Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Eat Healthy and Feel Happy

For those of you who are new to my blog, here is a short background about myself before I start giving tips. I am a final year university student, in my early 20s and my height and weight are 5 foot 4 and in the 50s. My BMI is thankfully normal and healthy. I recently had a blood test last year and when the results came out the doctor went through it thoroughly. When he started discussing cholesterols, he said 'bad cholesterols' within the healthy range, 'Good cholesterol' .... interesting. It is well above the healthy range. He also commented that this is one of the rare cases where he sees the 'good' cholesterol at this level and asked me about my diet and what I eat. My iron level is low however and that is clearly reflected in my lack of fondness of iron-rich food like peas, seafood, dry fruits, red meat and internal organs. I do not eat these much. So I now know where I need to focus. I started buying iron supplements for that. It is highly recommendable for all of us to do a blood test and a health check up from time to time. Aim for once a year, if not then once two years. Put a reminder on your phone for this. 

About the good cholesterol, it seems like a few things contributed to this. I like eating salmon which is common in the UK. I always remove the fatty parts of meat and most of the time even the chicken skin. I like eating chicken breast because it is easy to eat (no bones) and has no skin. I really like whole grain bread. I started putting olive oil in my salad and use vegetable oil or sunflower oil before frying food. When I fry something I soak out most of the oil using loads of kitchen paper and only eat it when most of the oil is gone. I love love orange and grapefruit which apparently are high fibre fruits and good to lower bad cholesterol levels. I eat chocolate with hazelnut & dates with pecans. Two of my ultimate favourite combinations. I started eating avocado out of curiosity because it is so common here in the UK and its green. I like anything green usually. I like spinach and basically all those green veggie like broccoli, salad, celery, cucumber, lettuce, anything green you can think of except for courgette (I do not like soft veggie too much so I started buying less avocado, I like the crunchy ones better). Salad for dinner or with lunch happens at least 4 times out of the 7 days a week. In a way, some of the things I like are healthy by chance. I have been eating salad for instance since the age of 3 or 4. It was very common at home as my dad had a garden and planted so many veg and fruits and I loved it. Maybe that is where my love for veg and fruits started. My boyfriend says that I literally am half vegetarian because most of the time, 2 of the 3 main meals I eat a day are all vegetarian -friendly. But no, I am not vegetarian. The meat I eat is only chicken, beef or lamb. I like these especially during lunch or chicken cubes in my salad. 

                                         Image result for green vegetables

So what do I eat in the day? 

Image result for mark spencer pecan cerealBreakfast: The first thing I consume in the morning is a quarter glass of lemon juice for detoxifying purposes. I just cut a small slice of lemon and add hot water or some people add it with sugar but I am fine with just lemon and water as I like sour things. I used to enjoy eating cereal with milk. I like this pecan and maple. I absolutely love this! However, this year I seem to be fond of eating bread for breakfast because I tend to get hungry early if I just eat cereal. As I am speaking, I literally have been surviving on cereal for breakfast for 3 years and only this year I started eating more peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches or baked beans with toast or tuna sandwiches which I would prepare quickly in the morning before starting my day. A cup of black tea is a must. I am a big fan of tea. 

Lunch: This is the main meal for me in the day. I eat a really big lunch. I would cook my lunch on the weekends or eat at the university cafeteria on the weekdays. I would normally eat rice with chicken or salmon and a veggie/salad side. Sometimes I would have pasta with chicken or beef. Once in a while, I would have a shawarma wrap. Whatever it is, it must be anything heavy. I can rarely survive on sandwiches or just baguettes for lunch. I remember during my field trips I used to get hungry because I would only eat light lunches. Whenever I do not have a chance to eat a heavy lunch (which happens rarely) I would get so hungry by 5 pm and would need to eat a heavy dinner earlier than usual. If I eat a heavy lunch, I can have a light dinner. It's easier for me because then I do not have to cook in the weekdays. 

Dinner: Salad is the norm. If I am hungry I would add chicken cubes that I stir fry with mixed herbs and turmeric and salt. If I do not have the patience to cook chicken, I would just make eggs and toast and sometimes with broccoli. If I am feeling too hungry, I would just buy chicken wings at a shop opposite my house. I am lucky that there are so many halal options in London, even at university. Sometimes when I am not hungry like last night, I just had grapefruit for dinner with a cup of hot milk and plain biscuits. That is something about me. I like many things plain. I do not like too much flavour. People have commented on this a couple of times. I could just eat white rice as it is because it is so yummy to me and quite sweet. I could also just eat a French baguette or toasted bread just like that. I like the original taste of food without anything mixed with it. 

Image result for picklesSo, if I make sure I have these 3 meals in a day, I would less likely eat tidbits and junk food. However, I do drink a lot of tea. Like today, morning black tea, afternoon milk tea and night (recently) decaffeinated earls grey tea. To me, it helps with digestion and that is what I aim for so I won't eat too much. Also, I try to eat a lot in the day when I have more time to digest it compared to at night when I just have a few hours before sleeping. I eat a lot of fruits as snacks. Pickles are also my all-time favourite finger food.


                                        Image result for tea

                                       Image result for tea

Image result for lemon and poppy seed muffinsI am one of those people who believe life is too short to put too many restrictions on yourself. Eat well and enjoy what I eat is what I aim for when planning my diet. I love hazelnut coffee cake, blueberry muffins, lemon and poppyseed muffins, ice cream (I just had one today, I treated myself as soon as I came out of the library), potato chips and chocolates. Do I restrict myself? Well, not really. I still allow myself to eat these but I choose one a day. I do not go eating all of this in a day. So I choose one or two if I feel like it. If I do not feel like it I do not make it a must to eat one of these every day. Also, try eating sweet things and these in the middle of the day and when you are busy so that you can burn the calories sooner. It is important to eat what you crave for. Otherwise, you might end up eating a lot. You eat everything and still not feel full. So my tactic to ensure I do not eat too much is to ensure that I do fulfil the cravings from time to time. When you eat what you like you also feel happy. So this also helps with feeling happy.

Image result for mark spencer coffee cake                                           

The thought of eating healthy food makes me feel happy about myself and my body. Also, do not worry too much about gaining any extra weight. Remember to balance it with exercise at least 3 times a week. And for women, adding some weight would be helpful to enhance the curves (speaking from experience ;) There are is so many exercises even on youtube and there should be no excuse to spend at least 15 minutes every time you exercise. 

Listen to your likes and dislikes and try to balance the two. Eat healthy food yet still eat the food you enjoy, I do not like garlic but I swallow some small garlic pieces from time to time to keep me healthy. Read up on the benefits of garlic. Hope some of these tips helped and all the best with eating healthy and staying happy! :)

Monday, April 17, 2017

April Updates from LittleMissMeen :)

Dear all,

How are you all doing? Hope everyone is doing great. Oh dear, I have literally been waiting for the next time I have a chance to sit down peacefully and blog. In between my busy routine, I always think of what I want to write next and here I am again after a month. After university life is completed insyaAllah, I hope to blog more often. So many things in mind to write but today I chose to introduce a blog series titled 'London Diaries' that I will start writing soon to share different parts of my journey in the United Kingdom and specifically in London. I want to write about my perspective as an international student living in London and how it changed from my first year to my fourth year now. To me, this is a major chapter in my life and I would like to share my stories with hope it will be beneficial to anyone in the same position or anyone thinking of studying abroad. It is definitely not easy living alone in a foreign country and my first year of university in London was my first time ever in the UK. Alhamdulillah I am now on my final MSci year and I am so humbly proud of myself. I went through so much to be where I am today. I persevered so much, I worked hard, I stayed positive, I had a good attitude towards whatever challenge I faced next, I was patient and thankful and I found reasons to be happy in life. The first year I was in the UK was literally one of the most challenging times of my life. Today when I look at my pictures back in 2013 and 2014, I wanted to tell my younger self to not worry and everything will be ok. It is not very long ago, just about 3 to 4 years ago but I feel like I have grown so much since then. I am proud of the person I was then and proud of the person I have turned out to be today. There are so many things I can work on and I want to continue to improve. I believe that life is a journey and we can never stop learning new things and becoming a better person. During that time of difficulty, I also believe that Allah was taking care of me and watching over me. During that same year, I met a special someone who loves me so much at the time when I needed someone the most and I am forever blessed for all the rezeki that Allah gives me. To me, I always believe it is His plan and He knows what I am capable and not capable of doing so He plans it all perfectly. Trust His plans even if at the beginning you see it all dark and gloomy. At the end of that first year, I also made a decision to do something that has been so difficult for me before which was wearing the hijab. I realised that in the end, good things do come out of a difficult situation insyaAllah. You just need positive perspective. Over time and now in my fourth year, I feel so different and I actually enjoy staying here in London. I actually feel warmth here even when I am alone now and this warmth I did not feel in the early days when I was here. So these  'London Diaries' are aimed to also help provide some motivation on changing your perspective about things that seem negative at the start but eventually good in the end. Apart from that, I will share some bits/tips of things I think people who plan to live or study in London will find useful. I simply wanted to share my experience and provide some motivation and hopefully a beneficial read to those who might be in a similar position. 


First of all, a quick update. It's exam time now. I usually write exam tips for SPM students and now its LittleMissMeen who will be sitting for exams soon. Congratulations to Nasha for her SPM results!!! I received an email from her while I was on a short holiday in Germany end of last month. Thank you for updating me and good job on your hard work. Speaking of emails, I am receiving so many emails, comments and questions regarding people who want to rebond their hair. Ok I will share with you some statistics. The article titled 'What You Need to Know Before Rebonding Your Hair' received 174 991 views and 193 comments and my blog post 'Simple Beauty Tips at Home' received 282 673 +1 clicks. So what are these Google +1 clicks? I did not know myself and this blog has been teaching me to be more technology friendly. So it's a way that the reader recommends it to the Google Search Engine and from the Blogger Help Forum, it says that it helps your blog to get a bit of a reputation on Google Search. Thank you everyone who clicked +1 for all of my posts, I appreciate it so much. It really motivates me to keep writing when I receive such wonderful feedback, kind words and hearing that I helped someone whether in a motivation sense or by the study tips I give. I recently received an email from someone enquiring about rebonding and by chance I was on my email at that time so I replied right away. She replied back within minutes and the first thing she said was 'Thank you for noticing me'. In my heart, I was like aww I am just a normal person too and I do not think my advice on rebonding will be that significant to what she can find online but the fact that she really appreciated my reply made me feel like it's important to connect with my readers and respond to them. I will try my best, I promise. I know there are unreplied comments and maybe emails I have not had a chance to check. But please send me an email at if I do not reply to your comment. It does not mean I am ignoring you, it is just that I do not check my blog frequent enough but my email is synced to my phone so I will get the notification immediately and I can easily reply through my phone. 

Also if you have any request on blog topics, please just write it in the chatbox that I created. I will be more than happy to write on any topics you request or you can just comment here. 

Another improvement I want to make for my blog is to add more pictures. It has been the longest process ever whenever I wanted to add pictures but I have an alternative method which I shall try. 

Exam time now so I have been studying everyday. Something funny happened. Two weekends ago, I decided that I wanted to become invisible and hibernate with my books and hopefully nobody will notice or ask where I went. I was so busy at that time and I wanted to get off social media temporarily to reduce procrastination. The moment I decided to become 'invisible' I got a text from a friend the next day asking how I was and if I wanted to meet. The following day another friend from Malaysia. The following day another friend who already graduated. The following day 2 other friends until 7 complete days. Imagine each day a different person contacting you at the same time you wanted to go invisible (hehehe I need Whatsapp smileys now, the one laughing with tears). What happened to going invisible and hibernating with my books? Nope not happening. They love me a lot and I love them too so I decided to reply everyone and tell them I had exams etc and will catchup after exams. I really am not a chatty person during exam times. That is something I expect people who are close to me to understand. There are things you need to compromise and understand about your friend and to me, this is something people need to accept about me. I am not perfect and will try to improve but I cannot and do not want to commit too much and put extra pressure on myself close to exams. When people want to meet etc, you will need planning and chatting about it and I do not want to discuss things like that too much when the main thing on my mind is sitting in the examination hall and answering the questions. Exams are a very important time for me and I do not like discussing problems too much or any negative things. I just talk about light topics, I watch what I eat carefully, I make sure during my break times I exercise or do yoga. I do go out with my friends and family sometimes. Like last weekend I visited my cousins and we played basketball, badminton, football and relaxed in the park. We ate watermelon, pineapple and ice cream it was so fun to see them. Then the Sunday I had a picnic in Holland Park with my Malaysian friends. Then last Thursday I went to a Lebanese restaurant with a friend for lunch. Last night I visited a friend at her flat and brought fruits and chocolates for us. She had been feeling lonely and down so I just came briefly to cheer her up. And today I went to Hyde Park with another friend to feed ducks, parrots, squirrels and just enjoy the relaxing park. It is my favourite place to go in my free time- the park. During exams, I mostly like to spend time to myself and with my books. It has been like this since SPM. I do not go out too much and actually, it has improved now. Before I was even more extreme hehe ;) This is my last exam of my life insyaAllah all goes well. Do pray for me. 

I wish all of you a beautiful start of the week. Do take care and start your week with a positive mindset. 

Lots of love xxxx

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Motivation of the Week: Think Good of Others

Dear blog,

I realised something coincidental and funny. It seems like my favourite blogging day is Tuesday! :) It's been awhile that I realised since October that I enjoy or always think or feel like blogging on a Tuesday. And today proves that Tuesday is definitely my blogging day. Maybe because Wednesday is usually a half day, lectures just till 1 pm then I have fun activities like the HUG event, gardening for Volunteering week and gym class and many more fun activities on Wednesday so maybe I feel more relaxed to blog on a Tuesday? I am not sure hehe

So, less of an update from me in this post and aim to write more motivational. But if you fancy reading a quick update>> Well, today is the time of the month so I came home earlier than normal and decided to relax, eat fruits, have hot milk and then took a nap. I rarely take a nap in the day. I can confirm confidently that the number of times I take a nap in the day is less than 10, maybe even less than 5. Because I do not like taking day naps. I prefer sleeping early but only those rare days that I do not feel well that I do. So today I felt like being on the verge of getting ill, throat, nose and the time of the month that I do less physical activities. I feel that the first few days, ladies do not force yourself to do too many physical activities. I was planning to stay for yoga but my body did not feel like being in college once I finished at 4 pm so I went home early. Although my mind was telling me to be productive and stay for gym class at 5 pm or at least yoga at 6 pm, I listened to my body saying no I wanted to go back home and rest. 

Ok so back to motivation, in this article I would like to point out the importance of thinking good of other people, other humans and other creations of God. I read an article today about a girl with mental health on BBC News: The Story I Read Today. It was really touching.. imagine what things she was thinking. She was feeling low of self-worth that even someone's laughter can frighten her because she thought they are laughing at her. She felt very insecure. And she could not even ride her horse because she felt that she was not good enough. 

Dear readers, when I read this, do you know what I gain out of it? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is the importance of being kind. If I met her on the street or was assigned a project with her and did not know her well, how would I perceive of her actions? From her behaviour, it seems like she would not be very pro-active in group discussions or even take part in any activity or be committed to any task she is given because she cannot wake up and have the motivation for the day. You see, if someone never experienced this, how would they know? They would be immediately annoyed and think negatively of the other person. People seem to be not understanding of the things they do not know. This is not a great fact but it is true. People think that other peoples' lives are all great and perfect and rarely give the benefit of the doubt. If someone is behaving strangely or not how you expect them to be, it might be something difficult that they are facing. They might not be too open to tell you about it because you are not very close to them or they do not feel that they can tell you. So what is the solution to this? Communicate respectfully and be kind. Spreading kindness has its power that nobody can understand or explain. It spreads warmth and creates a connection between people. Sometimes with that kindness, only the other person opens up. Just like me. I do not open up about anything I am facing unless I feel that the other person genuinely cares and can give me good advice or just supportive words. 

Also, speaking of confidence and self-worth, different people have different ways of gaining or developing their self-confidence. And recently I realised that social media is actually a platform that some people use to overcome homesickness, feel confident and to get any attention that they are deprived of. Of course, not everyone who posts on fb posts for these reasons but I know some people that do. I never actually thought of this that social media gives them a positive impact and helps them overcome sadness/depression or negative feelings but to me, if it helps them feel better then do. It is nice to share about your life (not everything of course) but it's nice to write it like how I enjoy writing in a blog and then reading it again after some time. I also have recently enjoyed this FB Memory reminder thing and it makes me so happy to see old pictures. This and the fact that I have been convinced by a few friends that sharing on social media more often brings more good than bad, I have decided to be more social media friendly. I am more open to sharing nowadays and yes it does make me feel happy. As for me, I like the feeling of being genuine and living my little private and happy life doing what I enjoy and do best. I like the feeling that I do not need to impress anyone but Allah and myself and this is something that I  try not to change because I can feel the vibe on social media that many people are trying to impress others. To me, if someone wants to or gives me the opportunity to be their friends or be part of their lives, then I am not a difficult person to be close to. I often need that assurance, otherwise, I would just be casual B) Also if someone's personality (a girl who is positive and kind) attracts me then I will try to be friends hehe. This journey abroad has made me learn so much of myself and built me to be a better person insyaAllah. 

If there is one take-away message from today's blog post: Every human is different, different personality, different likes, different dislikes, different things that offends them, different source of happiness. But if there is one thing you can do to overcome this difference which will make it easier for you is to think good of others. Realise that everyone is going through and fighting their own battle that you do not know of. Allah promised He will test each and every one of us. Nobody is exempted from being tested. Know that each person may be going through something difficult that you have no idea of, and slowly you can build compassion for another being and from compassion comes a kind heart and kind actions insyaAllah. Nobody is perfect, we all need to keep improving and hopefully this articles has motivated you to take that extra step this week/month to being a kinder and more compassionate you :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Discovering Myself

Dear Blog,

It's been over a month since I last wrote here. It feels amazing to think how much I accomplished from that day till today. Since that time, I completed the last parts of my MSci thesis, went on day trips with my <3 who came all the way from Malaysia, celebrated my birthday, joined the MSc Petroleum Geoscience classes for an entire 4 weeks 9-5pm and then had my viva (interview) for my MSci project. And now it's 13th February. Alhamdulillah there is so many things to be thankful for. 

Yes, it's so dark outside and super cold last weekend. I wanted to go to the park but it was too windy, rainy and actually snowed Saturday morning a little. I went out to get a small heart-shaped Valentine's cake for my friend who came from Cardiff for a post-birthday surprise. We cooked chicken tomyam together yesterday and for the rest of the weekend, I caught up on laundry, grocery, some revision, phone calls to mum and dad, skype with <3 and stayed warm indoors.

Oh dear, how shall I phrase this.. I do really miss home at this point. With this weather and especially after my <3 went back. It reminded me of home when he was here. Plus it's the time of the year when it's my mum, grandma and sister's birthday. Last month and this month. It's a complicated feeling. I like being here and studying in London but at the same time I wish this was near home. Living here feels like I am living the life of fab. Everything is so posh and fabulous and at times, extravagant and cool. I go shopping, feeding ducks in Hyde Park, my cool university, my cosy room, living in Zone 1 London! Smack in city centre with the Kensington Palace, Harrods, Royal Albert Hall and everything posh within walking distance. I look out my kitchen window and I see London Eye, the Chard and Sky Gardens. I look out my bedroom window, I see The Chelsea Stadium (Stamford Bridge). My friends are from all over the world, I have made good friends from France, Spain, South Africa, Cyprus, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Russia, China, Spain, Germany, America, Portugal, Hong Kong, Turkey, the UK and Singapore and Malaysia of course and many more. I never thought I would make this many friends and I thought I would just hang around with Malaysians but little did I know that I would be making some very good friends from all over the world. I am trying not to get too attached to anybody because I know I will want to leave soon. At the same time, I cannot deny that there is this nostalgic feeling  deep inside that I know I will miss this place. London has been my home for almost 4 years now. So that means I have spent 9 years of my life in America, 11 years in Malaysia and 4 years in the UK. I love this place but at the same time, I know myself and I have been learning about myself more and more on this lovely journey and I know deep inside what I eventually seek for in life. 

Something I would want you to do is to discover yourself. Discover your character and the person you are inside. In your early 20s, this can be slightly conflicting and you are not sure about this and that and many things. However, with time, I am sure you will know yourself more and more and the questions you had before when you were younger will be answered insyaAllah. It is so important to know yourself well. I have to say there were things about myself that I did not know until recently. 

My blog title today may sound a bit odd as I have never mentioned this before. I have heard the word 'Discovering Yourself' many times but I have not given much thought to it. Today, I can say that I have started observing myself and discovering new things about my likes and dislikes and it is starting to all make sense. I feel like this happens with age. As we get older we get more mature and that is why people always say its all part of growing up. I even read and heard many times in a motivational talk that the brain fully develops at the age of 30 and matures by the age of 25. This can be an average for most people. It can be higher or lower for certain people but what I am trying to say here is that this actually gave me some relief because if there was anything I was worrying about, I would say hmm this will sort out eventually when my brain develops fully hehe ;) Not that I am worrying about anything big. It's actually having the tendency to dwell on small things is what I want to improve and hope that with time, I can be more adult-ish in dealing with any situation be it trivial or complex.

So back to the topic on self-discovery, I have to say I realised many things about myself recently. I feel like a slightly different person from mid towards the end of last year till now. It may be that I am growing up (aww I still wanna sound like a baby, yes I like being a carefree baby hehe joking) and there has been a significant development in the maturity of myself that alhamdulillah I am thankful for. Some things that bothered me before no longer do. I have literally learned to 'not care' about certain small things. Do not get me wrong. I do not mean this in a bad way but honestly I sometimes have this 'I couldn't care less' feeling whereas before I felt like I was more naive and would be affected by these things. Let me give some examples of somethings I recently discovered. 

What I Dislike:
- People being too apolegetic for small things. It gives me the opposite effect and makes me feel bad. I would rather if someone is sorry to actually say it and take action to show they are sorry. Not dwell on the that fact they are sorry but then repeat the same thing again or do nothing to make up for it. Not saying sorry at all is bad but saying it at the right times  + actions is what I consider the right thing. Then again, people have their own ways of dealing with situations like this so this is my opinion and I am aware that not everyone may agree with this. Like for me, if you realise, I do not say 'sorry' very often. My parents especially my dad always tells me that I do not need to say sorry for small things. Sorry is a big word to show regret/remorse. I only say it when I mean it or when I need to. And I always always do something to make it up like a hug or a small gift or kind words. It's not complicated. If you have good intentions, it usually shows naturally.

-  When people change plans at the last minute without any good reason.  I always try to never do this to anybody because it's just bad to cancel last minute. 

-People taking too long (days or weeks) to reply my messages or emails. Unless I know they are ill or on holiday, I often easily think that my message is considered not important to the other person. If the person does not reply at all, I will not consider sending a message again unless I really need to or until they make the first gesture.

- People asking too much about my problems or personal things. You see, I can be quite a reserved person sometimes. It is hard for me to open up to people and discuss personal things because I either think they won't understand or they will not give the support I need. For me to open up with people, it usually involves them speaking of their problem/ personal issues first. It gives me the green light that I can mention mine to them and they possibly want to hear my story as well. And when I tell people a problem for example, I am not the kind of person who just wants someone to listen. I want advice or at least motivational words to make me feel better or boost self-esteem because obviously when talking about problems, you can feel down. If I feel this person fits the criteria above, then I can open up. Otherwise, I will just stick to general topics and listen to whatever they want to share with me. I sound so complicated hehe but hey, there are some things you cannot control. And this is one example. I am a good listener though ;)

- People criticising personal things or comments too harshly on anything in the world even Trump. To me, giving an opinion is very different to criticising. Oh gosh, on fb alone people love criticising. It's a bit annoying to read honestly. To me, everyone has their own thinking and ways of doing things. About Trump, let the people of America decide who they want as president. Period. Enough said.  Yes when you do not agree, you feel like telling the world but there is no need to sound harsh, rude and all the bad language. Be mature and have etiquette. 

-Bad language. I do not like using harsh words. To me, it makes me sound weak. But then again, that's is my opinion. It is not suitable being the person I am. 

-Rudeness, no manners, people looking down on others.

Now that I have listed these, I realised there are not too many dislikes I have. I do not like talking about dislikes to be honest. Its too much negativity and being positive and light-hearted is what I aim for always :) Then again, nobody is perfect and everyone has their likes and dislikes.
Plus, being the person I am, one more thing I dislike is :

- Hurting other people's feelings. Oh gosh, sometimes when I am offended I decide to keep quiet and not say or show anything so that the other person is not offended. I am very worried of offending people especially those I am close to and love. To me, as long as I know I did not do anything to hurt the other, I feel good at heart even if the other person did something wrong. If it was small, I'll just brush it away. If it is more serious, I'll have a chat. How do I stay so positive about someone who has offended me? Well, I always focus and think immediately about the good things they have done for me even if it is a small thing or their kind words/ gestures. I think to myself that probably they had good intentions but they did not know how to show it correctly at the time. Or I have compassion and think poor girl/guy, they are just another human being with feelings and weakness. If I am angry, they will feel hurt. Or I think how much I pity the poor or the homeless. So I think, this annoying person (at the time) could be this poor or homeless guy. Imagine how much empathy you have for this poor guy and try to channel some of that empathy to the person you are dealing with because God can change people's fate anytime. If you can feel empathy for someone in a more difficult situation than you, then I am sure you realise that your situation is not as difficult :) 

This may be an exception at the time of the month or if I am not in a good mood. Most of the times, this applies :)

Ok so while I was blogging I received an email from my mentees and from my mentor partner, Sophie. Since I am on my fourth year, I get to be a mentor to 1st year students and an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant. So I get to help out in class and have a group of mentees outside lectures to meet and give tips and guidance. Its so fun! I like teaching and being on the other side of the table. Usually I am the student and now I am like the 'teacher' during these sessions. You see what I mean by fun activities. There is so much going on in Imperial, I love what I do. It keeps me positively busy day to day. 

What I Like:

This is my favourite part because I get to talk about the positive and fun stuff.

- I like it when people spell my name correctly, it brings them up to a different level.

- I like it when people send me messages with smileys, it sets a positive tone.

- People remembering what I told them, for example important dates like birthday or wishing me on exam or interview day, plus plus point.

- People giving me cards/gifts on my birthday or anything really. It means so much to me to get a birthday wish or gift from someone. If there were hard feelings with anyone and they suddenly gave me something special for my birthday, I feel like all negativity has been erased away. When I say special it does not mean expensive but something they put effort into like a personalised gift or something of my favourite colour or along my favourite items: flowers, floral perfume/lotion, motivational diaries, tea, soft animals, anything green, any elegant jewellery like fine bracelets. My family, <3 and beloved besties know me well and yes I have received all of these this year and last birthday. Something else about me is that I do not like to show what I receive or what I am up to in my life too much because I am worried sometimes that someone who did not receive the same might feel disheartened. However, as I am growing up I realise that it is alright. Everyone has their own rezeki and being mature, we should be able to always be thankful with what we have and be happy for others. Remember how I told you earlier about pitying the unfortunate person on the street? If you feel sad when you see someone like that, shouldn't you be happy when someone else is happy in life? The reality is that Allah put different rezeki for different people. Keep an eye out for your own one and know that other people will have their own.  

- I like to know that I am needed/ important to the other person. Whether this is said verbally or shown in action, I feel happier when this is the case.

-I like it when I can rely on the other person for small favours or when I am in need. To me, a friend in need is certainly a friend indeed. For example, I will always remember the person who helped me when I needed help. This is a deciding factor if I can call someone a close friend or not.

Some of these things I realised only recently. Some of these I have realised since before. Whatever it is, discovering yourself is crucial and self-discovery can make you a happier and content person.

The key thing here is whatever my likes or dislikes are, I know that I cannot change people. I cannot change people's behaviour except myself. The crucial part is that I have learned more about myself so I can understand the situation better when I react in certain ways or why I am closer to this person than the other. Or why I get along with people with this kind of personalities. Or the decisions I make in life. It all falls into place and makes more sense. Of course, discovering more about yourself is a journey and it takes time. Life is so busy that I have never given much thought to this but this is something I realise is important. We are all so young and there is always room for improvement as long as you keep that positive spirit and remain upbeat.

Have a great week ahead :)