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Angry Birds Bedroom Slippers

Angry Birds' items are like hotstuff nowadays. Even my little, 5-year-old brother has an Angry Bird game where he can fling the birds for real to the green piggies and I play too. He bought 4 angry birds to hang in the car. Green and Yellow for my car. Blue and red for my mum's car. Last week, I came home from college and my mum bought these bedroom slippers for me. I wear bedroom slippers like ALL the time in my house. Previously, I had GREEN FROG, MR BEAN'S TEDDY and PINK PRINCESS. omg the slippers are so cute cuz its like a stuffed animal on your feet + comfy too. I have a tendency to always make myself feel comfortable. I study with a flat pillow on my feet, I used to bring a pillow to school for my back and I sleep with 4 pillows,including a 'bantal peluk'...hehe. I wanted to take a picture of my previous slippers but my mum already threw the old ones away...sob...This is my latest bedroom slippers for the next couple of months till it gets bad and my mum will throw it away...oh no I hope she doesnt throw this one away!! HEHE <3


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