciation with cards, gifts and kindness. That is why as I grow up, I try to make other people's birthday special too especially ones I love. I have had many friends who told me that I make their birthday special and that I care for people's birthday. The simple reason is because of what my parents did for me and it made me so content and happy and all beautiful feelings that I feel like I want to make other people feel the same too. One time I woke up when I was small with a special kitchen play set , it was so big that it felt like a real kitchen to me and I could not stop playing with it. Another time I got a toy dog that made sounds and since I love baby animals, my parents got the toy with baby puppies and they would drink milk from their mother and had cute ribbons that I could dress it up with. I had lovely childhood memories alhamdulillah. 

This year, 2016 seem like the perfect time to host a party for my brother. He was turning 10 and both my sister and I are on holidays at this time of the year so we could help out more. We did not host any party last year because he celebrated his 9th Birthday in Langkawi. He chose a holiday instead of a party last year so this year he told my parents he would prefer a party. The last party we hosted was his 8th Birthday in 2014 but that time we only invited his friends and our close family members. This time we invited more friends and extended family members and relatives and made it slightly more formal. And we have not hosted an Eid gathering at our house or invited family members for quite some time so we said let's do it together, 2 in 1. Also, sometimes we do not have the chance to catch up with all friends so hosting an event gives us an opportunity to invite them at least and show them we appreciate the friendship and have not forgotten them. Many of my friends have returned to UK or live in a different city or were on holidays and public unis had their new term registration that day and my <3 outstation so many could not make it but out of the some who could come was my primary school friend. I have not seen her for 2 years so it was lovely and she told me that when we met it felt like we had always been seeing each other and that nothing changed. Its lovely when we invite people and they make the effort to come. I could not be with my guests all the time since I was helping out at the party but seeing them there and having them join in the fun was a great feeling.

There was a clown, photographer, banner and my sister and I did the deco with my cousins, Nora and Mirul. We had water balloons for the pool games towards the end of the party. Alhamdulillah it all went well, there is so much preparation organising a party that I felt relieved at the end of the day as it all went as planned alhamdulillah. I loved it when we played games with the clown, everyone looked happy, adults joined and participated too, we danced the chicken dance, simply being silly and carefree and just enjoying and being happy. The clown did magic shows, we requested this because the boys are now 10 so we thought magic shows would be interesting. 

My mum and I were the party planner and organisers. My sister and Nora did most of the deco and setting up the place. Dad incharge of BBQ and carrying stuff while Kak Titin helped with food delivery, catering, cake and food-related stuff. I prepared the party bags for the kids and went to buy the goodies with Mum and dealt with the photographer and I also bought most of the decoration items. The photographer we chose did a CD with collections of all photos and in the process of making our hard copy photo album, I was incharge of selecting photos and he will be arranging it like a story. We have always relied on digital cameras and I wanted my brother to have a photo album too because when my sister and I were little, Mum made a thick album each for both of us with photos from the day we were born and our progress till the age of 3 or so. I always flip through that album to see the memories of how I grew up and the time of my life that I do not remember. I want my brother to have an album too because during his generation, most of our photos are digital.

We took almost 300 + photos and here are a few. I have not shared photos for a long time so here is a post with many photos. 

It was a beautiful day indeed, I wore contact lenses after so long. About 4 people were surprised and barely recognised me. I am usually with glasses and no make-up so when I wore lenses and make-up I think I surprised some. Make-up can really do wonders.. but I like natural looks better and keeping it simple most of the time. 

So that was Erfan's 10th Party, thank you again to everyone who helped out and to those who came. You all really made the special day even brighter and more memorable.

Love from LittleMissMeen xxxxxx