Saturday, October 11, 2014

How to Overcome Your Fear and Stay Confident

Dear Readers,

I know its been some time since I updated wow! When I checked the last date that I posted only did I realise. Its one of those transitions that consume a lot of time like before I returned to UK I was busy catching up with family and friends, buying the numerous things I needed here and getting ready for campus life again. When I reached here it was unpacking, moving to my new place then arranging my stuff, settling in going to uni, to banks, exploring the new place then catching up with friends over here and telling your family all about the new place :) Now that I'm the Yoga VP more work load piles up. On top of that, I'm also the temporary Secretary so enough said. You know what I mean. Official classes started yesterday so I had a full day. Freshers fair was last Tuesday so I was promoting yoga to the newbies and answering any questions people had, trying to recruit members. That was amazing ! I really enjoy public relations, speaking and interacting with a public audience, definitely my favourite! Emma and Fiona even dropped by and said 'Look at her, she speaks so well she could be doing Sales.' Hmm I never thought of being a saleswoman *zzz* My friends, Min Wen, Priya, Aira, Nas, Zee and Wanting dropped by as well. I just had a very fulfilling day doing something I tremendously enjoyed. 

Somebody commented on one of my SPM posts and asked how he can overcome his fear and not let his confidence level go down. Let me speak of my own experience and then you can relate it to any situation.

Basically in life, there will be points and periods that you feel afraid and that fear also makes you fear of losing your confidence. So there's fear #1 plus fear #2. As you grow older, this happens more frequently at times that are not related to exams. In school, that feeling only comes when you have exams but in reality its a feeling that you need to learn to overcome and not let it overtake you. 

                                                    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Life is never as perfect as we picture it to be and will never will. That's why we have a hereafter to look forward to and that is why God did not make life on Earth eternal. He wants to offer a better place for those who do good in this world so this group of people can spend the rest of their life in Heaven in bliss and life happily ever after.  Its a life every person dreams of. Heaven. We are on Earth so that picture perfect life is not possible but there is one thing called positivity that can save us from feeling too disheartened or troubled. 

There are things in life that we do not want or least hope for but we still have to, must , need to get through it. For instance, I'm sure if given a choice you would not want to take SPM and some people prefer getting on their degree/life without having to face such a big and stressful exam. People who are sick wished they are free from their sickness/disease, the UPSR students would not want to retake certain papers if they did not need to, I myself would prefer not to be too far from my family and at the same time still study at where I am. That's not possible of course but its called circumstances and all of us need to accept and learn to adjust your life, thoughts and yourself based on the circumstances that you are in. You need to remember that everything you face has its pros and cons. That sick person may have learned a lot of patience, discipline of eating the correct medication at the right times and also perseverance of getting on with life and appreciating the small things. That person may not have learned those values if they were not in that condition and lived life in ignorance and arrogance. The same goes with your exams, as much as you want to get it over or simply avoid it, always bear in mind that with a good result you will increase the chances of a bright future. Also the preparation for that big exam must have taught you a lot like how to divide your time well, manage your priorities and apply all that you have learned throughout your school years. If I come to think of it, I would say that SPM year would be one of those years that I studied intensively and literally all the time compared to my A-levels and degree. It seems like as you grow older there are more other commitments and you need to divide your time for more things. A-level taught me how to study smart because not all you read comes directly out in an exam. It involves thinking out of the box as well.

Speaking of my experience abroad, I will not deny that I miss my family incredibly and although its been only 2 weeks in London, I feel like I haven't seen them in a very long time. I miss my room, my bed, my house at home, I even miss that comforting feeling of simply being at home. But I know that I have commitments and my time at home felt very relaxing because it was a holiday. When you work or enrol for education, along comes commitment and enjoying it means a great deal as well. I enjoy my commitment and had a really long holiday so I am thankful for it and tell myself that the holidays could have been shorter. It will make you more thankful and help you appreciate what you have. It may not be easy but tell yourself you will get through. Along the way, many fun and happy things usually happen and just enjoy it. My SPM year was definitely fun, I had many many memories and I created those alongside studying. Now 4 years after SPM, if I request for that time again it will never come back no matter what I do. Same goes with your SPM year or any other exam. Its once in a lifetime so create all the good memories you can. Try not to be too stressed out that you deteriorate the relationship with friends and family. On the morning of SPM, I still remember Puteri Raihan and I having this little picnic in the school hall. (although I would not recommend this) but we actually had hot tea and shared some food whenever we reached early. Of course this did not happen every single day but we did and I remember it vaguely because if I'm not mistaken Puteri would buy McD's takeaway before exam. On another occasion I remember being in the school hall again with them to collect my results. Memories :) Now we are all on 2nd and 3rd year degree. Sounds unbelievable but its true and insyaAllah we will start working. 

Time passes by and before you know it, you might be saying 'Oh remember the time that I...'. 
So try not to be too afraid of the future :) Smile ad trust that God has good plans for you. Trust that your future is very special and will be amazing no matter how it will be. You will be positive and believe that whatever happens, it happens for a reason.

Stay positive, confident and happy! Have an amazing weekend everyone :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Next Update

Hi all,

Thank you for reading. LittleMissMeen is very busy now and just wanted to inform that this blog will only be updated in October, comments will be replied then. Thank you and have a pleasant week :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

SPM Tips: Sejarah

Dear SPM students, 

If you are studying for History, you know that the number 1 requirement is memorisation. Almost everything for the subject revolves around memorising facts, dates, names, places, sequence of events.

The textbook is very packed with writing and jumbled into long essays so I decided to make my own notes. I wrote everything in the textbook and spend hours and hours making my own notes and writing every single important thing in the text book because my aim was that I just wanted to use my notes. Once I completed them I did not require the textbook any more other than referring to the pictures. 

If there is not enough time to do very detailed notes then brief mind maps are sufficient as long as you still refer to the textbook when doing revision. Either way is alright because it depends on you and how you like your revision :)

Think of easy ways to remember a sequence. When you are doing this you really need to imagine the story in your mind. Some people even draw comic strips or catchy pictures to remind yourself about something. 

Find similarities about the past and the present and relate the events to your life or to something you are familiar with.

Read the history textbook like you are reading a story book and make sure you are not sleepy when you are reading. The best time for me to read history was either when I just woke up and had breakfast or after a cup of coffee. Also the time of the day which I am most alert works best.

Do loads of practice questions and find the answer on the spot when you are unsure. I find that doing questions help me remember better especially when I get an answer incorrect.

Find acronyms to remind yourself about a particular place/name that fall in the same group. For example the pahlawans or tokoh tempatan; if the first letter of all those people start with K, D, S, M and R. The find a catchy statement to remember that "Saya Memang Suka KaDet Remaja". This is just an example but this is one way to help you memorise things in groups.

Remember not to eat things like Maggi and fast food that may affect your memory. Eat more raisins and nutritious food, fruits and vegetables. Read doa's to enhance memory:

If you ask me, History is one of the subjects where revision is the simplest because it requires memorisation and repeated exercise. The pattern is almost the same and less variety of things to do compared to other subjects. However, History is one of the most challenging because it is purely facts and not much understanding. 

Refresh your memory even on the day or night before exam because it constantly requires refreshing the facts. Just read, prepare and do your best, that's the most you can do right? Don't worry and I wish you all the best! :)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Being Grateful & Kind Makes You Happy

Dear beloved readers, hope you are doing good and had a wonderful weekend. I definitely did! My brother's pool party and the wedding kept me busy throughout. This morning my brother, sister, dad and I played tennis, it such a relaxing day after 1 week of outings with my girlfriends, 1 week of vacation, 1 week of party planning and now this 1 week will be for pampering myself and catching up with errands. I just had a cup of Nescafe and sat on the sofa when I felt like writing a few motivation words here. Motivation is not a one-off thing, its something that you need constantly like food, air, clean water. When you feel slightly demotivated then you know what you should do. Get your motivation book out, start reading and listening to words of wisdom.

A few days ago, I was sitting next to the pool while doing something important on my laptop. The internet connection in my home was not very good at that time so I needed to use the alternative. While I was starting to turn on my laptop and feeling slightly stressed that I was catching a deadline and having trouble with the connection, I saw a reflection on my laptop screen. A reflection that made me tear. I saw 2 figures and I knew immediately who that was. It was a father and a son that I met before. They smiled at me and were very polite. The son was not well, he had an illness that I was not quite sure but what I saw was that it limits his muscle coordination. On that same day, I encountered so many rude people at shops, public places and came that peaceful evening where I was alone at the pool facing a laptop where these 2 polite strangers made me realise the beauty of life, humanity and kindness. You know when people are rude to you, at times you have an urge to let them have a taste of their own medicine. Please don't. Its not good to repeat bad things that people do to you. It shows a low level of morality and wisdom. Nobody is perfect but even Prophet taught us to never have revenge against somebody who is evil or rude to you. He even prayed for them to God to make them realise their mistakes and repent...:') Oh what a beautiful character he has.. and what a clean heart. Even if its hard for normal people like us to pray for evil people, Prophet taught us not to not repeat their evil actions. Silence is better than non-beneficial speech and only speak up to protect yourself. People who talk too much I once read is less respected compared to a person who only speaks good things or when necessary. No offense here darlings, I myself like to talk a lot actually and that one of the reasons why I blog because I simply have so much to say sometimes! :) Only I restrict myself to certain speech and try my best to stay far from back biting or foul language. 

Back to my story, I thought to myself how offended I felt by those random people that day and how stressed I felt that the connection was not working properly at a time I really needed it. And then I begin to think, look at that family and how happy and pleasant the mum, dad and son is. Although they are going through something different in life and God knows what challenges but they are positive and polite to people. You must be thinking, how do I know that they are positive. Well, simple actually. People with a positive mind are pleasant to be with and their smile or presence warms the heart. A simple gesture from them and seeing them having fun just made me happy. Even it was just a reflection on my laptop. I met them 3 times last week and every time I did, there was a smile that made me happy. It made me realise its not what you have in life but actually how you perceive it. Let some people be grumpy, angry or whatever they like to be but do not let it ruin your mood or your happiness in the day. Laughing is contagious just like yawning, so spread happiness and be happy.  And who knows ..Your smile could even be a remedy to another person's moody day!  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Vacation in Kota Kinabalu

Hello there everyone! Its almost the end of August and little did I know that I would be writing about my holiday of the year! And yes I have voted this vacation to be one of the top best places I've been to. It was planned in August and the flight and hotel was confirmed a week before we went there. Sometimes best things happen unplanned, as organised as I try to be, I actually enjoy fun unplanned things sometimes, especially since I'm free. If you remember me blogging about Cameron Highlands back in 2012, you'll remember that that vacation was always on the top of the list and now we have KK sharing number 1 for my top family vacation list (every family member involved).

I've always wanted to go to Sabah since I was in school days, I like nature and Sabah seems to be just the right place. I've never been there and have always wondered how it might be. While we were in the hotel after checkout last Saturday, my mum told us for the first time that since 10 years ago she has always wanted to go to Sabah too and stay particularly at Sutera Harbour Resort which is a 5* hotel. We never knew that and Alhamdulillah now in 2014 we had a chance to go to our holiday destination together.

On Wednesday morning after Subuh, we got ready, ate light breakfast and loaded the luggages in the car. We had 4 bags to check-in and our flight was at 10am. The night before I had already got my things packed and ready to go so in the morning, I only had to get myself ready :) We were going to stay at the Pacific Hotel within Sutera Harbour Resort and we were all anxious and excited about the adventure awaiting us. At KLIA2, AirAsia flights were now available and we had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. The last time my brother took an aeroplane was last October so he was definitely excited to get a window seat. 

At the airport I even bumped into a college friend who was heading to the same destination. The journey took 2 and a half hours, longer than I expected and when we reached it was bright and sunny, the perfect weather for a vacation and very swimming-pool friendly. So we took a taxi to the hotel and yes it was as perfect as a hotel can ever be, even the meal prices at the cafes and restaurants there screamed 5* hotel, nasi lemak was RM50. Just when I thought London's nasi lemak was overpriced ;)

We were hungry and did have plans of eating in town the next few days so we thought of trying the food at Breeze Cafe which was outdoors, by the swimming pool. My dad and I had steak and salad, mum had a sandwich, sister had fettuccine and my brother had chicken chop, if I'm not mistaken. We ordered a jug of apple-peach tea. It was so yummy either because I was super hungry or because I only ate a doughnut for breakfast or because it was nice and breezy eating by the sea. Right after that my parents and I checked out Magellan Hotel, right next to Pacific Hotel, they were all within Sutera Harbour Resort. Right after that, my bro sis and I went swimming! It was so fun and the Breeze Cafe was playing the latest hits and my sister was practically dancing in the water while Erfan piggy-backed me when the swimming pool was too deep for him and also played the slides. After swimming, my mum and I stood by the beach and took beautiful and breathtaking pictures of the sunset!

After a good swim, we took the free shuttle from the hotel to town and shopped in Filipino Market. My dad bought a toy monkey for us that wrote Sabah. Mine was green and has a little baby on it. After that we got pizza and ate while we walked because shops in Sabah actually close quite early, its not like that in KL. After eating, we returned to the hotel and planned what we wanted to do whilst we were there. That was the end of a nice long day and we slept early before the start of another day of adventure. Since we were there for 4 days and 3 nights, the second day was wet-day and the third day was dry-day. So the next day, we woke up early for breakfast downstairs provided by the hotel. There was so much to choose from: nasi lemak, beef bacon, omelette, hard-boiled eggs, muffins and cakes, bread and jam, fried rice, noodles, hot tea, juices and different kinds of coffee. ooh there was even kimchi! My favourite korean food. Of course it was impossible to try all but I did do a few rounds ;) Right after that we headed off to buy tickets for snorkelling, banana boat and parasailing. We tried on the life jackets and flippers that fit us, I grabbed some towels and we headed on the boat and off to Sapi Island.

The boat ride was super fast and it took us 15 minutes to reach the island. From far, the island looked like just a piece of land with only forests. When we arrived only did it look so happening and super duper fun! For snorkelling they put a border around the island, basically balls tied by strings so people would not snorkel beyond that point and remain safe. I was just about to snorkel when the tourguide introduced seawalking to us, basically he would be able to take pictures and videos of us underwater and let us walk while guided with lifeguards and special kits underwater and see the corals and the beauty under the sea. *Ahh I'm starting to hum Little Mermaid's song~ Under the Sea.

We started with the boat ride and went banana boating. Basically our banana boat was tied to another boat and the boat will go fast and pull us. Before we had a chance to ride this, we had to wait for our turn since other people were doing Flying Fish. Suddenly our boat engine broke down! OMG and we were stranded for a few minutes in the middle of sea until the guy called 'sea mechanics'. They were like 'sea mat rempits' says my sister because they circled our boat a few times using their jet skis and did dangerous stunts. Finally they helped the driver changed the battery of the boat and yaay, off we went again. After the banana boat ride which was a bit thrilling because if we didn't stabilise the boat or hold the handles tight we would fall into the sea and I was worried about my little brother- he is so tiny and he still wants to join the adults ride omg so brave. Then we headed for seawalking, initially it was only my sis and I, then my brother wanted to join too. Seawalking was RM150 per person and snorkelling RM90 pp. Before we went down the sea, we had to wear special rubber shoes and also a big mask that looked like an astronaut's white suit. I told them that since my brother was small I wanted him to test only for 1 minute and bring him back up so he can tell me if he is ok with it. Only if he says yes then I will go down. Because if all of us go down at the same time, I won't be able to talk to him down there. When one minute was over, the life guards said he was fine now you can come down. I said no, please bring him up now. I want to hear from my brother himself that he is ok. I will not hear about his well being from a stranger, he will tell me myself if he is ok. The moment they brought him up and took off his mask, his face was red and he was crying so loud. I quickly carried him and hugged him because he said 'I'm scared' in between his sobs. Poor thing, I knew it! I trusted my instincts and luckily I did not just believe what those guys said. They probably just did not want to lose customers and that's not how it works with me. Safety comes first *urgh geram sekejap. So we waited for my sister to finish seawalking and my brother did not let me go down even when there was somebody that could accompany him up there. He just wanted me to sit with him and return to the island. I felt that maybe there is hikmah why I did not have the chance to go down there, maybe next time perhaps :) 

After that we did snorkelling and I even got a chance to see a family of Nemo(clownfish). When we tried to see closer we got stung by sea anemones oopsies! By 3pm we had to leave the island because it started drizzling and the tour guides were afraid that the weather may prevent us from returning to the hotel. After the lifeguards gave us vinegar for our hands, we took the boat and said goodbye to a very adventurous day on the island. In Sabah, sunset is at 630 quite early actually compared to KL and sunrise is at 610am. Both 1 hour earlier than KL. We returned to the hotel rested and got ready to go our to town for lunch/dinner. The exciting day made us forget all about being hungry. I had nasi paprik and tomyam soup and after eating we returned to the hotel to have a rest because the next day would be even longer.

The next day started off with a heavy breakfast and at 930am the taxi driver reached to hotel to begin the journey to the foot of Mount Kinabalu. We booked him for a day road trip and he was good at suggesting places to go. On the way, first we dropped by the Upside Down House of Sabah, the 5th in the world and can be found in the Book of World Records. Then we headed to Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang Sabah where they had lots of cows and some goats. The best part was that we could feed the calf and baby goats milk and also grass which was only Rm1/ 1.50 for each so I finished a few ringgits feeding them alone.

Then we headed to their cafe to try their own processed milk and ice cream. I chose chocolate for both ^^ That was basically our lunch because we did not feel hungry until later around 6pm. After the cow farm we went to Poring Hot Spring and soaked our feet in hot water, ahh it felt so hot at first and after a while it felt better.

Thankfully there was a surau there. Right after that we headed to see the special Rafflesia flower that could even eat insects and small animals! This was all definitely our first time! And the flower only lasts for a week so the taxi driver had to call somebody and ask where we could find one on that day because it exists randomly. It was between Rm10-20 per person to look at the unique flower and we actually had to go to somebody's house compound to see it. There were so many tourists there, the people living there are so lucky they are earning lots of money that week! Rezeki from a flower :) In front of their house there was a fresh lime tree with many ripe limes, most of us liking sour stuff asked permission to pluck a few. Yaay we had a lime feast in the taxi after that ;)

It started drizzling at this point so we quickly headed to Kinabalu Park to drive around Mount Kinabalu and see people beginning their journey to climb up. It was pouring so we did not go out to take pictures. Instead we headed off to Nabalu Market and that's where I bought many of the souvenirs around 5pm. After taking a few pictures once it stopped raining, we made our way for dinner. Sunset was dued soon so we prepared cameras to snap pictures on the way to the seafood restaurant. oh yummy I requested for a seafood feast that night. We had 2 types of fish, 2 types of kerang, crab sweet sour, fried calamari, siput tarik and my favourite veggie, kailan! Oh so yummy, the procedure of this seafood place was that we had to choose which raw seafoods we wanted then request how you preferred it to be cooked. Yes, it was a lot but we were definitely hungry because we skipped lunch. I had coconut drink as well and finished dinner by 830pm. It was a very nice dinner indeed, RM200 felt so worth it. We were exhausted by the time we reached the hotel at night because after dinner my parents stopped by a night market to buy dried seafood to bring back home. The end of a productive road trip :)

Last day at Sabah. Felt a but sad to leave, we were having so much fun. My siblings start school that Monday and parents working too. It was necessary to get back. Saturday was spent eating breakfast, chilling and swimming at the pool, snapping pictures around the hotel, my brother played table tennis and bowling, ate maggi cup which was a tradition to do once during most of the holidays, tried chocolate cookies at the hotel thank you Adik for belanja-ing me! and packed up to leave the hotel by 4pm. Flight was at 6 and we left the airport feeling both happy and grateful for this amazing and memorable family vacation. During take off, we could see the sunset clearly and managed to snap a few photos. I only saw the sunset clearly on the day I arrived and left Sabah, a way perhaps the place was greeting us and saying goodbye. 

To anyone considering a trip to Sabah, I would definitely say yes without a doubt. If you're looking for activities related to nature either keeping you dry or making you wet, Sabah is the ideal place in Malaysia. 

Happy reading and have a beautiful week ahead.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Motivation of the Week

Dear all, 
I hope everyone is doing good, I just finished packing for my holiday tomorrow and now feel like writing here. Last week was an outing week I would call it. And this week would be labelled as Vacation week. I'm enjoying my holidays so much, its such a nice break from the hectic uni schedules. I believe this good rest will make me more motivated to start studying again :) weeee

Last week was a busy week for me, I had 4 outings 3 days in a row. I'll upload the pictures if I have a chance :) Then on Sunday I was busy attending events from 1230noon till 1030 pm, longest every so far this raya. It was such a happy day :D

Today I would like to give a quick motivation. I hope everyone reading this feels more inspired after reading, besides all of us need constant motivation in our lives, including myself.

  • Remember to be grateful for the life you have and bear in mind that things could have been worse. If you are healthy, remember how many sick people there are out there.
  • If someone makes you feel intimidated, remember that everyone has their strength and flaws. You have yours, they have theirs. Don't you feel lucky that God chose the particular one you have for you, is that not enough?
  • When anything feels challenging, just ask yourself this question. If I were one of the victims in Gaza, would this pain I am feeling now matter much?
  • People are kind and unkind at times. That is why you should make God your ultimate source of happiness at all times. We easily rely on human beings but at least try your best to bear this in mind so you would not get too disappointed when people behave in ways you least expect.
  • Remember that you are an amazing and special person. Nobody on Earth is created like you. Your family, your life, your beauty is all one of a kind. Your fingerprint will never be imitated, that's a message from God perhaps to remind everyone that they are very special in their own way.
  • If there is something that goes wrong in your day, tell yourself its ok. Smile and think of a solution, be kind and generous to people even if they are not to you. Because in the end it makes YOU happy if not everybody else. If they want to act selfish, rude or cold, that is their loss, not yours. Be happy and spread the happiness around you.
Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead, happy studying and happy holidays. Will blog soon and update you about my vacation. Till then, lots of love :*

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Moments Back Home

Good morning everyone :) Hope you are doing good. My favourite time of the day will always be the morning. If I wake up late I will always feel that I lost the best part of the day. When I wake up early, I enjoy doing something productive like chores, studying or simply spending my time outdoors before it gets really sunny, even if it means just walking and smelling flowers ;) I love flowers and that is why maybe my parents named me after a flower hehe and around my house the jasmine flowers just started blooming last weekend! They smell lovely <3

This morning I set my alarm clock super early at 515am because this very day I started my Day 1 for Puasa 6, insyaAllah sempat I'll do as much as I can because there seems to be so many events lately, people coming to my new house or me visiting other people. The thing I like best about going to other people's house for raya is to see what raya cookies they have and try different ones, funny reason i know >.< Speaking of which my <3 gave me this Rainbow cookies during Ramadan and it was the first time I tried them. I'm so thankful because it is a coincidence this year's Summer holiday fits really good so that I have the chance to celebrate fasting month and eid back home.

During sahur, I had nasi lemak, some meehoon, dates and tea and after that I thought I wanted to sleep but I couldn't. I remained awake and just took a nap till 730 then I woke up, dressed in a tracksuit and tshirt and followed my brother to school. After sending him, I jogged a few rounds in my housing area. This is the first time I jogged that early at about 9am. Since I returned to Malaysia for summer break, I really enjoy not setting my alarm clock and allowing myself to wake up at any time. I dont mind doing that if I dont have anywhere to go that morning because I would naturally wake up by 10. So after my jog, I opened my little diary ( I have many by the way- one to record what I do everyday/ anything important that happened, 1 to write reminders/ what I need to do, 1 for university purposes). This is a hobby- I just like to write and prefer writing anytime than putting it in my hand phone.

The food I ate for sahur was from yesterday's event. I would not call it an open house but basically we invited close relatives and family friends to our house for lunch. My mum made lontong in a super big pot, ketupat, meehoon and we bought our favourite nasi lemak. There was also tauhu rojak, kuah kacang, melon and jelly for dessert as well as our different types of kuih raya- my favourite kuih raya are pineapple tarts, cornflakes and kuih samprit! By the way, kuih samprit (butter cookies) taste almost the same as the rainbow cookies but without colouring. We planned this at the last minute last Friday hehe it was so random, my mum was like I want to make lontong and I responded sure ' How about Sunday?' then that lontong lunch turned out to be 'Let's invite whoever is free to have lunch with us, yaay' I like people coming to my house, its so fun. I used to live quite far, near the hilly ends of the city I live in so we did not have too many people coming because at first my housing area was so new they did not even have it on GPS and Pizza Hut would not even deliver to that area *sweat*

Oooh let me tell you about last Saturday! Oh dear I am telling the story backwards, recent ones first and later ones last. On Saturday my <3 and I took my brother to the zoo it was so fun I don't remember the last time going there. Since it is his birthday month, he gets to choose where he would like to go and since we were both free that day, one wish was granted :) People think I pamper him too much but no, of course not, he's my only little brother. And well well guess what. When we reached the zoo, I thought of getting the normal tickets but he insisted on getting the one that included the Panda.

One was RM30 and the other RM50, RM20 difference for the panda alone which was a new thing in the zoo. We always go with majority and since it was 2: 1, he won :) Then in the zoo, he requested for face painting. Basically the adults would have to donate whatever amount they wish and the kids get free face painting. He chose all the scary designs which both of us did not agree until he suggested one decent one, Batman! Since we walked at a good speed, we managed to cover almost everything in the zoo, watched the animal show at 3pm and even paid  extra for the tram ride. Lunch at the Panda Place was expensive but expected ;) We had fizzy drinks afterwards and then orange ice cream during the animal show, his favourite ^^ I remember volunteering at the zoo when I was 16 and clearly remembered that I got the animal show section *goodmemories althought the zookeeper was a little fierce* Imagine last Saturday we spent 6 hours at the zoo 1045am-5pm and reached home at 6pm.

A few minutes after I reached home, my mum told me that a few relatives were on their way to our house. Yaay, so I quickly prepared and got ready, helped my mum prepare the food and tidied the house a bit. 30 minutes later, they were at my house with a little baby. Took the baby to the playground and later ate roti boom, nasi impit and rojak. By the time the guests left at 1030pm, I was super exhausted. Swept the floor and cleared the tables, read a bedtime story for my brother and that summed up a very productive day.

Last Wednesday, we went to play badminton at Sports Planet. It was the 7 of us and we only had 6 rackets so we took turns. We rented 2 courts so one had 4 people and the other had 2. My sister held this baby monkey that belonged to a lady who came there as well. The little monkey kept hugging her, it was so cute. Playing badminton for one and a half hour was so fun and I felt so fit :) On Friday, we had lunch at Paddington Pancakes once I picked up my brother from school at 1pm with my grandmother as well. The picture taken below was for breakfast. This time I did not take a picture of my food ;)

That day I bought a Chicken Soup book after so long. I forgot my Popular card and the cashier was nice. He told me if I had my card I would save a few ringgits on the quite expensive book so he asked my sister and I to borrow a card from a regular customer. This was so funny! I was reluctant and shy to approach her but he was persistant that we should ask the lady and save some money so I tried. OMG The lady was with her daughter and surprised when I asked her but kindly said yes. Unfortunately she searched for the card so long and realised she forgot to bring it too. I said thank you and returned and this time the cashier pointed to another 2 girls in the next counter. He asked me to ask them *oh dear blush, I'll try one last time I guess* They laughed and gave me their card. Yaay, and when I got my discount he told us ' So you both learned something new today' Hahaha it was such a funny experience but at least I saved some money :) After that, we visited 2 relatives that lived nearby and reached home by 10pm.

Raya in Melaka was superb, we spent 6 days 5  nights :) We had BBQ on the first night of raya, basically ikan bakar. There was a pingpong table so the kids and I played that. We also had UNO cards so we played bluff and checkers too. My mum, sister and I took 9 kids to play laser tag on the second day of raya it was so fun and my initial plan to not join and just watch turned into me and my sister playing 2 games! The kids were quite persuasive and it was pretty fun laser-shooting people in the dark. We also watched 22 Jumpstreet with 2 of our teenage cousins, the movie was really nice and had a good plot, minus the excessive use of foul language. Our journey to Melaka was 2 hours this time and on our way back we stopped by Burger King for dinner. My father even plucked mangoes on the tree in front of the Melaka house. Everyone was slightly reluctant to return because there was never-ending yummy food ( you never have a chance to feel hungry in Melaka) there but we knew we had to. Oh in Melaka there was this cute cousin of mine, Salsabiella 6 months old and she is soo cute, chubby, fair and she likes me carrying her. She even slept on my shoulders twice while I carried her.

Thankfully had a chance to visit her house the previous Saturday before last weekend. That same Saturday, we watched Hercules, I like the story too it just ended so soon! After that, my brother and <3 played football. That night, I met my friend Gomi at a coffee shop. It was fun catching up with her because the last time we saw each other was 9- 10 months ago.  I had my favourite assam laksa for dinner and she had chicken chop. *i like sour things*. The Sunday of that weekend, (not yesterday) my family took our relatives from the UK for dinner at an Iranian restaurant yummms

Oh I just remembered that I haven't written a post mentioning about me wearing the hijab. Its been a really nice experience and even today it was the first time jogging in the hijab since I wore it. Before you wear it, you get paranoid that people will look at you but when you think of it, people look either because it looks bad or it looks good. Depends on how you perceive it because when people look, you never know what they are really thinking about. If you wear something nice and someone looks, then in your mind you are thinking ooo they are looking because they think its pretty too. But if you wear a shirt you don't like and people look, you will immediately feel insecure. I realised that and said to myself I am happy with what I am wearing because I know it is for a good purpose and I will feel confident about that, whether people like it or not. The fact that family, my <3 and some of my friends think that it looks pretty on me is a plus point, alhamdulillah and thank you :) That day (last Monday) I was wearing palazzo pants, a grey top and a black tudung sarung while watching my sis, bro and 2 of my cousins swim at my place after we had late lunch. They were playing ball and shark in the pool as well as monkey in the middle. Then after a few minutes, my sis and bro got out of the pool and suddenly removed my glasses and watch. I'm sure you can guess what happened next! They carried me and dropped me into the pool!!!!!!! *no hope of dry survival, they were a good team* I was soaking wet so I just stayed in the pool and played with them until Maghrib. Once we got inside my house, all of us had a hot drink after changing into dry clothes. Nescafe so yummy *ahh 7 hours to berbuka now.

Because its been awhile since I updated, I have written in as much detail as I can remember, hope you enjoy reading and I have included pictures to beautify this post. Have a nice week ahead and till my next post :*

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kinds of People I Admire

This topic is so random ;) Since I’m on summer break, I have more time to do things I enjoy and relax myself, haven’t felt like this in quite some time. Anyhow, classes will start soon so I’m enjoying while I can ^^ I randomly thought of this topic after eating so much for dinner that I couldn’t sleep. So in this post, I will tell you the attributes of people that make me curious and admire them. At times I want to be like them and even want to know more about their life. Not in an obsession kind of way, just a simple ‘wow, I like her’ and by the way, these attributes mostly relate to women J
Let’s begin! :D

1.       When I was younger, I really really admired confident girls who could give a speech on stage. There was this 1 senior, she was the school swimmer and my friends’ sister, I will always remember that after she ended the public speaking, I told myself that I want to be like that one day- able to confidently present my thoughts and speak in front of a large audience. This was years ago and Alhamdulillah today, I have had that sort of experience so many times that it is simply uncountable. I guess being a Prefect, Debate President, School emcee and Speaker’s corner coordinator once upon a time has increased my chances.
2.       I admire girls who don’t wear too much make-up or sexy clothes and still look extremely pretty. I don’t know why I just admire them so much because of their confidence as well to present themselves the way they are and still look stunning. There was once a lady in a hijab at KLCC, I think she’s a Middle-Eastern and I will always remember that she is one of the prettiest person I’ve ever seen and she still presents herself in modesty.
3.       People who don’t update too much about themselves on social media always make me think that they are having a wonderful life and too busy having fun that they don’t have time to update. Another possibility is that they could be a private person or there could be nothing much going on in their life and that’s why they don’t update. Either way, I admire how they are not wasting their time online and doing something else in their life which is more beneficial. No offense, I promise J Every body has their own way of filling their leisure time and this is only a personal opinion. For instance, some people post too many pictures of a particular event and I personally feel that if they made it into an album it would be nicer and they could keep that album for generations.
4.       Oh this is another favourite of mine! I really like to see gentle women with good moral values and respect. Whenever I meet a very kind lady with a good heart, I always feel shy and want to be like her/ friends with her. Whenever I read a book and the main character is a girl/ woman with a brave heart and a strong spirit, I admire that character so much as if it were a real person. I still remember when I was small, I would read Enid Blyton books and if there was a main character that I liked, I would copy whatever she did and said >.<
5.       Since I was small, I always liked to be smart and intelligent. I remember watching Harry Potter and always admiring Hermione Granger, the smarty pants. If there was a smart student in my school, I always wanted to be like him/her. It was always one of my aim and ambition as a student. It was something I really really wanted.
6.       Finally, I have always admired Disney Princess J I watched every single one of them as a child, my favourite princess was Aurora and Princess Jasmine. They looked pretty, wore decent yet beautiful clothes, had wonderful manners, a lovely voice, respected by people and met a charming prince and lived happily ever after. I know life is not all rainbows and roses, there is thunder and thorns that comes along. Anyhow, the ability to believe in happiness and have a positive opinion about life is what I really admire :’)

To all those girls, women, ladies, thank you for impacting my life without realising. Like other girls, I don’t have a celebrity as a role model, I do like Siti Nurhaliza and recently bought 2 of her make-up products ;)
Nobody is perfect in this world, but if our aim is to be one and to always be better, I believe that it is not impossible because if you do not achieve all of it, you will still achieve a part of it at least.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bicara Hati LittleMissMeen

Assalamualaikum semua :) 

Hari ni LittleMissMeen rasa macam nak blog in BM. Memang rasa pelik sikit hehe. Kali terakhir saya blog in BM pun rasanya 2 tahun yang lepas. Kalau nak tau, saya memang fasih Bahasa Melayu sekarang. 10 tahun dulu mungkin tidak, baru sahaja belajar BM di sekolah. Hari tu ada orang komen, kata dia ingatkan saya orang Cina? Hehe Takde, walaupun saya half Malay tapi saya rasa macam serasi dengan budaya dan cara hidup orang Melayu Islam. 

Hari ni saya happy sangat, hari Jumaat selalu menjadi hari kegemaran saya. Hari Jumaat selalu rasa tenang dan di luar pun selalu kelihatan indah dan cuaca pun baik, Alhamdulillah tak terlalu panas dan kalau hujan lebat pun akan sejuk rasanya. Malam tadi hati terasa sayu sangat selepas selesai solat tarawih. My <3 rajin bawa saya ke solat tarawih dan saya rasa bersyukur sangat kepada Allah kerana menemukan kita, insyaAllah niat baik kita sentiasa diredai dan diberkati. Bukan saya tak gembira nak sambut Hari Raya, cuma saya rasa akan merindukan Ramadan. Tambahan pula, Ramadan tahun depan insyaAllah saya akan berada di UK dan tak pasti lagi bila saya pulang ke Malaysia. Tapi untuk saya, tempat itu bukan perkara yang paling penting. Kalau dengan orang-orang yang kita sayangi, di mana-mana pun saya tetap gembira. InsyaAllah pengalaman dan cabaran semasa di negeri orang membawa banyak hikmah dan sememangnya banyak yang saya pelajari. 

*Kenapa bila blog dalam BM rasa lambat sangat saya tulis, omg*

Isu MH17 memang sedih sekali. Ramadan tahun ni banyak memori manis dan pahit. World Cup, Gaza diserang Israel, kes MH17. Yang manisnya, Alhamdulillah dapat berpuasa dan beraya dengan orang-orang yang sangat saya sayangi. That's the best part. Bayangkan selepas berbulan-bulan saya berdikari dan belajar untuk hidup sendiri di kampus yang beribu-ribu batu daripada keluarga, akhirnya Allah memberi peluang untuk kami bersama-sama menyambut bulan yang paling mulia dan perayaan paling utama bagi umat Islam. Hadiah yang tidak ternilai untuk saya selepas tamat tahun pertama di sana dengan jayanya. 

Balik kepada kapal terbang MAS MH17 yang terhempas akibat ditembak semasa melalui sempadan Ukraine, saya berpendapat bahawa ada beberapa perkara yang boleh dipelajari dan ada mesej yang mungkin Tuhan ingin sampaikan. 

1. Permusuhan itu memang ditegah, kalau Ukraine dan Rusia boleh mencari jalan untuk mencapai perdamaian secara berhemah tanpa melibatkan senjata or pertumpahan darah, mungkin perkara itu tidak akan terjadi. Setiap masalah atau pertikaian itu insyaAllah ada jalannya kalau kedua-dua pihak mampu bertoleransi dan berbincang dengan baik.
2. Pihak yang membuat tembakan itu mungkin 'paranoid' bahawa setiap kapal terbang yang melalui sempadan itu adalah pihak musuh. Ini adalah buruk sangka dan hasil tindakan terburu-buru tanpa usul periksa, 300 nyawa insan yang tiada kaitan langsung dengan permasalahan politik mereka menjadi mangsa keadaan.
3. Tuhan ingin mengingatkan kita bahawa manusia itu sangat lemah dan terdedah kepada banyak ancaman bahaya. Manusia boleh disakiti oleh ciptaan mereka sendiri (senjata dan kapal terbang) kalau akal ciptaan itu tidak digunakan dengan cara yang betul. 
4. Nyawa boleh diambil pada bila-bila masa, jadi hargailah orang-orang yang kita sayangi. Jauhi perselisihan faham dan pertengkaran. Jadilah seorang yang pemaaf agar kita tidak berasa kesal kemudian hari jika terjadi apa-apa. Dan bersyukurlah dengan segala kenikmatan Tuhan tanpa merungut dan yakin bahawa Tuhan telah memberikan yang terbaik untuk kita.
5. Akhir sekali, tragedi yang mengerikan ini menjagi ingatan kepada semua yang ia boleh terjadi kepada sesiapa sahaja tanpa kira usia, bangsa, negara, jantina dan status. Kematian itu lumrah kehidupan dan semua akan kembali kepada Tuhan, tiada siapa yang boleh mengelak. Kita hanyalah mampu membuat persiapan yang terbaik.

Kuatkan semangat dan isilah hari-hari terakhir Ramadan ini dengan doa dan amal soleh. Berdoalah insyaAllah kita panjang umur dan dapat menjalani ibadah puasa pada tahun depan.

ok x saya blog in BM, sori kalau ada yang susah faham apa yang ditulis :)

Early Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cruelty and Evil in this World

Dear Readers,

I feel sad whenever I start talking about the victims in Gaza, Palestine. Its cruelty beyond imagination, plus its Ramadhan when were are all busy fasting and searching for pretty clothes for Raya. These things do not even cross their mind, instead safety of their family, food and protection against the evil Zionist Israel is what they yearn for..

I watched a video earlier and after watching that, I decided not to watch any more for the day. It was too heartbreaking. Killing people using rockets and what was defined as 'barbaric' aggression is actually happening in this world right now, in the 21st century while people are busy with fashion, football and fun. The video I watched involved a woman being dragged by a few Israel men, tortured and then people who tried to help her was beaten even badly. Another one was a baby who was bleeding badly lying down on a hospital bed with the dad and a few men around the baby. One man, I assume the dad was crying harder than the other and they wee trying to calm him down. And then they wrapped the baby with white cloth after leading the dad outside the room... They are attacking so very ferociously, I just felt like being silent after watching the video. No words could explain how I felt. A helpless feeling. 

I wish I could tell the dad that he could keep all his children in my room while the attack happened and all the other children and women as well. That doesn't make sense does it? I wish I could, I know its not that easy. Then they could sahur and break fast with me and not witness that horrid cruelty by heartless people or should I call animals..But when I think of it, they died as a syahid- which is an honour for Muslims who died defending their faith or family. 

This is from Wikipedia:
A shahid is considered one whose place in Paradise is promised according to these verses in the Qur'an:
وَلاَ تَحْسَبَنَّ الَّذِينَ قُتِلُواْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ أَمْوَاتًا بَلْ أَحْيَاء عِندَ رَبِّهِمْ يُرْزَقُونَ
Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord; They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah: And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the Shuhada's [martyrs'] glory is in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve.
—Qur'an, Sura 3 (Al-i-Imran), Ayat 169 – 170[2]
Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur'an: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme.
—Qur'an, Sura 9 (At-Tawba), Ayah 111[3]
The Quranic passage that follows is often misinterpreted to mean that martyrs are promised Paradise, but it is also promised to those who die. In other words, it is not the way that a Muslim dies that determines if they go to Paradise or not, rather, it is their faith and deeds.
Those who leave their homes in the cause of Allah, and are then slain or die,- On them will Allah bestow verily a goodly Provision: Truly Allah is He Who bestows the best provision.
—Qur'an, Surah 22 (Al-Hajj), Ayah 58[4]

They must be very happy because Heaven is waiting for them and they have died the best and most honourable way. Remember that, any pain in this world will be rewarded with happiness and joy in the hereafter and I pray for the best for them, insyaAllah. Let's read Al-Fatihah for them.

Lately, I have had time to look at my news feed on fb more often than usual. Most of the time, I just post something and log out but recently I have discovered that people share beneficial news and that's kept me staying for awhile. And as I read, I realised that so many people like and leave a comment on popular news like thousands of them. Some of them were very critical. For instance, I strongly disagree with one statement that supported Israel and said there must be 2 sides of the story. That person who is just a teenager has no idea what he/she is talking about. In the Quran, it mentioned about this, about the Israels, their cruelty and I believe that God is fair and just. If evil people get away in this world, let them see what awaits them in the hereafter. Astaghfirullah. 

Another video was about a kitten being burned to death. It was devastating. Crazy. Unbelievable. Luckily I don't curse. I don't pray for anything bad to happen to those 2 guys because I know that the al-Quran has evidence of what will happen to people who are cruel and evil to animals. They are in big trouble unless they find a way to repent to God. I pray that the little kitty is happy now in Heaven :) 

There are so many evil things happening and I only mentioned less than 1% of it. In the book I read by Yasmin Mogahed, she said that this world in imperfect no matter how hard we try to make it perfect. People want to look young but they age and die, people can't live without food and water and oxygen, people bleed and get hurt, no human is perfect in this world and we all have this great desire of wanting everything to be perfect because our true home is Heaven, where everything is absolutely perfect. That is where Adam and Eve was created and all of us descend from them so our instincts want to return home and make everything feel at home- beautiful spouse, pretty home and wonderful children, good job, good pay. Only after Adam was punished and brought down to this world, of all us (his descendents) would be accessed on our faith and where we go in the hereafter will depend on our actions in this world. Perfection is Heaven and the reason why we are here in this world is to determine if we are going to return to Heaven or go to Hell. That's how I would sum up what I read in her book.

If I were to continue writing about cruelty, there is too much to say and as lucky people who are blessed with a comfortable life, let's pray for those who are less fortunate and strive the be the best Muslims. Even in Ramadan, without Satans these people are acting so cruel. We obviously see that it is their own intention driven by their cruel desires. 

Let's pray to God to protect us from these people and keep all the faithful people safe with Allah.

Have a blessful last 10 nights of Ramadan and insyaAllah we will be awake praying on that special night, Lailatul Qadr. Amin :)