Monday, September 19, 2016

Photos of Erfan's 10th Birthday Party

Dear all,

2 weeks and 1 day ago, we celebrated my brother's birthday as he turns a decade. Exactly 10 years ago, we were all blessed with the birth of my dearest little brother. I still remember the day clearly. It was a Tuesday, I was still in school and my father and sister came to pick me up. We stopped at McD for quick lunch then we headed over to the hospital. I felt all mixed feelings and was actually a bit shy to meet him for the first time. It sounded silly but I was actually trying to make a good impression and wondered what he thought of me. I know babies cannot remember but just in case he did, I wanted him to remember me good hehe. I remember my 10th birthday, I was actually a bit emotional because my age no longer had a single digit and it made me sound older. I was never a big fan of birthdays as a kid for one single reason- did not want to age. Now I am much better with birthdays and alhamdulillah do not get easily sad and actually feel blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday. Something that made me at least look forward to birthdays as a child is that my parents always made me and my sister's birthday special. They would always surprise me and make me like the princess of the day. And I would also get presents on my sister's birthday and my sister would get presents on mine. I grew up feeling that birthdays are special and the people who love you make you feel special and show appreciation with cards, gifts and kindness. That is why as I grow up, I try to make other people's birthday special too especially ones I love. I have had many friends who told me that I make their birthday special and that I care for people's birthday. The simple reason is because of what my parents did for me and it made me so content and happy and all beautiful feelings that I feel like I want to make other people feel the same too. One time I woke up when I was small with a special kitchen play set , it was so big that it felt like a real kitchen to me and I could not stop playing with it. Another time I got a toy dog that made sounds and since I love baby animals, my parents got the toy with baby puppies and they would drink milk from their mother and had cute ribbons that I could dress it up with. I had lovely childhood memories alhamdulillah. 

This year, 2016 seem like the perfect time to host a party for my brother. He was turning 10 and both my sister and I are on holidays at this time of the year so we could help out more. We did not host any party last year because he celebrated his 9th Birthday in Langkawi. He chose a holiday instead of a party last year so this year he told my parents he would prefer a party. The last party we hosted was his 8th Birthday in 2014 but that time we only invited his friends and our close family members. This time we invited more friends and extended family members and relatives and made it slightly more formal. And we have not hosted an Eid gathering at our house or invited family members for quite some time so we said let's do it together, 2 in 1. Also, sometimes we do not have the chance to catch up with all friends so hosting an event gives us an opportunity to invite them at least and show them we appreciate the friendship and have not forgotten them. Many of my friends have returned to UK or live in a different city or were on holidays and public unis had their new term registration that day and my <3 outstation so many could not make it but out of the some who could come was my primary school friend. I have not seen her for 2 years so it was lovely and she told me that when we met it felt like we had always been seeing each other and that nothing changed. Its lovely when we invite people and they make the effort to come. I could not be with my guests all the time since I was helping out at the party but seeing them there and having them join in the fun was a great feeling.

There was a clown, photographer, banner and my sister and I did the deco with my cousins, Nora and Mirul. We had water balloons for the pool games towards the end of the party. Alhamdulillah it all went well, there is so much preparation organising a party that I felt relieved at the end of the day as it all went as planned alhamdulillah. I loved it when we played games with the clown, everyone looked happy, adults joined and participated too, we danced the chicken dance, simply being silly and carefree and just enjoying and being happy. The clown did magic shows, we requested this because the boys are now 10 so we thought magic shows would be interesting. 

My mum and I were the party planner and organisers. My sister and Nora did most of the deco and setting up the place. Dad incharge of BBQ and carrying stuff while Kak Titin helped with food delivery, catering, cake and food-related stuff. I prepared the party bags for the kids and went to buy the goodies with Mum and dealt with the photographer and I also bought most of the decoration items. The photographer we chose did a CD with collections of all photos and in the process of making our hard copy photo album, I was incharge of selecting photos and he will be arranging it like a story. We have always relied on digital cameras and I wanted my brother to have a photo album too because when my sister and I were little, Mum made a thick album each for both of us with photos from the day we were born and our progress till the age of 3 or so. I always flip through that album to see the memories of how I grew up and the time of my life that I do not remember. I want my brother to have an album too because during his generation, most of our photos are digital.

We took almost 300 + photos and here are a few. I have not shared photos for a long time so here is a post with many photos. 

It was a beautiful day indeed, I wore contact lenses after so long. About 4 people were surprised and barely recognised me. I am usually with glasses and no make-up so when I wore lenses and make-up I think I surprised some. Make-up can really do wonders.. but I like natural looks better and keeping it simple most of the time. 

So that was Erfan's 10th Party, thank you again to everyone who helped out and to those who came. You all really made the special day even brighter and more memorable.

Love from LittleMissMeen xxxxxx

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

People in Your Life

Good morning everyone

I was googling some interesting motivation topics to write this morning and this one caught me instantly. I believe all of us can relate to this because we are surrounded by people. People you love, people you like, people you are comfortable being around, maybe people you dislike or people you have to connect with because of circumstances and the list goes on. 

Before I start writing I would like to share some of these quotes I found on

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." 
Oprah Winfrey

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, loss and have found their way out of those depths." 
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"I've learned that people may forget what you said and what you did but people will not forget how you made them feel." 
Maya Angelou

"Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you or treat you bad. Let God deal with things they do because hate in your heart will consume you too." 
Will Smith

"You know all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae." 
Paul Walker

Image result for people in your life

Image result for people in your life

Dealing with other people can be a complex thing because each person is different, has a different life story, different needs, expectations, different personalities, different likes and dislikes and our differences are clearly shown by God whereby each and every person has a different thumb print and not a single soul will have a similar one. This tells us that we are special in our own way. However, these differences should not be a reason for us to disrespect, look down and have misunderstandings with one another. Try to look at the bigger picture. There are millions and billions of people in this world and each of us are different. If everyone were to become selfish, ignorant, jealous, too critical, rude and engrossed in self-pity, then life would certainly be unpleasant. People usually act in these manners because of the differences between different people, you wonder why did she do so and so, why are they not considerate and the list goes on. Being offended by somebody is as common as accidentally stepping on an ant because people get offended by different things. That is why in the Quran, it mentioned to be kind, caring, respectful, avoid hatred and jealous feelings regardless whatever situation you are facing. I am sure that every religion tells people to practice good moral values but as we grow up and face challenges, people are consumed with self-pity and selfishness that they pardon all these moral values and tend to their childish behaviour of either isolating themselves and not caring about others or letting out all negative feelings and making other people feel bad. 

Here is an example of a story, the identity of the person who wrote this and who she is writing about is kept private:

There is a good friend of mine who I really care about. She recently faced something difficult in her life and suddenly she has changed. To me, she behaves like her problems are the most important and when I speak to her, its usually all about her problems. I try my best to listen to be a good friend in times of difficulties but I have to admit that I feel this relationship is going one-way. To me, I face some challenges as well but I try my best not to let it affect others. What I encounter sometimes has nothing to do with the people I love so I try not to let them be too affected by it. I tell them about it and that is that, I try not to dwell on it and find a solution together. To me, even her speech and behaviour has changed to be less warm as she used to be and I understand it is because of the challenge she is facing. I want to keep our friendship but sometimes it drains me too much. Everyone has problems, it makes us more matured but handling our problems maturely is also a key to maintaining a healthy relationship with the people we love. Recently she mentioned something on how people change in life. In my heart, I felt that to me she has certainly changed and the person that I felt has changed is also feeling that someone else in her life has changed too. People can change as a result of our own actions or because of different circumstances in life. What I know is that I should keep spreading positive energy and God will help me keep or let go of certain people all for good reasons. InsyaAllah I will do my part and let Him decide what's best because there are things that you simply do not know and need to trust His plans.

As we grew up, there was no manual on how to deal with difficult situations, what to say to the other person, examples on situations we were about to face in life and examples or a heads up of these situations. Mostly we faced it by trial and error.

Sometimes, there will be those people who dislike you for no reason. Probably you look like someone they despise and the hatred in their heart caused them to target an innocent person to vent out their anger. 

Sometimes, there will be some people who act cold and rude for no reason you can think of or out of the blue. These people may have problems you do not know and it may not be directly your fault. They have a tendency to make you feel guilty and question what you did wrong. If there is, you can apologise. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do for a person with a hard heart apart from forgiving them and moving on with your life and what you need to do. They have no idea how much their negative energy is actually hurting themselves.

Sometimes, there are some people who want to take advantage of you. This is when being nice and kind may need to be added with a step of precaution. Yes you want to spread positive energy to others but you also need to protect yourself.

Sometimes, there are some people who simply do not care. They are nice people but they are capable of hurting your feelings by the careless actions they make. The reason for this is most probably because what they did to you is not what they find offensive for themselves. So as you can see this is when differences in people come into the picture. One man's trash is another man's treasure. The key to this is being considerate and polite and think of other people's feelings before making a rash decision. If you made a mistake, say that you are sorry and show it through your actions because actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes, people change for the good and some for the bad. Its difficult to embrace change especially when you are comfortable with how the person originally is. Remember that this world is temporary and things will change. Perhaps changes in your life and people around you are God's reminder that the reality in this world will change and The Day of Judgement will come. 

Changes and letting go is not the end of everything. Embrace today and who you have with you now. Practice forgiveness and stay away from grudges. Remember to keep a positive perspective. After the rain comes a rainbow and sometimes challenges come to test your patience and then give you something better. You certainly come out stronger.

Life is full of surprises so have belief that hardship is a test and happiness is a reward for passing those tests. Pray to God to ease your test and help you at all times. Spread love without expecting anything in return but believe God will rewards you for that.
After all, a butterfly lands on you when you least expect it :)
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Image result for people in your life

Keep people in your life who