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The Power of Kindness

Dear beautiful people,

I really have been feeling like blogging and today I went to see a friend and at her desk, she had so many motivational quotes and it reminded me how much I like reading and writing motivational posts here. I also asked on instastory for suggestions! The first reply is motivational-related and the second one is 'Titi', my lovely pet. I love both suggestions but today I will write on the first suggestion. Thanks for the Titi suggestion, I keep forgetting that I want to write about her. People bring her up in our convo and I will glow to the max, love talking about her hehe.

Also,  I was in Genting Highlands about to ride a super scary ride then suddenly it played the song by Selena Gomez, 'Kill Em with Kindness'. The lyrics really hit me.

The world can be a nasty place. 
We don't have to fall from grace.
Put down the weapon you fight with.
Kill em with kindness.

You lies are bullets.
Your mouth's a gun.
No war in anger has ever won.
Put out the fi…

How to Let Go of Past Hurts

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing great. Tonight I feel like blogging :) In a good mood, not as busy tonight. Just checked in my flight, yay flying soon insyaAllah.

This is a pretty deep topic. Felt like writing something deep, that hopefully most people can relate to. No matter who you are, student, teenager, adult, mum, grandma, dad, grandpa, brother, sister, friend, lover, neighbour, lover, any important person in your life, there is bound to be hurt in one way or another.  I realise that many of us live in the past, dwelling on the past hurts. I am not asking you to ignore or not acknowledge any hurtful feelings. You need to acknowledge and accept it fully before you can fully move past it. There must be a reason why it hurt, you have your reasons. If the person was not important, it would not hurt in the first place. Although you have a tendency to be annoyed by a random person or acquaintance, you are less likely to be hurt by them. It only hurts once you build a personal relatio…

Tips for Starting Your First Job

Dear all,

Hope you are having a nice Saturday:) For me, today I fasted. I still have 2 days left from last Ramadan to replace. It was just a quiet, laid-back Saturday for me. Caught up with some chores and cleaning. I was online and did some work as well. Read a book, phoned and got dinner outside for buka puasa. Nothing much really. I'm trying to relax because I have a flight soon for work purposes. My housemate made colourful cornflakes so I had that for dessert.

Yesterday, 15th March 2019 is my 1-year work anniversary in Shell. My first job and my first year of working alhamdulillah completed. Cheers to many more years of working insyaAllah. It was a very special day for me. One of my favourite days this year so far. I felt that the day was special to me but I did not expect anyone to know this special date. I told some people about it, those close to me that I was excited because 15th March would be 1 year from the day I first started. I arrived in the morning and a close frien…

March Updates

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing great. I just finished writing in my diary and a little sleepy but I promised to write so I will. Yesterday I was on a rescue mission saving a cat near my house. It is black  with yellowish-green eyes and still pretty young. It panicked when we tried to place it in a box and ran away. We still had hope it would return to our house so we left home and went to 4-5 different pet shops to survey cat carriers and finally bought one at a reasonable price. I returned home feeling hopeful and hoping she would be at her regular spot at the back of my house. And to my pleasant surprise, yes there she was right there. When she ran at the front of my house where I parked my car, I was a bit worried that she would not find her way back or lost trust in me and not return. When I saw her, I whispered silently 'you're a keeper'. We placed her in the carrier, she was not so happy about that but it was for her own good. I got her a 4 in 1 vaccination and dew…

Laura Mercier Blush Review

Hello beautiful people :)

Hope everyone is doing great and thank you for dropping by my blog.

Last weekend I was in Kuala Lumpur back home for the long Chinese New Year weekend for about 5 days. They do not have Sephora in the small city where I work, pros- I spend less, cons- I need to wait to go back to KL to shop for certain things. And if you know me, I love shopping. It is so therapeutic and makes me happy ;)

So back to the topic, I got a new blush! I was searching and asked around. I narrowed down to 3 options: Anastasia, Tarte and Laura Mercier. I actually wanted Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio Peachy Love. I was in love with the 3 colours, I could mix and match and choose a particular one for certain days. However, it is out of stock, online and at the store that day. I am not going back to KL anytime soon and I needed one urgently so I got the Laura Mercier Blush Colour Infusion. I was deciding between Chai and Fresco. Both are nude colours sort of or like bronze colours. T…

Happy 2019 :)

Dear all, happy 2019!:)

Hope everyone is doing great. Urgh, 2 months since I wrote here. Life for me at the moment is super hectic. I am either working or spending quality time with people around me. Speaking of which, last week was one of the busiest week ever. I came home late almost every day so I was out more than 12 hours every single day. A mixture of work, social events, and other commitments. I was working on something new as well, an interesting new part of my work but also quite challenging. When I accomplish 1 task, I feel satisfied and relieved because these things, I have not learned before at university and it is all new for me. Alhamdulillah it is going well. I feel with a bit more practice, I can do it fast and efficient in no time. When I am spending quality time with people, I avoid being on my phone so I can focus on whomever I am with. If I want to post photos, I either do it briefly or do it after when I am by myself.

On Friday, I left the office at around 730pm a…

Life Update and Motivational Reminders

Dear beautiful readers,

I am in a hotel room in Muscat as I am writing this with a cup of hot lemon and honey. I am ready to sleep but before that I wanted to write a quick blog post. After posting some photos on Instagram of my geology field trip in Oman, I felt like blogging about it but I know it will take some time, hence motivational post it is. Plus, tomorrow is a Monday so hopefully this can be a good read for any of you out there to combat Monday blues. For me, Sunday is a working day here and lately I am so confused with the days because Sunday feels like a Monday. I like what I am doing here so when it is time to start again, I get pretty excited. I felt the blues after our geology field trip ended. It was so good, it felt so different the day after the field trip ended. I missed it so much.

At least I am still here in Oman. What makes it even greater is the people and the environment. I like the weather, the people are lovely masha Allah and so warm, everything is beautiful…

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