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How to turn Obstacles to Opportunities

Dear all,

First of all, thank you for dropping by. Hope you are doing well and for those who are fasting, happy Ramadan. 

Today I am writing a motivational topic on how to turn any obstacles into opportunities. May it be while studying, at work, in relationships or any aspect of life. Life is a rocky journey and there are ups and downs at times you least expect. I hope this article will give you an insight on how to improve your perspective on any life situation to the better. 

I read an article today that mentioned about the importance of having stress. Without stress, your life would be full of boredom and monotonous. However, moderate stress levels are crucial in ensuring a healthy lifestyle and success in whatever you do.

This topic is very general so I will try my best to write in a way that benefits most people. 

When you face an obstacle, the first thing to do is to not panic. Stay calm and cool. It's not the end of the world and always have that mindset that tells you that there is a solution to every problem. Even if you do not see the solution yet, there will be. That slightest ray of hope is important so that the person is not in despair and lose motivation.

Think of possible options that can solve the issue and consider the pros or cons. I guess sometimes in life you can only choose this or that. For example, when I was selecting majors for university education, I was choosing between Geology or Medicine. Tough decision but today after 6 years making that decision, I am thankful to say I am glad I made the decision best for me. 

Next, you can speak to people about your issue to get different opinions. It will be nice to see how other people perceive your situation. However, do remember that different people will have different views and different views of life so eventually it is your decision and what you feel is best for you. Decide accordingly and although you value people's opinion, decide rationally on what you feel is best for you. There may be a few people in your life that might play a stronger influence on your decision like parents or partner or bestfriend. Whoever it is, your decision will be in line with your priorities in life. There is no right or wrong answer in my opinion. It is just a matter of personal preference and life motivation.

Ask expert advice on your situation. If it relates to studying, go to your study advisor. If it relates to work, speak to a senior colleague for advice or your boss. If it is related to feelings and motivation, go to a counsellor. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you need help, seek it. Everyone needs help in one way or another. You can be surprised on how much other people can help you. If not direct help, maybe some of their words can help you think of opportunities or possible solutions or even help create a completely different perspective of a situation. When a close aunt passed away last year, I was in London. My family only informed me a few days after and I was devastated and immediately arranged an appointment with my university counsellor. It helped so much with moral support and the good thing was that we even spoke about things that I was not planning to talk about but it was good fun and I learned so much from the lady I met. Another example is when I was given the option to study Geology, I had no idea what the subject was about but I was very interested. I reached out for help and contacted a person working in an international oil and gas company for advice, I asked around and found a kind couple in Texas willing to share their experience. When I had the interview with my sponsor, I was so excited but nervous at the same time. I reached out to an American colleague where I was working part-time in 2011 to help give me a mock interview. I was only in my teens and these were like professional working people but I tried not to feel intimidated and did what I needed to do. When people help you, remember to ask and thank them politely and stay humble. If they really went out to help you maybe even give them a small gift as a token of appreciation. My parents always taught me from when I was small the importance of showing appreciation to others like my teachers, friends and family. Giving a small sincere gift will cheer them up and it's always  good people to make people happy.

Focus on the pros. Every situation be it good or bad has its pros and cons. Focus on the pros and learn from the cons. After all, most of us usually learn from mistakes. As long as the mistake involves a learning process, assume you are on the winning end. 

Make the best of the situation. This is similar to focusing on the pros mentioned above but making the best involves action while the former involves mindset. Look at how you can make the situation exciting. You must be thinking what's exciting about obstacles? Well, look at the bigger picture. If it relates to studying, be thankful you are going to an amazing university or if you do not think your university is amazing, be thankful for even having a chance to go that far. Not everyone finishes school and not everyone has the money, opportunity and chance to do what you are doing. Be thankful and make the best of it. If its work, be thankful you have a job and earning money. Many people are trying to make ends meet. Imagine the beggars and those who are still searching for a job. If your job sends you to somewhere you do not like, think of something exciting you can do at that place. It may not be as amazing as what you wished for but it's something unique and adds to your life experience.

Focus on what you are good at. If all the above does not apply to you, think of something you are good at. Yes, you have that obstacle but give some time to yourself to have a little getaway doing something you enjoy be it art, sports, reading, writing, gardening, music, anything really that you truly enjoy and keeps your spirit alive. Allow yourself that time to unwind and have some 'me time'. 

Finally, have faith that it will all turn out well. You are not in full control of the situation and there are many other external factors. You can only do your part and leave the rest of it to Him. 

With this, I end this post and wishing you a wonderful week ahead :) 


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