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Korean BBQ in Ampang

Yesterday, my family and I went to the popular Korean restaurant in Ampang called Sweetree. It is said that they are the only certified Halal Korean food in Malaysia. I am not too sure about this but the place is wonderful, they even have a prayer room. The decoration is lovely and homey and they have two separate sections, one for the ala carte menu and one for the BBQ section.

The last time I went to this restaurant was the end of August and during that time we even met Luke Orang Korea. He was so friendly and welcoming and we had a great chat with him. I now follow his online pages on Instagram and Youtube :)

To be honest, I am not a super big fan of Korean and Japanese food because I do not really like raw food/fish. This place is nice though, the taste suits local preference. I am not sure if it is authentic Korean food but definitely worth a try. The price for some of the food is slightly above average but most are reasonable. We went to have BBQ and had the beef selection, so yummy. I think it was the boneless beef selection Gal Bi Sal and Jumulleog. We also tried the Kimchi fried rice, cream sauce topoki, Kimchi soft tofu soup and bul dok ramyeon (picture on the right) which is extremely spicy noodles with rice balls. Even though we asked for less spicy, it was still fiery hot!

At the end of lunch, I still had some room for dessert so I tried the Green tea Bingsu (Korean shaved ice with vanilla ice cream on top). I chose a small size instead of large but when the waiter came, I was surprised to see the generous size. To be sure, I checked with her and yes this was definitely a small size and not large. It was really good but I could not have finished it myself and find it suitable for sharing. 

They do parties too or private events and closed on Tuesdays. Anything looking for nice Korean food, I would recommend visiting Sweetree :)


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