Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Secret Of Laughter

Ever heard the laughter is the best medicine? In this world  full of stress, conflicts and problems, sometimes the best thing to do is just to laugh.

 If you ever fall or trip, laugh at yourself. The ability to laugh at yourself instead of being angry, blaming others or being terribly ashamed reflects positive attitude. If you have a problem turn it into a joke and laugh at it. Once you're done laughing then you can find a solution to it and get your mind straight.

The person who always makes me laugh whenever i talk about my problems is my sister.

There was once when my Physics teacher planned to give us 6 tests in a row- to be completed in 2 weeks. So every time we came for physics class it was a test. Imagine that... Then one day, when we were halfway done with our Physics Test Marathon, he cheerfully announced " I will add one more test for you." The minute I heard that I started laughing so hard because i couldn't believe my ears.

When you are facing a difficult situation or feeling down, its good to laugh and let it out. You must be wondering how and why does laughter has such a big effect on us?

Researches have discovered that laughter can:

  • lower the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones are responsible for carrying stress in our bodies.
  • Increase body immunity defense against cancer and HIV
  • Improve blood circulation and blood pressure which increases oxygen uptake in our body.
  • Best therapy for heart disease
  • Energy used to laugh a hundred times is equivalent to 10 minutes of paddling a boat or 15 minutes of cycling.
  • Increase the salivary immunoglobulin (igA) which is a vital antibody to defend our body against bacteria in the respiratory tract.
  • Help ease our mind temporary from all problems
  • Strengthen bonds with people and break the ice
  • Make you calm and patient
  • Provide energy to your organs; brain, heart, lungs, etc
  • Make a person less aggressive

I'm writing this after watching Just For Laugh Gags a few minutes ago on Disney Channel. Ever since I started my study break there has been more time to watch this favourite show of mine. 

Go ahead and have your laugh of the day. Not a fake omg-im-so-perky kind of laugh.

 But a laughter truly from the heart even makes a person look more beautiful :)


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