Saturday, June 23, 2012

Poem: When A Shy Girl Falls In Love

I'm usually pretty loud,
Always easy to talk to
I'm confident at normal times
But not when i'm with you

I'm actually very shy
Nobody will ever believe
Even i have no idea why
Some things are hard to conceive

We've hung out so many times
And I've seen you give the cue
I'm just waiting for the time
To say I love you too

I never planned all this
It happened so naturally
                                              Is this called true love?
If yes, then wow its holy

I think of you all the time
Wondering if you do the same
Gosh missing you is so painful
Wish you came now like rain

I love you so very much
I feel the bond between us grow
Why did you choose me 
I'm shy just so you know

Sorry if i play hard to get
Most people say the same
I've been deeply heartbroken once
Afraid it happens again

Thank you for being in my life
Shall I enjoy our special dates
I believe God has plans for all
Including our special soul mate


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