Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Forgiving People

Dear all,

Today I was thinking of writing a motivational article and thought of something that might be useful or relatable to many people and that is 'Forgiveness'. This topic is linked to the relationship with people and all of us encounter people in our daily lives, its inevitable. You meet family, friends, colleagues, shopkeepers, your boss or teacher or even simply a passerby who you have never known or met before. Upon interaction with other people, there is a tendency or likelihood to be hurt at any point of your life. It could be by someone you barely even know or somebody close whom you trust. In either situation, both would be hurtful and depending on the situation, could affect you in one way or another, physically or emotionally. 

It is near impossible to change people. Sometimes you wonder why do they say that, why did they do this, why didn't they do that or why me or what did I do wrong or why does it always have to happen again or do they not understand and on and on. Words can be very hurtful, more than you can imagine like a sharp sword piercing through your heart and certain unreasonable actions can be very unbearable. It can be so hurtful that at times, the pain can turn into anger. And the anger can turn into revenge and hate. Hatred turns into ill feelings and rude actions which then in turn makes ourselves look bad. The best way to overcome this is not by expecting people to change no matter how much you are convinced you did nothing wrong. Expecting people to change or to act differently can add to your hurt when you do not receive what you expect. 

As I was browsing in the Popular bookstore in the Self-Help and Motivation section, I came across the bookshelf with all the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and found this- The Power of Forgiveness. 

Image result for chicken soup for the soul forgiveness


              Image result for chicken soup for the soul forgiveness

I have been catching up with friends and speaking to people regarding some of their problems and I realised to main ones are first, involving relationship with people, hurtful feelings and second, worry about the future and what it holds. These are normal feelings  for young adults who are transitioning from teenage life to adulthood. We are somewhere in the middle of being a child and a full grown-up so there are changes taking place, more responsibilities and differences that can be difficult for us to get used to at first. In this article, I am focusing more on the first issue.

I strongly suggest this book to anyone who feels that they have been hurt by somebody, whoever it may be. This book is suitable for young adults, adults and even the elderly or teenagers. It shares with you stories of people who have been hurt, maybe worse than you. It makes you realise that there are many people encountering similar situations as you and you can read how they dealt with it and make their positive perspective an example for yourself. 

So far, the stories in that book has made me realise that some people hurt or dislike you for no reason or for their own selfish reasons. You do not feel disheartened as long as you are kind and have done what you need to do. Its impossible to make everyone happy but you can try- if you try and it does not work, do not give up. Continue being the nice you but protect yourself as well by knowing your boundaries. Some of these toxic people are people you can stay away from but sometimes it is your own family and that is when it gets tricky because you still need to meet them and respect especially if they are older. 

Sometimes, its someone you love and trust and because of a difficult situation, that person changed. They are too engrossed in their own problems that they neglect their responsibilities and show a negative attitude. Once again, its not your fault but the most you can do is be nice and maybe try to ask if there is something you can help. Some people act different to gain attention so perhaps you showing some concern can actually improve the situation.

Stay confident and ask yourself if you have done anything wrong. The first step would be to apologise if you think you may have hurt the person. Otherwise, you can make some small initiatives by creating conversations or giving small gifts. Even if there are misunderstanding, some kind gestures, words and actions can help clear out the negativity and create a fresh start. People are not good at admitting their mistakes so bear in mind that it is not always your fault. And at the same time, even if it is not you at fault, do not be too ego to be the strong one and take the first step especially if this is someone you care about and want to keep the friendship or need to maintain a good relationship. 

Apologise if you really mean it and actions speak louder than words. As much as its kind to apologise easily to people. Excessive apologetic remarks in my opinion is questionable. I only apologise if I have done something wrong or if I am worried I offended someone. And I am thankful for people who constantly find it easy to say a simple sorry. However, when someone hurts me and then says sorry but show minimal actions to reflect the act of being sorry, then it is the same as not saying sorry at all to me. On a different note, after being sincerely sorry, people should find it easy to forgive. It takes a lot of courage to say sorry for something big or offensive. So when somebody says it to you, appreciate it and let go of any hard feelings, Imagine how that person has put aside their ego for the sake of saying the simple 5-lettered word to you. Someone people will hurt you and never say sorry but will show in actions that they are sorry. Be open and accepting to those you care.

I honestly love people around me, my family and friends and sincerely apologise if I have ever hurt anyone intentionally or non-intentionally. In a busy world where everyone is occupied with their own problems, maintaining a good relationship can be challenging but I am positive with effort and good intentions on both sides, it is certainly possible.

3 things to remember, be positive, be thankful and be patient. People act sometimes in the weirdest ways but when they come to their senses, they will realise who was sincere and kind to them. 

Besides, you have your life to live, existing people who appreciate you and new adventures to look forward to. As imperfect life can be, there are many beautiful things about life and perspective is a very important factor in staying happy with yourself and your life.

Sweet day everyone, take care :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trip to Thailand

Every year, my family and I try to plan a family trip together to a place we have never been before. I remember in 2012, it was Cameron Highlands and Bukit Tinggi, 2013 Singapore, Port Dickson, UK and Legoland, Johor then 2014 Sabah, 2015 UK again, Langkawi and Sarawak and this year Bangkok, THAILAND :)

I would consider myself a family person because family trips and family time are always my favourites. When I say family, yup my direct family members as well as some extended ones and even very close friends. In this context when I am referring to the trips above, its direct family.

On Day 1, we went to the airport by taxi to KLIA and flew there by MAS. It took about 2 hours to reach there and in the plane, we were delighted to be served hot food once and then dessert and hot drinks later and for the first time ever, I received ice cream on the plane! I have been on several airlines and even long ones but never have I been served ice cream before. It was like tiny magnums chocolate ones with vanilla inside, so yummy!

We stayed in Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest tower in Thailand. When we reached the Suvarnabhumi Airport, it was raining heavily so I was like 'Oh no' let's pray for good weather tomorrow. It was 5 pm and when we went outside to grab a cab, the line was super long and it took about 30 minutes of waiting. Once we got one, I realised that the taxis were all bright-coloured, either hot pink or green. Lovely. It was 600 Baht from the airport to the hotel and there was bad jam that it took almost 2 hours to reach, that was almost as long as the flight journey.

At the hotel, we found out that Thailand is popular for their fruits and is called the Land of Fruits. There was even a fruit buffet near the reception next to the hotel restaurant with all the fruits you can imagine, tropical fruits like durian, rambutan, mangosteen as well. Wow, this is great for a fruit lover like me. Since it was almost closing, we just took 2 boxes and filled it up for takeaway, there were so many choices that my box certainly overflowed. After having a little feast at the waiting area, we went upstairs to see our rooms. 

The first room we walked in was certainly impressive. I have never seen a hotel room this big before, it was more like a little suite with a dining table, little sofa and TV like a living room and separate area for the beds and a long hallway before reaching the toilet. Ideal for my parents and brother. The second room we entered was half the size, more cosy and that's where my sister and I stayed for the next 6 days. Travelling really bonds people together and some people say 'If you want to get to know somebody, travel with them'. I am not sure why or how the person who said that said that but I certainly enjoyed the time with her and my family and felt closer when we shared a room together. One night, my brother even came for a sleep over. So cute, he rang the doorball and when I opened, it was a cute little darling with a giraffe toy in one hand and a blankie in the other. The hotel service was good, they cleaned well and tended to whatever we needed efficiently. On the second last day, they even left a bowl of fruits in each room with a thank you card. It was really sweet of them. 

My first impression of the hotel was wow, it was too crowded. The moment I walked in, there was a long line for people to enter the lift. Later I realised that these were people who wanted to go up at the lookout point in the tower or to the bar at one of the highest level. There was even indoor golf and my sporty brother got to play twice. It was 100 Baht for 120 balls, very good price. The amazing thing was that this was our first time playing golf and he managed to score 2 goals and me, 1, The silly thing was that I did not even realised I scored something. When my brother cheered I thought it was him and only when we left the place and chatted about the game, did I realise that it was actually me. We played next to each other and my ball flew over to my brother's side unintentionally so I did not realise it at all >.< 

In Bangkok, I would admit that finding halal food is not that easy. If I compare with the place I stay in London, I would say that halal food is easier to find there compared to Bangkok. We managed to find a three during our entire stay and that was fine, being vegetarian sometimes does not bother me much. Shadi Home Restaurant, Restaurant Al Sana and Yana Restaurant are a few that I would recommend. Breakfast buffet at Shadi is 150 Baht and Yana is at MBK Mall, the best one for tourists in my opinion. 

Main places we went there (1st day is day after travelling to Thailand day):

1st day: Breakfast in Shadi Iranian Restaurant, Safari World

2nd day: Chatuchak Market, MBK Mall, TuktukRide, Naan for dinner

3rd day: Dream World, dinner at Shadi Restaurant, Thai Massage

4th day: Terminal 21, Central World Shopping Center, Watched movie The Secret Life of Pets, Watch               musical theatre Siam Niramit, Thai massage, Tuktuk Ride

Last day: Breakfast in Sana Restaurant, Golf 160 balls, pack, leave to airport

Terminal 21 is a special shopping centre whereby each floor is designed to be a different part of the world, one floor Paris, the other Tokyo, then London, etc.

MBK was designed for tourists, so many wonderful souvenirs I really shopped a lot that day in MBK and Chatuchak. 

The Thai massage was a bit painful but interesting and I even tried Thai masala chai tea for the first time. It has a spicy tinge but being a big tea fan, I really like it. 

Siam Niramit was a last minute thing, we did not know about it but our taxi driver recommended. It was 1300/person and form 8pm-930pm. One of my favourite things in London is the musical theatre so when I heard of this, I was excited and hoped we could go and watch. The show was super impressive for me, there were real animals like an elephant and goats, the actors and actresses interacted a lot with the audience especially during the short breaks, there was even a part when a volunteer was chosen to come up stage. Another cool thing was that the front part of the stage suddenly changed in one of the scenes to be a little river with real water and boats with people began sailing along it. I did not understand the story line much to be honest because everything was in Thai language but it seemed to be entertaining to just watch. 

In Thailand, the writing is mostly curly and reminds me of Tamil writing and from the culture I observe, some are similar to Hindhuism. It seems to me that there is a mix of Buddhism and Hinduism or perhaps like their ancestors were many Chindians. I am not too sure but the taxi driver said yes, long ago many Indians came to Thailand. 

Safari World was lovely, one of the best I've been. Being a big fan of animals, the animals there look well fed, the places they lives looked spacious, clean and well-kept and most of all, they looked safe and happy. The animal shows were amazing, I really enjoyed it. There were also cowboy shows, called Cowboy Stunt and Sky War. Very impressive shows that required a lot of practice and hard work. Sky War involved fire, articial smoke and gun noises, maybe not suitable for young children. Cowboy Stunt involved some fighting, loud noises and some scenes unsuitable for very small children. But for adults, very enjoyable indeed and my brother kept laughing because it was indeed humourous. About the animal shows, I am aware some animal activist do not agree with the animal shows or maybe the idea of an animal safari/zoo for the public in general. However, as much as I love animals, I also believe that they were created for human beings either for food, for companionship/protection or to simply enjoy their beauty and maintain a balance and safe ecosytem. Vegans, first of all, would probably not agree with my statement that certain animals are created for humans as food. It is because of the Quran that I have this stand. Otherwise, I would feel too pity to eat animals but it clearly stated in the Quran that He created animals like chickens, goat, camels, cow, etc for humans to eat in a halal way. Halal means that the animal was slaughtered with minimal pain but cutting the jugular vein directly and the person saying a quick prayer to God stating that this animal is killed for this and this purpose. The reason for this is that Allah does not permit us to kill animals without a valid reason like and should be for good reasons like for eating or necessary scientific experiments. I may be not the best at explaining this but this is my understanding and I would advice those who would like to know more to go to a different source, there are many on the web. On a different note, I believe that zoos and safaris are the only place that small children can go to learn and look at the wonderful creations of God and enjoy them. Since I believe that animals are created for human beings, as long as the people who care for these animals take good care of their food, basic needs and treat them well, that is the most important thing and I would continue supporting. 

Dream World was literally equal to its name-just like a world of dreams. It was so beautiful....we came there when it was sunny and the entrance had lovely landscape, trees and shrubs the shape of butterflies, mushrooms, hearts, oh dear just amazing for photo shoots and I felt so calm and content in that little garden with all the colourful decoration, the tiny little gnomes and all fairy-tale-like...There was even a Jack and the Beanstalk House with everything giant sized and it made you feel tiny. I wore the giants shoes, sat on his chair and his cooking utensils. The rides were nice, some a bit scary but the garden, landscape and fairy tale part of the theme park is what I enjoyed best. We even went on a boat ride with a beautiful fountain and real swans and it was sunny and the little lake we were paddling the boat overlooked the garden with gnomes. So surreal... 

Our trip to Thailand was certainly memorable and I look forward to coming again and future adventures. For me, in most of the things I do including travelling, I stick to the saying 'Quality, not quantity.' And its sometimes very small things that make us content and those short & sweet trips that adds to my list of happy memories. 

I thank God for all His blessings and wishing you a wonderful day ahead.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

How To Make The Best of University Life

Dear readers,

Hope all of you are doing great and having a positive week so far :) A few weeks ago, I received a request, asking for me to write a post on surviving university life. While I was thinking for a suitable blog topic, this came up and I thought it would give a more positive impression on university life as opposed to the word 'surviving'.

The truth is many of us are trying to survive university life. It is a challenge, no joke. To me, it is much much different to school life and one of the main reasons is because I am now in a different country. In the midst of trying to survive, I discovered many new things, new friends, new perspectives, new talents, new hobbies and many new things in life that I never did before. I always pray that it changes me for the better, rather than the opposite. One physical change is that I started to wear the hijab after my first year in the UK, a confident decision that I did not manage to do before. 

Making the best of university life, or be it anything you are doing at the moment requires several things. First, you need a positive mindset. Be positive that you can do this. You picked this path for a reason. You will work hard and it will be worth it at the end of the day. You are positive that despite the challenges, you are able to do this. Positive mindset and belief in oneself are related and reliant on each other. You need one to do the other. Believe that, yes although there are many good people out there, you have your own talents and capabilities as well. This does not mean you then think you are the best above the rest. When people go overboard this first aspect of being confident, they start becoming snobbish and look down upon other people. This will only draw people away from you and give you extra pressure on yourself. Live your life without the need to compare with others too much, Everyone has their own 'rezeki' and you have yours. Be thankful and that will make you stay humble yet confident :)

Next, be independent. As easy as this sounds, this was not too easy for me at first. For those who are close to their family, regardless whatever age you are, you always will and want to be. I have met friends my age, slightly younger and 6 years older that are very attached to family like me. I feel glad to have met people like this because it makes me realise many people are in the same shoes, These very close friends of mine remind me of the saying 'birds of a feather flock together' hehe. And we would discuss funny stories like, my friend she found a mouse in her house but when she found it in London she was much more scared than when she found it at home. At home, she could get rid of it herself but in London, she had to ask a friend to come over and help. The same applies to different situations. Not everyone is like this, I realised. Some people are not as closely bonded to their family and actually enjoy the freedom of being away. That is totally fine and it depends on how you are. But in order to be independent, you need to be able to do basic things like cleaning, laundry, washing, cooking, banking and managing money well, managing time and waking up on time, realising when you are sick and need medication, keeping the refrigerator stock in your kitchen and remembering to charge your phone always in case of emergency. These things, when never have left or lived outside the comfort of home, can easily be taken granted of. Mum and Dad had the solution to everything, or at least for me. I guess I was even more pampered when we had a made, The only house chore I did was tidy my bed each time I woke up or sweep my room, sometimes. I did not even need to open the door lock to enter the house or make rice or tea ever. All by my maid. A bit too pampered hehe but it gave me more time for studies and other things that I helped out in the house, like taking care of my baby brother. When studying overseas, being independent alhamdulillah has been a positive learning journey for me and so far so good. Learn some basic dishes can also help, my grandmother even gave me a cook book for me to cook Malaysian dishes. I rarely eat fast food because when I am not at uni, I enjoy cooking and trying out new food. 

Third, know your priorities. This is also a key thing to bear in mind in order to do well in university. I am sorry to say this, but knowing priorities is something all students should bear in mind. I cannot believe how many school students nowadays are too active on social media, doing everything else other than studying and clearly to me, their priorities are questioned. In my opinion, school time is restricted to studying and positive co-curricular activities, sports, etc that build up your character and your skills, a preparation for growing up. It is important that most of this gets done when you are younger. I do not have anything against social media, it is good in many ways but many people, especially girls use it to show off and to post unnecessary things about every tiny thing in their life. Trust me, as fun as it seems, your time is like precious gems. Try to minimise the unnecessary things and prioritise your work and quality time with family and friends. Even for me, I usually do the posting photos usually when I am on a holiday. During term, I am pretty dormant and you can even tell by the number of blog posts I am able to write. I will try my best to blog and write more here because I really enjoy writing, hearing from you and helping others, may these articles help you develop into a better self. Knowing priorities and managing time well go hand in hand, so have a planner and a to-do-list to help you manage daily, weekly and monthly plans.

Next, keep yourself happy. This can be very subjective from person to the other, Being a happy person will help you study better, For me, it revolves around time to myself to pray, doing sports and exercise, quality time with people who make me feel good and joining my favourite clubs and society. Do it, have rest time and come back and study again. Nobody is perfect but a positive perspective of your own life and capabilities will certainly help you to stay happy. Keep smiling and help others, Helping others has a miraculous power of making you feel content at heart. Do it with a positive intention. One more thing, making others happy will make you happy. See what you can do to make other people happy. It can be really simple things or simple words or simply giving some of your time.

Finally, I always like to add an element of trusting in God. If you realised, my articles have a lot of InsyaAllah (with God's will), Alhamdulillah (Thanks to God) lately. Something that I have improved on and included in my writing and motivational posts. It is to believe that there is a greater power, God that will take care of you and I realised that in all motivational books I have read, it gets a bit repeated, dull and boring after reading it many times. Only when I started reading Islamic motivational books and the element of believing in God is added, then you become even more positive and happy. The reason is because you know and realise that there is One who can help you in times of need, when everyone and everything seems dark and people seem like they cannot help you in the way you want them to, God is there, He listens all the time and there for you. All you need to do is ask Him. I will include in a separate post a beautiful doa forwarded to me and you can request from me if you want it to be emailed to you so you can print.

Have a beautiful rest of the week :)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wearing the Hijab

Dear all,

Its July 2016 and now 2 years since I decided to wear the hijab. I always wanted to write a post on this but was not sure how and what to say. 

One thing I know for sure is that I have always wanted to wear it but did not have the confidence to do so. I was worried then if people will accept me or look at me differently. If my capabilities were limited or if I would be discriminated. Especially since I am studying in the UK and the majority of people there have different beliefs.

I kept this intention deep in my heart and mind and let it be. I thought I would go with the flow and wear it when I would feel comfortable enough and not end up taking it off afterwards. Sometimes it bothered me, thinking why am I making it hard for myself to do something that I want to do and be influenced by the society and people around me.

I admit I do not come from a family background that is super religious. Alhamdulillah both my mum and dad practice Islam and show a good example. In terms of wearing the hijab, my mum wore it after marriage and my grandmother wore it upon getting her first grand daughter close to retirement. Female cousins my age do not really wear it, there are some who do but not many. So I was also worried that I would look much older and not fit in with my family members. I tried wearing it once a long time ago around my early teens and I remember it was during raya time. I went out with my cousins and in the end, they convinced me to take it off because it was getting hot. Sometimes I  do not know how to wear it properly and it would start to get messy. Sometimes I would go to shopping malls and see pretty ladies wearing the hijab and would think, I want to be like her too. Wear the hijab and look pretty. Sometimes I feel disheartened by the consequences I imagine to happen if I wear the hijab.

One fine day, I was shopping in Aeon Ampang and passed by an Islamic store. They sold Islamic books, cds, praying mats and Islamic decoration. There was also a small stand in front of the store that sold books. Being the curious me who loved to read and check out new books, I browsed through the books they had and a pink pretty one caught my eye. For the first time ever, I found a book that compiled stories on how these ladies started wearing hijab and why and when. It was a thin book and I thought it was really interesting so I got it right away. It was a few days before Ramadan 2014. I bought the book and started reading. Although it was a thin book, those pages I read really touched my heart. Some made me smile and some made me tear and I would continue reading again until I finished the entire book. May Allah bless the author, it was very beneficial for me.

And upon finished reading, I told myself there was no pressure but I wanted to do things because of Allah and not because of people. I did not want people's view and opinions to affect my choices to do something good in Islam. Sometimes I ask myself, why do we need to wear the hijab? And then I read the Quran and get my answer. Allah is our Creator. He created us and He knows what is best for us in terms of food, daily activities, morality and also clothing attire. He included all this in the Quran- to eat halal food to keep you healthy, the perform prayers to keep you detached from worldly things and to remember Allah the whole day as well as good for your body, to practice patience and respect in order to maintain good relationship with people and then for clothing, for women to practice modestly to protect them and their beauty from evil intention of certain men. And it made sense to me. I would only need to cover myself in public where there are men (who are not family) present as well because the public is too dangerous and uncertain. I am certainly not discriminating but since women are weaker physically, a modest appearance would minimise (if not eliminate completely) the bad intention of certain men. Whenever I am home with family or with female friends, then I do not need to wear the hijab. I began to understand and accept this more. 

I would also like to emphasise that I am an open-minded person. I am aware that not everyone thinks or behaves the way I do and I accept that as long as we practice compromise and respect. I have close family members who are not wearing modestly and I am fine with that because it is a personal decision. Nobody should be forced to do something personal that they do not want to or are ready to do. It is a personal thing to me and for any wrong or good a person does, in my opinion, is between them and God. If you do good, you will be rewarded. If you do not, then you will need to answer to Him on the Day of Judgement. So other people should give good advice and show a good example but there should be no 'I am good, you are bad' attitude in either the person wearing or not wearing it.

So during the first week of Ramadan 2014, I decided for myself that I am going to wear the hijab and include it in my daily attire, just like wearing a shirt and shoes every time I go out insya Allah.

Now its been 2 years. Wearing it has been a positive experience indeed. I learned how to match colours, different styles of wearing and also find different textures and hijab design that suited me. It taught me to be more creative and courageous to try new things, new colours and new styles hehe It even made me more confident because now I am presenting myself how I want to be. How people perceive me is their own decision but to me what's important is my good intention and being able to maintain a good relationship with Allah first and then a good relationship with people. If they can accept it, then great, I'll promise I'll be a good friend with God's will. 

In the UK, there are many muslims and the people I know are very accepting about it. I have two close French bestfriends and they love it when I wear especially the colourful ones. It is really about how I portray myself and get along with people and when people accept me the way I am, it means even more to me. I try to accept the way they are too and believe that everyone has flaws but when I can get along with the person and maintain a good relationship, then I will work towards looking past their flaws and focusing on their strengths and goodness. And this is what all of us should strive to do in order to maintain good relationships at the same time as being happy with our-self. I certainly believe there is always room for me to improve and this is certainly been a step forward.


Have a lovely day girls xx

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Speak to Miss Meen

Hello there! Selamat Hari Raya to all :)

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying whatever you may be doing at this point- may it be studying, working, holiday-ing hehe. The key point to staying happy is to stay positive and content with what you are doing, where you are, who you are with, whenever you are doing it and for whatever reason you are doing what you are doing today. Life is certainly not perfect but it is those little imperfections that build our character and the amazing person we are today. Yes, there is always room for improvement but always stay thankful for who you are and what ever you have achieved in life and believe in yourself. One you do your part, let God do the rest. 

I'm on my summer break and thought you might be interested in something I have started doing to help and reach out to all my blog readers especially students.

Motivating and inspiring people is something I always want to and keep on doing. Although university life has certainly robbed some blogging time away from me, I want to be able to continue giving motivation and providing support to students like you. From many emails from my readers, there has been multiple requests of discussing issues related to studies, time management, family matters, etc. From my experience, reading a motivating article has its benefit but speaking to the other individual directly is even more effective and has a different advantage because then the advice can be more personalised and you can create a two-way communication instead of one. I enjoy reading blogs, books and articles most of the time when I need general advice but when it becomes more specific, I always feel like speaking to someone about it. As I was thinking about this, I realised that this may apply to you too and I have now started a Consultation and Motivation Service.

This session is called Ask Miss Meen and slots can be booked on weekdays and weekends, timing can be discussed to work around both our schedules. Details are below:

via Skype/ Live Chat
 One-to-One Meeting 
(Ampang area only)

Skype/Live Chat RM35/hour
One-to-One Meeting RM50/hour

Topics you can discuss:

Study issues
Time management
Family matters
School/university-related topics
Self-esteem and confidence

First 3 people who book a slot get 30 minutes FREE!

All conversations will be private and confidential

Other services you might be interested:

Mock Interview
 (Skype or One-to-One Meeting)

Skype RM35/hour
One-to-One Meeting RM50/hour

Proof-read Service 
(checks include vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and suggestion on how to improvise)

1 Personal Statement
 (UK, local & overseas University applications)

2 English Essays

3 Public speaking/ Speech 

4 Job/Internship/University Resume and Cover letter 

5 Scientific journal 

Service 1, 2, 3: RM 10/document 
Service 4: RM 15/document 
Service 5: RM 20/document 

( All FREE 1 Revision)

If you are interested drop me an email at

*Note: One-to-One meetings only available until end of September

Stay healthy, safe and happy. Looking forward to hear from you! Take care :) 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What I've Been Up To

Dear Blog, 

Alhamdulillah I finished my final exam for my third year degree. I felt really good about my exams this time in a way that I felt that I have given my best and done all I could and now I will tawakkal and wait for the results. For those not familiar with the word, tawakkal means relying on God once you have done your part.

Before I started blogging, I googled image LittleMissMeen and found so many lovely pictures that I even forgot I posted and have not seen in a long time. I admit that lately this academic year and last academic year I have been socially inactive online especially blogging. The most I do is post pictures and get offline- feel guilty sometimes when a friend asks if I've seen their photo because I rarely go online and scroll newsfeed so what I'll do is that I will open my close friends page individually at times and see what latest post they've put up and like it. But this does gets a bit hectic sometimes because I do have many friends hehe so I rely on those times I am able to scroll newsfeed to see their updates :)

Why I haven't been blogging? Hmm sometimes I have so much to say and write that I am not sure where and what to start with. And only little time to spare for writing so in the end I always write in my to-do-list: Blog but then end up postponing it several months. 

What keeps me busy? First and foremost, my degree and the workload. When term begins from October to June, I am consistently being given work, coursework, exams and tasks to do one after the other. This is the first one week break this year where I can just relax and catch up with friends, gym time and other of my favourite activities while feeling relaxed and not having something very rushed to do. It feels amazing..I am counting down the days to go back home to Malaysia - just a month plus insyaAllah yaay :) Ramadan and Eid with family is just amazing, I really am thankful that my summer break and these two special occasions coincide. After my workload, its family and friends time! I often chat on the phone or skype with those very special people in my life who make time for me. And where I currently live, I have three very close friends who come from Spain, South Africa and Bangladesh- all very amazing people. I used to live with another girl from France but she has graduated already but I was closest to her and regard each other as besties ;) She even came over to London for my birthday and then I visited her in Paris over Easter. Whenever I have free time, since I am away from family, I always spend it with people who make me feel good about myself or simply just get along really well. I realised that who and how I portrayed myself 5 years ago is quite different to how I do today. In my late teens, I am not going to deny this- I was very studious but also relatively popular and sociable. Been given a lot of responsibilities, it made me increasingly confident and gave me the opportunity to get to know many people. It was certainly a hectic lifestyle and one that I chose to have. I enjoyed it tremendously because it made me grow and mature to who I am today. Being in that position also came with challenges- there are people who will be jealous, want to put you down or simply hard to deal with. I have written and will write more on Dealing with Difficult People. It was even one of my public speaking topics which I won first place.
Today, I feel that I live a more reserved and conservative life- not as popular like I was in school but still many really good friends ;)

Someone once said to me "Almost all your friends look so kind and sweet - how do you find such great friends". Well the person who said this is a great friend of mine too. I simply responded "I choose my friends carefully and I am attracted to very nice people." Another person also commented that I have a lot of friends here in the UK and most of them are from all over the world. Regarding that statement, different people have different definitions of 'a lot' and the most important thing to me in friendship is sincerity, kindness, ability to share common interest and get along and simply having respect for each other." I just be myself and if someone can accept me for who I am, then we will certainly get along very well :) Sometimes these very close friends if people judge from social media, they would not even know that we are close buddies but in real life we have a great relationship. This simplicity makes me content at heart without the need to show or tell everyone.

Its my third year now in the UK and I am liking it more and more- alhamdulillah I feel more positive about being here and Allah has certainly made me meet with people who make my life even more interesting, I always believe that He will take care of me especially during times of difficulty. When I am facing a situation that I have no idea how I will survive, He helps me get through it, enables me to meet so-and-so and arranges things very well for me so that I am able to cope with it. I do believe in miracles and those miracles are all from God.

However nice and fun it is to be here in London, I always remember my main purpose of being here and stick to that and work hard. Also, its not the same as being in the comfort of home and I am serious when I say this. My close Cypriot friend told me that when she encountered a mouse or any house pest back home, she was confident and able to get rid of it. However, when it happened here in London, she suddenly got very scared and had the need to call a friend ;) When I heard this I was like wow. It IS true then- people are more confident at home and I was so happy to hear that my friend felt the same as me. I guess birds of a feather flock together ^^

Last weekend was super interesting! I ended exams on Friday 6 May then on Saturday, I helped out with Imperial Festival. OMG it was so fun :D I volunteered at the Science Section for kids where we did scientific experiments like Rainbow Skittles Density Experiment, making jelly worms using sodium alginate and calcium chloride and expanding a marshmellow by sucking air out in a vacuum. Estimated around 15000 people came on both days Saturday and Sunday. I just helped on Saturday because on Sunday, I visited my cousins Sara and Adam. They live just an hour away so I went and slept over there for Sunday night. Played with Sara Old Maid and Snap and helped her with her homework- Math and Non-verbal Reasoning. My aunt even printed a separate copy for me for the  Non-verbal Reasoning so we could do it together and she marked it ! I got 92% and Sara 91%. We went to this shop called Smiggles for little kids and then before I slept, she played with my hair and tied it and combed it hehe. She is so cute and I guess since she only has a brother, its nice to see me sometimes. She goes through my handbag and looks at all my lip balm and basic make-up etc and wants to try on some of them on. She even accidentally spilled some of my blush powder but she was too cute and quickly wiped it away- it was not completely empty so I was totally fine with it because I do not even use it often. When she left for school Monday morning, I went on the tube with her and my aunt and we said goodbye when it was time to go on separate tube lines. Such a lovely end and start of the week. 

This week its been raining but last weekend the weather was bright and sunny it reminded me of Malaysian weather (slightly warmer though). I've been going for my favourite gym classes and apart from that, had praline and cream ice cream with Vanesa then carrot cake with Beth and accompanied Anusheh studying for her exams that happens today. I have also started thinking of packing my bags back to Malaysia-yikes not looking forward to emptying my room soon. 

Today I had a Stretch and Core class in the gym but nobody turned up so it was a once-to-one session with the trainer for 30 minutes- it was cool because it felt like I had a Personal Trainer. Then I walked to Hyde Park, there was not many people and I felt so good and relaxed there. I am so lucky that Hyde Park is just 5-10 minutes from Imperial because I can go there whenever I feel like a need a getaway. Our schedules are too packed to be able to do that often on weekdays but I try to go as often as I can. I usually go with my <3 but since he is now working, I call him sometimes when I am there and not with a friend or just simply enjoy the silence and my own presence with the ducks and birds. The only people who I have seen/know in my life to share the same passion for animals are my dad, sister, brother and <3. My mum and I share other common interests hehe.  Later in an hour plus or so I have this President Ambassador dinner for all those who have contributed and helped out throughout the year and also for the Imperial Festival. I mentioned in the email when they requested dietary requirements that I only have halal meat otherwise I'm usually a pescetarian. And wonderful Emma responded 'I am going to make sure they cater halal for you'- aww she is so sweet. I'll see later and either way, I am good :) Alhamdulillah God has really helped me feel contented being where I am with who I am and doing what I am doing. It is certainly not easy-nope and there are challenges that I face butprayers, positive thinking and support from people I love has been incredibly important and meaningful for me and helped me going. 

During exam week (the second day) I received a bouquet of pink flowers from my friend and on the very last day, I found a pot of sparkly flowers (its real flowers but Mark and Spencer love to sprinkle glitter on them sometimes) in my kitchen with a card.

Next week our Business course starts so I will be busy again but I am certainly looking forward to it after this nice, relaxing one week break. 

It was really lovely blogging today, have a wonderful week ahead everyone and take care :) xx

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Improving Your Love Life

Dear all,

How is everyone doing? Oh how I miss writing here, I seriously have been absorbed in my world of studies and the life of being in London that I have had less quiet, free time to be able to blog. I am so happy to write and hope everyone is doing very well.

I do not know where to start. As for my life updates, this is my third year in the UK alhamdulillah and I am enjoying it more and more. You know like one of those situations when you don't really appreciate it too much at first then you learn to like it and actually grow fonder of the thing/person/ place? That's exactly how I feel being here in this beautiful country where I have learned to be more independent and nurture myself. 

Although I have grown fonder of being here, it does not mean that I miss my loved ones less. I actually had a dream last night being at my grandma's house and having the toddler version of my baby brother on my lap while watching TV. You know how adults generally stay or look the same but little kids grow so fast, my mind is taking quite some time to absorb the fact that he is a young boy now and not a little baby anymore hehe. 

Speaking of loved ones, today's topic is going to be around this theme. Plus, Valentine's day is just around the corner. If you read my short story that got a little extra attention a couple of years ago: Teenage Life is Full of Drama, then you know I have a tendency to post a love-themed post in February. 

Exactly a week from today, its going to be three years since I first dated my <3. I will be referring to that symbol and I guess most of you know what I mean. Alhamdulillah, I am always thankful and feel blessed for that. If you know me well, you will know that I am not a person who speaks or elaborates too much on the topic unless asked. It makes me a bit embarrassed but today I think it is important that I mention this because there may be some women out there who  might benefit from this sharing. 

I have never been in a relationship before this although maybe scandals, teenage drama things like this. Studying and family are my priority as well as my close friends and I did not want somebody to change that. If anybody asked me "when do you think you will have a boyfriend", I would say most probably when I start working or maybe during university, I am not too sure. But what I believe is that just like a butterfly that only lands on you when you are not watching, I relate this to meeting your soulmate as well. It usually happens when you least expect it to be and with an open and mature mind, more good will come out of it than bad. If you ask me about the ideal age about being in a relationship (please do not get offended people as this is only my personal opinion and it could be different ages for different people), I would say its not the age that matters but the level of maturity and that differs for different people but generally people are more mature in their 20s. I know some people who have been in a stable relationship in their teens and have it work well but those are a few lucky, rare ones. I personally was too busy with my study life and juggling with all my other activities like drama, debate, family, prefect, prefectorial board, sports, extra classes and many more so I didn't see myself being in a relationship that time. Plus, I was only interested in serious relationships and being in that situation too early would be overwhelming. 

The main problem I realise that some women face is that they do not have a stand and their own firm, opinion about things, letting others make the decision for them or convince them to do things that they do not want to do. The reason why this usually happens is when you do not know yourself well enough and still discovering your identity, personality, likes, dislikes and this takes time. You do not know everything about yourself instantly, speaking from experience and with time and experience, the puzzle pieces fit together. I know this sounds pretty general so I will give an example. Person A dreams of being in a steady relationship with a good guy, she does not put any physical criteria (although good looks would be a bonus) but the person will need to be someone mature, understanding of her current status as a student, have good intentions, trustworthy, makes her feel good and COMPATIBLE (I am highlighting this and come back to this point later), responsible and reliable. Person A knows that nobody is perfect but ideally, these general characteristics will help build a stable and healthy relationship between the two. So 3 key things that this lady has done to ensure success in her future relationship are:

1. She recognises her rights in determining key aspects in a person that she expects of. This is not demanding, girls but this is putting a standard for yourself. Not necessarily a physical one, in this case she was flexible with that but I have a friend who likes red-haired guys (rare I know haha) but eventually if she meets her soulmate, she will accept the way he is. 

2. She knows herself well and clear about what she is looking for.

3. She is definitely mature, she knows nobody is perfect yet she understands that in order for a relationship to work, some of these criterias need to be met. 

However, how do you tell if your partner or somebody you have met has the important aspects you are looking for. The short answer to that is you cannot. It takes time and you need to know each other well in order to learn and know more about the other person. The key thing is not too rush. I am not saying that a relationship is an easy journey speaking from experience. Sometimes the first year of knowing each other can be one of the most challenging part because you are still figuring out each other's likes, dislikes, behavioural patterns. I honestly think it takes time and effort from both parties. The best time to tell if you are compatible is during a time of hardship. See how the other person responds. And one thing to bear in mind. Being in a good, healthy relationship is not all about your partner pleasing you and you sitting down, doing nothing and judging them. This is not all about you and your own happiness. You need to learn about your partner and do your part in making them happy and always always always let them know and show that you appreciate them. I cannot emphasise this more. Men generally like being adored and appreciated while women constantly need reassurance and attention. If you are a guy, reading this, yes no matter how many times you have said I Love You or any kind words, you need to repeat them in a kind, genuine way because most women need a constant reminder that they are in a good position. 

When you are in a relationship, my advice is that when you have a problem, try to solve it together. If possible (if the situation is not too serious that it involves health or safety) then try to discuss with each other instead of consulting a friend for every little thing. Your friend does not know the both of you as well as you know each other so bear that in mind and if you are planning a future together, then its time that the two of you learn to solve problems together because life can be a bumpy ride. 

And finally, I am not saying all this because I feel that my love life is perfect but I am sharing this information as a reminder that love is indeed a beautiful thing and it takes a lot of maturity, wisdom, good understanding, kindness and compassion to enable to different human beings to be closely associated with each other. With that, I end this post with a warm wishes for a beautiful weekend. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chubby Bunny Challenge with Erfan

Hello guys :D These are my Chubby Bunnies :D Like this video, they are so cute! I love both of you :*

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Motivational article: Dealing With Expectations

Dear all, I hope you are all doing good. I know its almost the end of the year and exams are drawing near. As for me, a brand new academic year just started within a month ago. I know there are some unreplied comments, messages. Please bear with me and I will reply as soon as I can. 

Today, my blog topic is one that most of you can relate to and that is expectations. If there is a word that I would like to eliminate from my dictionary (one that I rarely mention even) is the word 'expectation'. I feel like that word is slightly harsh or hard in a way. For example, I always think its better to phrase a sentence with "I hope that things will go well." versus "I expect things will go well." Well, I do start thinking if I hear this statement, what is the consequences then if that person's expectations are not met???" Ooooh I start to feel the tension and stress even imagining this scenario.

Then I think to myself, why did I decide to write this? It is not like I have had the word 'expectation' used towards me. I don't even remember when was the last time somebody mentioned it. The reason for me writing this is because I realised that there are 2 types of expectations; the verbal one and the silent one. And although I do not use that word quite often, the silent one is experienced quite frequent than I realise. And when people speak about problems, whether it is about lecturers, classes, friends, family, relationship or self-confidence for instance, more than 50% of the time, I believe that it has something to do with expectations either within yourself or with the other person.

Having expectations within yourself is not bad, for instance having 'Yearly Goals' or 'Career Plans' or even a daily or weekly schedule. Those are things that you expect yourself to get accomplished. That's wonderful, you are very organised indeed! The problem comes when you are unable to meet the exact plan that you made and guys, when I make a study plan, it happens to me very often. What is do is become flexible and plan efficiently. I will pick whatever is priority and do that first followed by whatever is extra. Also, I try to plan achievable goals and not something that would stress myself out and make me feel inferior of that achievement. No no, that's the last thing you want to do especially when you have a lot to accomplish. So, plan reasonably and although you have goals to achieve, be flexible to a certain extent. You know yourself better than anyone else.

Next, there is that silent expectation with another person. Although you do not verbally say to a friend "I expect you to do this and that" there is that sort of message that is expected to be mutually understood of what is nice and not nice to do to a friend. Trust me, having this expectation can actually hurt yourself. Let me give you a scenario when a friend is sick: A super nice person's definition of nice is 'Getting her friend a card, a hug and something to cheer them up when they are feeling down or ill', a moderately nice person's definition of nice would be 'Wish her a get-well-soon and suggest if there is anything you can do to help, just shout out' and a not-so-nice person won't say anything or even ask them to stay away so germs won't spread. Therefore, the definition of nice varies with different people and that is where the problem starts with this silent expectation.

Somebody may have thought they did nothing to offend the other person or even neutral feelings whereby the other party felt very hurt and upset. And usually this scenario happens between a person who could not care less what they did or said and another person who is relatively sensitive or super nice because then this person's definition of nice is really positive :) If people with these very different personality gets into a relationship, they would need extremely great mutual understanding and care to make the relationship last. Usually its the very nice with very nice and so-so with the so-so. 

I have experienced this situation myself, quite a number of times actually but the key thing is to stay confident about yourself and to keep spreading positive energy and staying nice. I am not saying you need to be snobbish, but you really need to think how blessed and amazing you are and your life has been, how thankful you are to have good health and a family that loves you and true friends that care and genuinely accept you for who you are. There may be flaws and imperfection here and there, nobody's life is perfect and you accept your life for how it is because that is how God made it and that is really amazing :)

Feel lucky and happy for where you are, who you are, who your family and friends are, how you look, who you are with and whatever you are doing. Yes life can have been better if this and this and that but hey, life is not about being perfect. Its about being happy in an imperfect way and when you are able to accept and make the best of what you have, then only you will feel that positive acceptance which overwhelms you with happiness. 

Avoid expectations too much I would generally say and stick with positive people because positive energy is contagious ;) so spread it around!


Have a nice weekend 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Motivation of the Month

Hi guys :) Hope everyone is doing great and I know I literally haven't wrote for months and probably the last long post was 4 months ago. Since then, I had my final exam for second year, then a very interesting geochemistry lab course, a research project still ongoing, trips to Cambridge and Brighton then Ramadan back home in Malaysia, then the start of my internship, then Raya and back to internship and now today. That sentence summed up my activities for the past couple of months. 

This year 2015 I feel so much more mature than my previous years, I feel more adult than I usually have haha, well those teenager days do drop by once in awhile. 

Oh dear, as I am writing this now I realise how much I
enjoy writing and talking on my blog and how much I have missed it. 

Although I have been busy, I think some of you may want to know that I recently received my Year 2 results and alhamdulillah overall
1st class :') 

It is not easy getting a first class in my university because there are so many competitive people I would say and they have this sort of normal distribution histogram whereby they cannot have too many people with a first or with an F. Majority needs to be in the middle..

Alhamdulillah it was definitely a challenging year and I am so blessed and thankful for this achievement.

I am now in Sarawak another state across the sea from KL. Its my first time here after 10 years. People are so nice around here and its surrounding is such a drastic difference to KL and London hehe.

If there is one motivational message I would like to mention in this post is that no matter where you go, what you achieve, who you are and how you got where you are, there IS going to be negative people. People who are just unhappy or rude or cold or unpleasant or angry for no reason. These people may try or unintentionally demotivate you, lower you self-esteem, make you lose hope (temporarily), even make you angry and upset/ blame yourself. But wait. Step back. Look at the bigger picture. Before you play along with their game, pause and think. It is usually either 2 cases, first they feel threatened and want to belittle you or secondly they are upset of their own lives and achievement and find joy in belittling others. 

I know I may have repeated myself in any of the previous posts but I honestly feel that motivation is something we constantly need, even if it is the same message phrased in a different way, it is still important and necessary to constantly have.

Another thing I would like to point out is compassion. Have compassion for even the person you truly dislike, have that little sorry feeling and honest hope that their life gets better and they will be lightened with kindness and blessings. I am not saying you need to be entirely nice to people who are absolutely mean but I just think that not holding a grudge and cleaning your heart from any angry feeling against someone who has done wrong to you actually does more good to you than you can ever imagine. Feeling angry at someone actually drains the energy out of you and at some point you can feel so helpless because that angry feeling would not solve anything. This is hard, I admit. Like how in the world would you try to be kind and forgive someone who has been a complete nuisance. But try, at least try and God will help you with that clear intention and kindness you have in your heart. Trust me for that other person, remember that what comes around goes around. If he/she continues to behave in that manner then one day they may be in a difficult situation themselves and at that time they may regret it or learn their lesson the hard way.

Life is too short to be filled with hateful people, there are so many kind and happy people out there who would appreciate you so much more and give you that positive vibe that you deserve.

I chose this motivation for this month because travelling and going to different places has led me to meeting a lot of people with different behaviours and it has taught me a life lesson that I would like to share with all of you.

Sometimes, when you are kind, people may take advantage of that kindness or take you for granted. They test you and think that they can behave in whatever manner they wish, but no. Be assertive and yes if you are not sure what this word means click it now :)

Its like being in between extrovert and introvert and maintaining a good balance. 

Whatever you are facing now, stay positive and believe that once you do your best, God will plan the rest. He would not test you with something you are not capable of so keep that smile :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead and take care :D