Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Don't Look Down

My yoga instructor said something today that really made me think. He was trying to tell us to keep our heads and eye up on the ceiling while doing a difficult binding pose. And then he said " Don't look down or else you will fall down". While continuing my yoga session, I was thinking to myself about that statement. It actually means a lot more than we think. Its sort of like a life message. Firstly, it tells us not to look down on ourselves or else people will look down on us too and we will shake our self-confidence by always criticising or belittling things that we do. SO never ever look down on yourself too much. I say too much here because next comes the second meaning of the phrase. Do not look down on people because if you do, people will dislike you over time and you will lose all the means of happiness, being loved and living life peacefully. Some people tend to find reasons to look down on others and it can be due to very simple reasons. Its unbelievable but sadly some human beings fail to realise that we are created all equal and we all just need to live in peace, respect and harmony. There are so many incidents that I have seen or read where people just look down on other people. For instance, the tragic Delhi bus incident is horrifying and how they look at women as being so low is simply sad and unbelievable... Also, now in college are The Elections and I tend to hear people saying vote so and so, don't vote so and so. Hello people, you can publicise your posters, your manifestos but there is no need to say to people not to vote this and that person. Let that be our choice. I just feel bad about the other person if he/she saw it. I mean that's the reason why I don't like politics, my least favourite thing after crime and synonyms. 

I'm writing this with hope that there are decent people or potentially decent and reasonable people who will always remember to respect other people, care for people's feelings and not act selfishly as well as playing a role to live in peace and harmony. I guess the most we can do is to play an active part. If the other party does not bother to do the same, let them be and try your best not to let it affect yourself. Besides this world is created in a way to be imperfect and bearing that in mind, we will not be too disappointmented when things do not go our way.

Take care everyone and if you have any request for motivation posts, do comment here. Congratulations to those who received their SPM results today. I still remember mine 5 years ago, wow time flies. Bye bye :D Warm wishes

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Must-Listen Motivational Speech

Dear Readers,

Whether you are a student or working or even simply searching for an inspiration in life, spare 15 minutes of your time to listen to this speech till the end. The story of someone with great motivation to succeed and proves to you if someone homeless could achieve amazing success, so could you.

Hope you are all doing good, best wishes from me and have a productive and wonderful week :):):)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feeling Great About Yourself?

That answer should be YES ! :)

My post today will be mainly about motivating yourself. No matter how motivated a person seems to be, how happy or positive she/ he is, there will be down times where they feel like in a pit or like getting away from all the difficult challenges and reality of the world. They feel like living life the way they like to be, away from all negativity and forgetting about any problems temporarily. The quickest way to get there for me is by reading a storybook. Yup, it takes me to another world and I just become completely immersed for a moment and imagine that I am the main character. 

Sometimes when I am feeling really down, what I'll do is pray to God and and talk to Him. Then I will speak to those very close to me because I am a very expressive person and just need to express my feelings to let it all out. If it is really bothering I will write it down or find a solution. But if that thing bothering me is shaking my confidence as well, then I will remind myself of all the good things I am capable of doing, my talents and a list of reasons why I feel blessed. And one more thing I read your comments. You guys must be smiling right now but yes, as much as people say I inspire and motivate them, I need a source of inspiration and motivation myself and some of people's thoughtful comments really touch my heart.. Its that feeling of hearing something nice from someone you do not know and yes I know its because of my tips but sometimes I am tremendously touched when people say, you have truly inspired me and changed me to better, you have helped me so much, you have no idea how I look up to you and thank you so much for helping me.

I feel like tearing during those times that I am extra sensitive.. I wrote with a good intention that time because I wanted to share what I learned and also because I really enjoy writing and talking to people. And Internet seems like the fastest and cheapest way to interact positively with people. I am not one of those people who will spend time online commenting on videos and arguing about a newspaper headline. I'll leave that debate to the professionals ;) But I am touched because at the time of writing I did not know how and who' will be reading and if it will even make a difference to people so listening to good things people say really motivates me to write more.

In this world I realised people are becoming less nicer to each other. I don't know if its the perks of growing up that people get more selfish and individualistic but I definitely feel it and even here in London. I guess in any big city people are generally like that. You shouldn't let people define your self-worth. I just read a comment from a girl earlier that told me she failed her Physics exam when she is aiming for A+. I understand.. things like this can really lower your confidence but try and be positive and look at it in a different way. It will make you strive harder, put in more work and concentrate at that particular subject or if you have the option to take another subject later in your life, focus at what you are good at. In school you have to take all subjects but there are rarely many people who are good in all subjects. People have their strength and weaknesses. Maybe if you see people getting very high grades, it may be that its a coincidence that those are their niche subjects- sciences for example. But if he or she were to do a computing course, then they might need to work even harder. 

Read books and have a hobby. Don't underestimate the benefits of having a hobby. It will make you even more motivated to do your work because you are looking forward to something. Also it will make you happy and even develop a skill. Hobbies can also make you more confident because over time you will be very good at something and people will look up to you because of that. So yes, if you don't have a hobby go and find one right now :)

Be unique, be brave to be different. You don't have to follow the crowd. If you think something else is better and more beneficial go ahead and do it as long as it is not against the rules and does not hurt or affect others. 

Have a kind heart and good intentions. Speaking of good intentions, also remember to 'sangka baik'. This means that you believe that people have a good intention too whenever they react or do something to you. It is really really easy to be offended from people. For example, you know how watsapp has the 'last seen'. Well, initially I was always worried when people sent me a message and I had to reply soon because then they would see me online and not reply. Over time, I tried my best to make sure if I wasn't in a position to reply I wouldn't open my Watsapp. That was fine for the first year when watsapp wasn't very popular. Over time, when my mother also had watsapp as well as my grandmother hehe, well my point here is important people that you would need to reply soon about you daily schedule and stuff, it was impossible not to go online when I needed to. And later on, I realised that many of my friends did not reply immediately as well when I texted so I 'sangka baik' and thought they must be busy so I guess society perception now is that its alright to reply a Watsapp late. If you are someone close reading this and you don't agree with me and prefer me to reply when I read it, pleaaaase let me know k. Ill try my best to do that for you :) I always try my best to make sure people who are close to me feel lucky to be my friend, family, love. Nobody is perfect of course and I have flaws too but I always believe if you have good intention it outshines those little things.

Last but not least, work hard. Funny but true, great achievement makes you feel good about yourself. Everyone likes to be looked up to hehe so as long as you are working hard and praying to God, I am sure that you will achieve what you are trying to get, one way or another. 

Be fun to be around with. Omg some people are so boring, oops *joking* Have some sense of humour and be happy and fun, it makes you feel good because people generally enjoy the company of people who make them feel at ease. I always feel exhausted if I talk to someone and they bombard me with too many serious or personal questions and I prefer that those questions be asked when we are talking about a related topic and not so direct haha.

If I am studying I will put it all in and when I am having fun, I can just be so totally different. I once even said to myself, I can't be around too serious people all the time or I might be depressed. I think its because even in my family my dad and sister are super funny and I'm used to having something to laugh at when I speak to them. However, the person being fun is not the only thing I look for in a friend, as long as I feel that she is kind-hearted or wants to be friends with me, then I can usually get along with them and be friends so it depends different people have different perspectives but my main point is to have a laugh, surround yourself by people who make you feel good, have time to yourself for self-development and also stay positive and light-hearted. Afterall, life is not entirely about formal  things but it is also about living a quality, healthy and beneficial life for this world and hereafter. 

I'm getting sleepy now and have a 9-5 class tomorrow ^.^ as well as Friday. Take care guys and wishing you a beautiful week ahead. :) :D :>

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dover Day-trip and My Christmas Break

Dear readers, 

This is my first post of 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! :) I feel excited now blogging for the first time this brand new year. 

I have a few things to say I don't know where to start. Today is Friday and I remember exactly what I did this time last week. It was Boxing Day and I went shopping early in the morning! When I first heard boxing day I thought it was like *punch punch kinda boxing but it actually is a day that shops have sales and loads of items sold at a discounted price probably because they are boxing old items and replacing them with new ones? So yaay I got a few necessary things for myself but not too many because I am currently on the verge of overspending. Its not like I spend too much but London is definitely the most expensive place to live in the UK and only buying and paying for necessary items is already sweeping loads of your money away. But I like it in London because its so convenient to get around by tube, bus, walking- many people walk so it feels safer. Also there are loads of halal food available and you have lots of nice places to go when you are bored- free museums, free parks.

After shopping on Oxford Street, I went home to make meehun for lunch then we headed for a movie and watched Instellar. It was a really nice movie. And how do I justify that. Well, I was alert the entire time and did not doze off or not understand a particular scene. It was pretty scientific especially those gravity anomaly thingys ( I learn about it this year- so happy I'm hearing about something complex I learned in a movie) and also some parts were so scientific I did not understand but overall it had a nice plot. Then after the movie we walked around Oxford Street and admired the Christmas lights and got a drink at Chatime! Yes, they have one in London and I had pearl milk tea. It was the first time I ever had one and it was so nice- I like bubble tea. After that, we returned home and cooked salmon sweet sour together for dinner with veggie. It was so yummy. After doing some errands, I made a barley drink and that summed up my relaxing Friday.

The next day was our special Dover trip ^.^ Yippee I was so happy and excited for our short getaway from hectic and busy London and go somewhere slower paced for the first time since I reached UK this Autumn. We wanted to go on a daytrip and since Sunrise is at 8am, Sunset at 4pm and Isyak at 6 pm, you can imagine how we had limited time to spend before it got dark so Dover was the perfect place to go. There was only 2 attractions to go- Dover White Cliff and Dover Castle and then we could head home.  We went to the castle first and went on a guided tour in the underground tunnels... it was creepy to think that soldiers actually lived down there in the dark and hid from the enemies. I learned so so so much history in one day. Also I learned that Dover is the closest part of UK to Paris only 25 miles. Because of this during the World War, they used to help French people get to the UK and away from the German attackers by transporting them by ship to Dover. I really enjoyed it that I bought a history book and since it was a Scholastic publication (one of my favourite) I decided to get it right away and learn more.  We had lunch at the castle then headed off to our next destination- the White Cliffs. Being a Geology student, this is a must-go place for me. I learn about carbonates and deposition of these sorts of rocks that it was amazing to see in real life. It was nice going to see Geology just for fun without having to do fieldwork. 

One thing that I wanted to point out about my trip was that I experienced something extraordinary that I have never felt or remembered before- the transition of snow.. :) It happened when we were at Dover Castle after lunch as we were touring around the other parts of the castle. It was sunny but chilly and then it started to rain and then then rain got kind of solid and ice surrounded me and got stuck on my bag and coat. Then the ice began to get whiter and whiter as more ice decided to land on my backpack, I got out my umbrella because I thought it was just normal rain at first and then the winds were so strong it almost blew my umbrella away so I decided that was not a good idea so we sought shelter. As I was standing by the side of the road, I realised that the grass turned white and it was actually snowing! I felt so touched and surprised at the same time because I haven't felt snow for the last 7 years. And even when I was small I used to go out when the snow was already thick, I have never knew how it started but what I experienced was on the boundary of rain and snow. From my memory when it is cold enough to snow the snowflakes fall more lightly to the ground. But still, it was amazing :) By the time it was near sunset at 330pm, I was freezing cold and my hands and even my lips were numb. We were not exactly prepared for snow so our cotton gloves were wet too. 
So after dropping by the souvenir shop, we took the 430 train and headed home to London. 

This trip has taught me a little lesson : 1. Always prepare for it to snow in Winter :)
 and more importantly 

2. Transition in life, no matter in what form it is, is always tough. Change may be challenging to bear but it is the transition that is even more difficult. Just like how the magnetic field of the Earth have a normal and reversed polarity (ok I am being a but more scientific here) but yes, that transition from normal to reverse takes thousands of years and during that process it gets all jumbled up and mixed up but once it completes and becomes the other one, it is fine and stable again. And then I thought... hey.. that is just like experiencing changes in life. That duration of transition is different for different situations and different people. For example, when a student moves to a new school, she may take 3 months to adapt while another student may only need 3 weeks. Using a new shoe may only need 1 day or at most 1 week for your feet to adapt. And at that time your feet may experience blisters and feel hurt and then it is alright again. I learned such a great lesson that day, something I knew but did not really give much thought and understand. So everytime you experience something new in life, you are prone to having that (I will call it- "transition feeling"). So anytime you experience something different, new and you are forced to adapt to whatever life circumstances you are in, always trust that it will be fine and soon the transition period will end. How long? Let's leave that to Him. You just need to stay positive and make the best of your life :) 

End of motivation session, back to my story hehe. 

The Wednesday before I went to Dover, I met my high school friends who came to London for a holiday :) That morning I met Maddy first and made English breakfast for her, took her to Kensington Park, fed the swans and had a hotdog sandwich for lunch. Then we watched the Phantom of the Opera Musical Theatre at Her Majesty's Theatre. It was amazing! I enjoyed it so much and would watch it a second time. When I was learning about the Phantom of the Opera in Puan Jugdeep's Literature class, I did not know that I would be watching the live musical theatre 7 years later :) Later that night we walked around London Eye and Big Ben then had lunch at an Indian Restaurant in Bayswater. It was such a nice catchup with my friends. 

After my Dover trip, a few other high school friends who are studying in the UK came over my place on Sunday evening. We had dinner at Leicester Square and then I went home and the next day we met up to make lunch together. We cooked tomyam chicken soup, it was so yummy yet spicy! I guess real tomyam needs to taste like that ;) 

On New Year's eve, I just watched the fireworks from my bedroom window and cooked spaghetti for lunch with my friend who came over to study together. 

Take care everyone and all the best writing your New Year's resolution. Whatever it is, work hard to achieve it, after all any sort of hard work will definitely pay off in one way or another. 

And now the rest of my holidays are full of books and papers- exams drawing near. If I have a chance I will blog again before exams, otherwise I will write more at the end of January/ early February. 

Once again, Welcome to 2015 !! :) Happy wishes from LittleMissMeen xxoo

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Diary

Hello and Good morning to my dear readers ;) I seriously did not realise I haven't blog in a month plus that I don't know where to start. As soon as my reading week ended (the last post was the last night before I started lectures again) I began to have coursework and more every single week until I handed in the last one last Wednesday yaay me :)

Two Fridays ago, my girlfriends who are staying at the same place as me, Capucine and Natalie had a pizza movie night. We walked over to get Vegetarian pizza along the road then we watched 27 Dresses at the basement movie room. It was so fun and such a nice catchup! :)



This is my home-made salad on nights that
 I am not so hungry so I just have a light dinner

Now I have started my Christmas break and since Wednesday I have been busy skyping with my besties, 4 so far and also my sister and family. 4 more planned skype sessions dued soon. And one time I skyped for 2 hours and 40 minutes *omg jawdrop I barely realised that. Guess I have had so many stories and she has too that we literally talked and definitely not realise its been that long ^^

Yesterday I met my Singaporean friend, WanTing for lunch then at 5, I met my Malaysian friends for ice skating in Westfield, Shepherds Bush! My first time ice skating in the UK, it was so fun but it felt too quick because we paid £9 for an hour (student price) but we entered at 620 after getting our skates and all then we had to go out at 655pm. Hopefully more next time. Then we surveyed restaurants there to see if any were halal. I was fine with vegetarian food but most of my friends weren't so keen on it so in the end we decided to eat at Penang, a Malaysian restaurant there. It was so epic, an outing with my Malaysian friends, eating Malaysian food and the British waiter spoke some Malay- I felt like I was back home for a moment. I had Nasi Goreng belacan then for dessert we had pisang goreng with vanilla ice cream, reminds me of my favourite one in Madam Kwan. Then after dinner, my friends wanted to go to Body Shop but then Aira took me into Lush and the organic beauty of the shop made me stay and browse longer. She began to tell me of all the nice products there. Then suddenly one of the sales-lady approached me and I told her about my hair loss and if there was any suitable product and she introduced me to a bar shampoo.?? It felt so weird at first I thought bar soaps are for body only, I've never tried for shampoo and did not even know it existed. And since the one she showed me was for hair strengthening and I really was keen on natural products, I bought one :)

Lush was the last shop we went to before heading back home. The journey back was only about 30minutes or so and that was the beginning of my Christmas break :)

Feeling particularly relaxed today and had roti canai and sugar for breakfast. I am so glad my course works are done. Some people wonder what we do for coursework and its basically like interpreting a map, drawing what you interpret to be beneath the surface and then draw a 3-D section its very subjective because different people would draw it in different ways but generally the pattern should be the same then we answer a few questions based on the map and write about the geological history of the area. It is pretty cool to me doing these stuff but of course it is definitely not easy. And I like the fact that for all my coursework we use colour pencils and require colouring hehe. Another one required me to look at thin sections of a rock under a petrological microscope and come up with a specific rock name and put all the rocks together on a simplified cartoon map then come up with the history of the place. So yeah, the main purpose is to learn about the history in a particular place. I feel like my course has an element of geophysics (this year one of the best chapters is locating Earthquakes), geochemistry, biology ( fossils, plants, Earth in general), astronomy (supercool), history (tad bit boring), English (write essays and papers- last year I researched into Gemstones), maths, art (because we draw and colour) and it feels great to be doing an element of everything into 1 degree, I really enjoy it. 
Just a computer modelling image of Structural Geology, we haven't
really learned how to make this because mostly it is
 manually done in class but we're heading there

I remember last weekend, I was working on 2 courseworks to hand in last Monday and Wednesday (just a few days ago) then on Monday I also had an Arabic test! So last weekend was one of the most hectic ones. But my favourite part of last weekend was cooking with my <3 & feeding ducks in Hyde Park *sempat oops, still handed in coursework on time :D and also visiting my uncle, aunts and cousins. They came for a holiday and stayed at my aunt's place here. I was so happy to see them and visited them Sunday night, yup night of my Arabic test and submission and at my aunt's house I ate lamb asam pedas with leek soup and for tea, I had potato and shrimp fritters that my aunt made. It was soo yummy. Then my cousins and I played wii and a card game and before I left, we took pictures. Here comes the funny part, you see two of my cousins where headscarves so when we wanted to take a photo, they grabbed theirs. And when my little cousin Sara saw that, she grabbed hers too. And then my other cousin, Adam was wearing my muffler around his neck and then when we started to take photos he wore it like a headscarf and looked very much like a pretty girl! It was super funny and everyone laughed as he was taking different poses then wearing my aunts' sweater. 

When I'm so immersed in reality I always forget I haven't blogged for a long time but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy blogging anymore , I really do and especially when people say I've helped them or leave nice remarks on my blog, I truly appreciate it and feel happy to have a positive impact on another being..

Speaking of which I'm such a sensitive person, sometimes I easily feel offended when people act foolishly to me or criticising directly without any rationale. I always try my best not to offend others and some people simply don't care, which is simply rude. This statement is made because you know when you're in a committee and there's that one person who you really can't get along with but you act politely and professional. They are much older yet act childishly rude and harsh. Urgh if you know I'm in which committee then you know what I'm talking about. So this incident happened 1 week plus ago but I've settled it in a diplomatic manner.

Advice for people out there who are kind and polite to others yet feel hurt at times yet don't want to defend or say anything because they don't want to offend anybody:
Stand up for yourself because if you don't nobody will. And be as kind and polite to people but when people do wrong to you, make sure they get the message that you are the wrong person to mess with. There is no need to be all b**ch-y to convey the message because that just makes you look weak. A simple word of wisdom and the truth about the way the person is acting is good enough to guard your dignity and self-worth.
This message is mostly applied for people who are just acquaintances, not really family or close friends, I guess in those cases you would need a better personalised approach.

Back to more happy stories :)
Last Monday night we had a Yoga Christmas dinner and I ate veggie pizza, celery sticks and carrot sticks while chatting with our Pilates instructor, Francine who is from London. When some of us mentioned we were staying in London over Christmas, she recommended a few nice places to go! And the next day we had Vinyasa Yoga with music flow and our instructor, Sarah recommended me to a few places to, they are so sweet another reason why I enjoy going for yoga/pilates.
One crazy thing that happened while at the Christmas dinner is that I did not know minced pies had Brandy and after eating 1/3 of it, only did I realise when they passed me the box. At first I thought it was alright because it had a green V- okay for vegetarians and so yeah urgh- good lesson for me.. Its unavoidable sometimes when you are overseas. For example last year, I freaked out when I got to know the sausages that I saved from falling out of the fridge was actually pork... I wore a mitten to class that day and eventually threw it away and had to clean my hands with pure soil. Some memories I will always remember  >.< The worse of it all is to know that black pudding is actually pig's blood and people actually eat it yucky. And no no I did not eat this, its just that I was at a buffet at Dorset and I wanted to try the black pudding because I just thought it was literally black pudding, but no it was actually something else luckily my friend told me.
Oh before I forget, there was this sweet Christmas dinner in the Queen's Tower Room! You see, Thursdays after Global Geophysics lecture , my course mates and I always have lunch in QTR. I remembered that QTR was going to organise a Christmas Dinner but I was not sure when and just figured that they might have special dishes, that's all. Little did we know that that fine Thursday was THE DAY. You see we finished lectures early that day so we headed down together and SURPRISE!! Christmas songs, Christmas trees, candles, table cloth, waiters wearing red and santa deco outfits, wow!... It was amazing... one because I was with all of my friends at that time, two because I was not expecting that, three because it was genuinely so beautiful and magical....four because we were one of the first ones who reached.. five because they had a veggie option for the meal that day... I was so so happy and there was even Santa Claus going around giving chocolates to students. And on the table it was beautiful with glitter, candles, shiny things that said Merry Christmas ohh they were so creative and sweet to have this for us :') on top of all that amazingness, there was small gifts for us in packages on the table!! And also games like Charade and riddles that we can play after eating and even paper hats. The gifts in the boxes were like a comb, large bookmark, keychains, card games and things like that. It really made my day in the midst of coursework busyness. Thank you to all the staff and cooks in QTR :D
This is entirely vegetarian food, I'm actually getting used to veggie food.
I think I have covered all the highlights from since I last blogged and to many more memories to come :) I'm really looking forward for a visit from my high school friend, a daytrip with my <3, more Skype sessions, more outings in London and of course studying :) Alhamdulillah I learned that when you are patient, perseverant and positive as well as faithful, Allah will help you out. Always bersangka baik with Him and do the best you can to make yourself, people you love and God happy. Take care everyone and till I blog again :)

My cute little baby was a little ill so happy he is much better
and just like to have his pictures all over my room,
laptop and this time even at the end of my blogpost :)


Monday, November 17, 2014

What I Did on Resting @ Reading Week :)

Dear blog, today was such a nice wrap up for this week. I had one reading week and it was just amazing and I have to say, its been pretty productive. I've been so busy at times I forgot I am on a reading week. I started this reading week last Friday night (my dad's birthday) and also my friends pre-birthday dinner. Persian food. Then on the beautiful Saturday, I went to Greenwich! It was amazingly beautiful and I had a good walk in the park. Fed wild ducks, the ducks in Hyde Park are so much tamer. These pigeons and ducks don't mind coming close to you and would even land on my hand. I began to panic and started making them fly away but they were so determined to eat omg they would come immediately back again. So I finished the food quickly and made our way to the Royal Observatory Greenwich. We witnessed that line that separated the East and West side of the world and took loads of pictures around the place. Then we bought souvenirs at the shop and then it started drizzling. Winter over here is drawing near and maghrib is at 410pm while isyak at 630pm. So yeah by 3ish it was getting dark so we decided to have evening tea at Cookies. That place was super cute because you could go there to design your very own mug. I had custard tart and hot chocolate and we shared the scones and tea. It was such a nice teatime and the place was so cheery and happy. Then we headed home and started to cook chicken curry and veggie. It was super yummy :P Then Sunday I prepared for my presentation the next day on the 3 Gorges Dam in China and also had a night working shift from 5-8pm. Although we were on reading week, I still had:
Monday- Tutorial + presentation, Arabic class and then another night shift for my part time job
Tuesday- Safety training with Marlin and first aid practical class, then yoga
Wed- Stay at home day, did some reading and resting
Thurs- Careers Day then a RCC meeting- I represented yoga for the first time, it was very informal and brief
Fri- Catch up on work and important things online, stay at home day, dinner with Claire then did laundry
Sat- Yaay I get to shop in Oxford Street after a morning work shift because I felt better (was initially a bit sick). Had lunch at Subs in South Kensington. Accompanied my <3 to buy his necessity winter clothing then shopped for myself hihi. I got a free Uniqlo Heat Tech because apparently we were suppose to search for his clothing there and suddenly I saw them giving this free item and I went directly in the long queue. It was so funny because I did not even know what it was for initially and yet suddenly super eager to get the Heat Tech thermal top ( the free gift which I only discovered while queueing up). After shopping we cooked salmon sweet sour and stir fry veggie omg so sedap! Then I ordered some online books for my dearest brother and chose his favourite ones because it is so much cheaper on Amazon UK and also a paintset for him Shhhh... its a surprise.

And today finally the end of my hectic yet very needed  reading *ahemahem rest week (I suppose) I had lunch with my <3's aunt who made asam pedas fish, chicken wings and rojak. I realise I only get to eat homemade food in the weekends, my weekdays are so packed I don't have time to cook. Then after lunch, I headed over to college for the Islamic Sister Charity Event called Smoky not Smudgy!
The entrance fee was £5 then I went for the Make-up Tutorial Class by Taniya Khan which was £3.50 then I bought a head piece for shawls at £5 then I went for an amazing 15 minute massage at £15. I haven't had a massage since I was in Malaysia and it felt so so relieving. After the massage I ate the halal marshmellows and haribo I bought with Wan Ting. I haven't seen her since her birthday ( I wrote about this on my last post so that was the last time I met her). We chatted then around 6ish we went home. As soon as I reached home, after praying I began reading the free Sister Magazine that they gave us. 

PS: I know there are barely any photos, I do have them on my phone and will try to update it asap. Thought I might as well write this before I sleep to end this blessed week insyaAllah. Also I haven't had a chance yet to respond to some of you. Will do it asap and thank you for visiting my blog,please bear with me. Being in university is more hectic than you think especially over here.

I'll end this post with some motivation:

Nothing is completely perfect and if you expect it to be then happiness is nowhere near. Happiness comes with the ability to overlook imperfection and being positive and thankful with whoever, whatever, whenever and however Allah destined your life; past, present and future to be. 

Stay happy and smile :) Warm wishes from me :*

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Life Updates :)

Dear Diary,

Its drizzling outside and pretty gloomy but I've decorated my room recently to help make my day and surroundings look good even if the weather isn't (especially since Winter encourages people to stay indoors). 

Well, it was pretty sunny last Friday afternoon, people say its the positive effect of global warming :) But it gets dark quickly, maghrib is at 5 and isyak at 630. Yesterday I went to Camden Market and bought 1 cream-coloured knitted cardigen and 1 emerald green tights (if it gets too tight I'll just use it for yoga). And yes speaking of yoga, I am now on the committee wee! The good news I wanted to say last Easter. So officially now I am in the committee, AGM was last March and before we got a Secretary I was partially the Secretary as well as the VP, pretty busy. SO glad we elected a new secretary last Tues.

Classes are going good, I am enjoying the lectures and materials we are learning this term. A bit of geophysics and more geology. I haven't had a Math module for a year, yaay next Spring I get to do Math again. 

My new place? Lovely I like it so much and that is why I dont mind compromising and taking public transport in the mornings or even walk back. I think the price I am paying although quite expensive, it is reasonable for the facilities and the convenience, safety and comfort I have here Alhamdulillah. 

Now that I stay slightly further I usually just cook in the weekends. This weekend I made meehoon, last weekend fried chicken and veggie, previous weekend baked chicken.  

Later I am going to celebrate my friend's birthday at a Thai restaurant and later going for dessert and in the late evening, my hall is having a gathering :)

Something funny happened this morning, I was just about to shower when the fire drill happened. It was so loud I was super alarmed and blur for a moment. Great that I had the time to grab something decent to wear before heading down >.< 

I'm feeling so artistic at the moment hehe I just finished making a card for my friend, cutting, pasting, colouring, I like art. One of my favourite subjects. I have this art side of me who enjoys language, writing, painting, literature, classical music and poetry. Then I have the scientific side of me who likes calculation, real nature and Earth sciences, how the world functions, all those branches of sciences. Here is a painting I made while I was back home.

Latest news? Well I am recently employed part-time :) I like it so much and it keeps me much busier which explains the single post I did last month. 

I'm about to have a skype session now. Will update more soon. Take care and have a wonderful week. Stay positive and happy, remember that to experience a rainbow, we need to bear with the rain. Warm wishes from me :)


Saturday, October 11, 2014

How to Overcome Your Fear and Stay Confident

Dear Readers,

I know its been some time since I updated wow! When I checked the last date that I posted only did I realise. Its one of those transitions that consume a lot of time like before I returned to UK I was busy catching up with family and friends, buying the numerous things I needed here and getting ready for campus life again. When I reached here it was unpacking, moving to my new place then arranging my stuff, settling in going to uni, to banks, exploring the new place then catching up with friends over here and telling your family all about the new place :) Now that I'm the Yoga VP more work load piles up. On top of that, I'm also the temporary Secretary so enough said. You know what I mean. Official classes started yesterday so I had a full day. Freshers fair was last Tuesday so I was promoting yoga to the newbies and answering any questions people had, trying to recruit members. That was amazing ! I really enjoy public relations, speaking and interacting with a public audience, definitely my favourite! Emma and Fiona even dropped by and said 'Look at her, she speaks so well she could be doing Sales.' Hmm I never thought of being a saleswoman *zzz* My friends, Min Wen, Priya, Aira, Nas, Zee and Wanting dropped by as well. I just had a very fulfilling day doing something I tremendously enjoyed. 

Somebody commented on one of my SPM posts and asked how he can overcome his fear and not let his confidence level go down. Let me speak of my own experience and then you can relate it to any situation.

Basically in life, there will be points and periods that you feel afraid and that fear also makes you fear of losing your confidence. So there's fear #1 plus fear #2. As you grow older, this happens more frequently at times that are not related to exams. In school, that feeling only comes when you have exams but in reality its a feeling that you need to learn to overcome and not let it overtake you. 

                                                    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Life is never as perfect as we picture it to be and will never will. That's why we have a hereafter to look forward to and that is why God did not make life on Earth eternal. He wants to offer a better place for those who do good in this world so this group of people can spend the rest of their life in Heaven in bliss and life happily ever after.  Its a life every person dreams of. Heaven. We are on Earth so that picture perfect life is not possible but there is one thing called positivity that can save us from feeling too disheartened or troubled. 

There are things in life that we do not want or least hope for but we still have to, must , need to get through it. For instance, I'm sure if given a choice you would not want to take SPM and some people prefer getting on their degree/life without having to face such a big and stressful exam. People who are sick wished they are free from their sickness/disease, the UPSR students would not want to retake certain papers if they did not need to, I myself would prefer not to be too far from my family and at the same time still study at where I am. That's not possible of course but its called circumstances and all of us need to accept and learn to adjust your life, thoughts and yourself based on the circumstances that you are in. You need to remember that everything you face has its pros and cons. That sick person may have learned a lot of patience, discipline of eating the correct medication at the right times and also perseverance of getting on with life and appreciating the small things. That person may not have learned those values if they were not in that condition and lived life in ignorance and arrogance. The same goes with your exams, as much as you want to get it over or simply avoid it, always bear in mind that with a good result you will increase the chances of a bright future. Also the preparation for that big exam must have taught you a lot like how to divide your time well, manage your priorities and apply all that you have learned throughout your school years. If I come to think of it, I would say that SPM year would be one of those years that I studied intensively and literally all the time compared to my A-levels and degree. It seems like as you grow older there are more other commitments and you need to divide your time for more things. A-level taught me how to study smart because not all you read comes directly out in an exam. It involves thinking out of the box as well.

Speaking of my experience abroad, I will not deny that I miss my family incredibly and although its been only 2 weeks in London, I feel like I haven't seen them in a very long time. I miss my room, my bed, my house at home, I even miss that comforting feeling of simply being at home. But I know that I have commitments and my time at home felt very relaxing because it was a holiday. When you work or enrol for education, along comes commitment and enjoying it means a great deal as well. I enjoy my commitment and had a really long holiday so I am thankful for it and tell myself that the holidays could have been shorter. It will make you more thankful and help you appreciate what you have. It may not be easy but tell yourself you will get through. Along the way, many fun and happy things usually happen and just enjoy it. My SPM year was definitely fun, I had many many memories and I created those alongside studying. Now 4 years after SPM, if I request for that time again it will never come back no matter what I do. Same goes with your SPM year or any other exam. Its once in a lifetime so create all the good memories you can. Try not to be too stressed out that you deteriorate the relationship with friends and family. On the morning of SPM, I still remember Puteri Raihan and I having this little picnic in the school hall. (although I would not recommend this) but we actually had hot tea and shared some food whenever we reached early. Of course this did not happen every single day but we did and I remember it vaguely because if I'm not mistaken Puteri would buy McD's takeaway before exam. On another occasion I remember being in the school hall again with them to collect my results. Memories :) Now we are all on 2nd and 3rd year degree. Sounds unbelievable but its true and insyaAllah we will start working. 

Time passes by and before you know it, you might be saying 'Oh remember the time that I...'. 
So try not to be too afraid of the future :) Smile ad trust that God has good plans for you. Trust that your future is very special and will be amazing no matter how it will be. You will be positive and believe that whatever happens, it happens for a reason.

Stay positive, confident and happy! Have an amazing weekend everyone :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Next Update

Hi all,

Thank you for reading. LittleMissMeen is very busy now and just wanted to inform that this blog will only be updated in October, comments will be replied then. Thank you and have a pleasant week :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

SPM Tips: Sejarah

Dear SPM students, 

If you are studying for History, you know that the number 1 requirement is memorisation. Almost everything for the subject revolves around memorising facts, dates, names, places, sequence of events.

The textbook is very packed with writing and jumbled into long essays so I decided to make my own notes. I wrote everything in the textbook and spend hours and hours making my own notes and writing every single important thing in the text book because my aim was that I just wanted to use my notes. Once I completed them I did not require the textbook any more other than referring to the pictures. 

If there is not enough time to do very detailed notes then brief mind maps are sufficient as long as you still refer to the textbook when doing revision. Either way is alright because it depends on you and how you like your revision :)

Think of easy ways to remember a sequence. When you are doing this you really need to imagine the story in your mind. Some people even draw comic strips or catchy pictures to remind yourself about something. 

Find similarities about the past and the present and relate the events to your life or to something you are familiar with.

Read the history textbook like you are reading a story book and make sure you are not sleepy when you are reading. The best time for me to read history was either when I just woke up and had breakfast or after a cup of coffee. Also the time of the day which I am most alert works best.

Do loads of practice questions and find the answer on the spot when you are unsure. I find that doing questions help me remember better especially when I get an answer incorrect.

Find acronyms to remind yourself about a particular place/name that fall in the same group. For example the pahlawans or tokoh tempatan; if the first letter of all those people start with K, D, S, M and R. The find a catchy statement to remember that "Saya Memang Suka KaDet Remaja". This is just an example but this is one way to help you memorise things in groups.

Remember not to eat things like Maggi and fast food that may affect your memory. Eat more raisins and nutritious food, fruits and vegetables. Read doa's to enhance memory:

If you ask me, History is one of the subjects where revision is the simplest because it requires memorisation and repeated exercise. The pattern is almost the same and less variety of things to do compared to other subjects. However, History is one of the most challenging because it is purely facts and not much understanding. 

Refresh your memory even on the day or night before exam because it constantly requires refreshing the facts. Just read, prepare and do your best, that's the most you can do right? Don't worry and I wish you all the best! :)

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