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Ways to Motivate Yourself and Increase Enthusiasm in Life

Dear all,

This blog post is dedicated to A, she sent me a sweet insta message and it said :

Hi (flower and bunny emoji) :) I found your blog online and you really inspire me (flower emoji). I am sitting for spm this year and it is really hard on me. Can you give me some motivation because I am very lacking it?

This is a short snapshot of our conversation. She mentioned that she feels demotivated and depressed at times. The reason why I am sharing the message (not the name) is that I want others out there reading this or feeling the same to realise that there are many people out there who feel the same as you if you are feeling this way. Whatever you are feeling today I am sure there is someone out there somewhere, feeling the same or felt the same before.

Today's motivation of the week is on developing motivation, drive and enthusiasm on what you are currently doing in life whether you are studying, working, a housewife or working towards any goal. This is called 'semangat' i…

Mid 2018 Life Updates

Dear beautiful people,

How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing great :) If you ask me, to be honest, I am super-exhausted. I came home from work a bit later today. Just had dinner and quick chores. I feel like a lot of things on my mind, work, flights, training, cleaning, due dates, special dates I need to remember. Oh gosh do not make me start with my list. Not now. Now I just want to unwind and relax. What I feel like doing now? Feel like going to sleep right away now but I was so excited to come home and planned to blog tonight from yesterday so I am going to do it anyway. It's raining outside and I have music on in my room. I am using Spotify and it is playing 'Girls Like You', oh wait it just changed to 'Jackie Chan'. My favourite songs hehe. They are so carefree, exactly how I like to feel when I am chilling. When I did the poll thing on Instastory, higher votes were for Life Updates compared to Motivational Post. I'll do the latter soon, k?:) Than…

How to Forgive Yourself

Dear beautiful people,

Wishing you a happy Eid and hope you are having a great week :) It's holiday time for me so it's extra exciting. I have so much to say and write but in this post, I want to reply to one of my readers, JZ. My top priority right now. I received her email today and it always cheers me up to hear from any of my wonderful readers. One main reason I write is to reach out to people like you, share my honest thoughts and help out with anything I can with my writing. Hearing from you motivates me to keep writing and write more. I know I am 10 days late, I am sorry, please forgive me. But I promise I did not even see the email and just opened it literally a few hours ago. I am managing several emails now and life feels like it is rushing by so fast..and I am trying to catch up. I am trying my best and proud of myself for that :)

Back to our topic, it is a pretty deep topic. Have you ever blamed yourself for something? Have you ever thought something wrong was your f…

How To Reduce and Prevent Acne

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing great! Happy Ramadan to all of you. I just woke up from my beauty sleep ;) I know it's a Friday but the place I am working at declared yesterday and today a public holiday so yaay for me :D I have so many topics running in my mind to write on my blog today but this one seems the most urgent to share because I have good news that happened this week.

Disclaimer: I do not have very bad acne problems so I am not confident that my tips will help serious acne like cyst acne. Mine are minor ones BUT my problem was that it appeared last December out of the blue and consistently at the side of my face and some on my cheeks. This may sound normal to many people but not normal for me. The last time I had lots of acne was when I was 18 or so. Since then, I would only have acne during my menstruation time or when I get exam stress. Apart from that, my face is thankfully clear, something I am humbly thankful for.

The issue started end of last year, December 2017…

How to Choose the Right Lipstick

Hi guys, hope everyone is having a great start of the week :)

It's Monday and I already feel like it is the end of the week because I have a flight to catch soon. Thought I'd write a beauty-related post today since I am getting obsessed/excited whenever I start to put on makeup. I recently graduated from university and started my first job this year. Since then, I have been wanting to try new things including makeup. I have been slightly adventurous ;) Up to the age of 23, I have never owned a single lipstick and only used the Nivea Cherry or Strawberry lipgloss. The reason why is because when I was younger, my mum used to have hundreds (literally) of different coloured lipstick. I would always get excited when I saw these cute, tiny lipsticks. Some of them were samples because she used to sell them long ago when I was small. So, customers would come to our house and try the different coloured lipstick and I would sit down and watch and learn. When they left, I would beg her t…

What You Need to Know About Mesothelioma

There are many names in the medical world and probably ones you never heard before. I am going to admit that I have never heard of 'mesothelioma' until recently. If you read my blog posts 7 years ago, you will know that I was strongly deciding between being a doctor and a geologist/earth scientist. Today, in 2018, I am now graduated and working as the latter but that does not mean I neglect the former. I am very much interested and inclined towards the medical world even if it were a hobby. I enjoy reading about recent discoveries, breakthroughs and I support medical causes. I am pretty much in the scientific field so anything science amazes me.

Today, I would like to highlight a medical condition called mesothelioma. It is rare cancer that affects middle-aged to elderly people who experience a high exposure to asbestos. When reading or hearing about a disease, the first thing I want to know is the cause. The main cause of mesothelioma is the exposure to a silicate mineral call…

How to Be Confident Yet Humble

I'm reading this book called 'The Success Factor'. I got it from the Popular bookstore. It's a 2-in-1 with 'The Confidence Factor' book. I like these self-help books. I just had dinner, simple dinner I make when I am by myself. I played the songs on my playlist like 'Silence', 'Friends' and 'All Falls Down'. I like most of the songs on and Last weekend, my mum and brother came to visit me. Next weekend, I'll be on another flight (just a few more days). I am literally on a plane so often these days. The most important part of all of this is that I am happy where I am now and I like the new job. I really did not like the idea of being transferred here at the beginning. Also, because I was not sure where I was going to stay. I figured things out all at the last minute. I was not too sure if I would like this new place but given some time, I am starting to be really fond of it. I remember driving home and my car stereo wa…

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