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How to Study and Not Get Bored

As I am writing, I have just completed my final exams of my final year at university, or at least a major part of it. One more exam to go! :)

I have received multiple requests to write on study tips and today I will share with you what I believe is ultimately a crucial aspect when studying for any exam and that is MOTIVATION.

Trust me, I know how it feels to suddenly feel like you have no motivation to study. You feel like doing something else instead and then you know you cannot because exams are drawing near so you feel down. You get your books to study and you genuinely do not feel like it. You feel like everyone else is having fun, the time of their lives. You feel like want to study but you do not have the 'mood'. 

If you are feeling like this, the first step is to be aware of it. Aware that your motivation is slightly low today or at that moment. So how do I deal with it? Well first and foremost, I will ask myself why do I feel like that and what do I feel like doing? If the answer is simply that I felt bored doing the same thing, I would try to implement some changes. It is very important to listen and be kind to yourself. Do not spoil yourself too much but listen to what your inner self needs and wants to do.
Usually, if this happens after some time of studying, I would stop to take a break. But if this happens at the start of my study session which is usually in the morning, I would try to implement a change in one of the ways below:

  • Change the subject, maybe you feel bored studying that subject.
  • Change the method of studying between reading, writing, listening to lecture recordings and watching helpful Youtube videos and highlighting. Always doing something in your study session makes it more interactive
  • Change the location of where I study. If I am really unable to go to the library or university at that time I will just change position. Please believe me how much this reaaaally helps. I change from studying at my study table to the floor (I even bring my study lamp to the bedroom floor) and to studying on my bed or in the living room. Changing your posture really stimulates your focus when studying and prevents boredom.
  • Do what you felt like doing. Go out, watch a movie or something on Youtube. Make yourself spend some time completely not thinking about studying then you feel guilty and this gives you a push and the drive you need to continue studying.
  • Buy something for yourself to motivate you to study. For me, it does not have to be something expensive. I got myself two new highlighters which I was excited to use and some healthy study snacks which I do not buy on normal days. I treat myself to a McD ice cream which I love every time I accomplish something.
  • Study in groups or with people around you like in a library or with friends. When you see many people doing the same, you will realise you are not the only one in the position and you will naturally feel like you want to study just like everybody else.
  • Have a clear plan on what you need to do each day so you are motivated to meet that target for the day. For me, if I have no target for the day I can easily feel demotivated but when I set a target I am more likely to stay focused until I reach that target then I say to myself 'Well done, target achieved for the day' but if I do not manage to reach that target I will say 'Well, maybe the target was too high, no worries I did my best. Let's continue tomorrow or another day, I will make sure I set a day at a later time to make up for what I did not finish that day. This way I can fulfil the target for tomorrow and only if I have extra time that I will fit in whatever I missed. Do not be too hard on yourself.
  • Remind yourself why are studying, what results you want to achieve and imagine yourself getting that amazing results. It will motivate you.
  • I read before that imagining and believing that you will do well in an exam is so important for you psychologically. Imagine you going to the exam hall and able to answer all questions well and result come out and you excel. Imagining good things in your mind will make it even easier and eventually a reality. If you go into the exam hall with a mindset that says 'I will be able to do this' it is proven scientifically then you are more likely are even if the questions are difficult because you already told yourself it will go well. I am not sure how to explain this in a better way but I hope I made it clear, any questions do feel free to ask me :)
  • Exercise exercise exercise. Your body produces happy hormones and it helps you stay positive and motivated when you exercise. It could be cardio, yoga, dance, anything but do not ever underestimate the power of exercise. If you observe the people around you, those who are cranky and always in a bad mood are those who do not exercise ;)
  • Eat healthy and at regular times. It does not help if you are feeling hungry. You will easily feel demotivated just because you are hungry. This is a no no for me, I always make sure I eat a big healthy meal for lunch and on time. I try to buy different things so I do not get bored. I buy lots of fruits, walnuts, dates and raisins. Also, some of my favourite chocolates. They help me stay motivated when studying. 
  • Finally make prayers. For me this is crucial and my prayers helped me so much throughout. Whatever religion you are, it feels good to know there is a higher power  in charge of what eventually happens and has control over everything. In my religion, I need to work hard then just pray to God and He will do the rest and help me. Its called tawakkal and for me it helps me so much. 

All the best and hope these tips helped :)


  1. Thanks for the tips sis! Very useful indeed :) May Allah bless

    1. Hi Arifah :) you're welcome, I'm happy to hear it helps. All the best with studies :)

    2. Hi Arifah :) you're welcome, I'm happy to hear it helps. All the best with studies :)

  2. Thnx for this tips, ramadhan kareem to you and sending my loves all the way from Msia <3

  3. Ramadan kareem Munirah, thank you for the sweet wish <3 lots of love from London

  4. Hi ! Just need your advice what should I do to fluent in english and also good in writing like you?😙😂

  5. Hi Ain Izzati,

    Maybe these links might help,

    Let me know of you have any other questions :)


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