Friday, April 4, 2014

Managing Your Time

In response to anisnaqiyah:

13 Mar 14, 08:08 PM
anisnaqiyah: oh I forgot to tell something :p all students at my school should take 10 subjects so I take sc pure+acc
13 Mar 14, 07:52 PM
anisnaqiyah: salam kak :) wanna ask u some ques :)how u manage ur time to study,homework,tuition,school activities ? btw i'm form 4 ,asmarian :) and i love to read you blog ! its really help me a lot ! :)

Hello everyone, hope you are having a nice week. Anyhow, the weekends are just 1 day away. Speaking of time, Malaysia is now only 7 hours ahead of UK because last Sunday we had the 'Daylight Savings end' thingy which made me so confused last year. Its now early Spring and I like being outdoors in the day because the weather is starting to warm and beautiful flowers are budding.

Time flies so fast and while we only have 24 hours a day, we always hear people saying 'I have no time' or 'I wish I had more time' but in both cases, that is impossible because everyone does have time and it is up to us on how well we manage the time we have each day of our lives.

Speaking of time management, let me start by sharing a story with you about my final year of school. As this blog was created only after I finished school (before SPM results) you might want to know how I managed my time on my SPM year. Ok let's start. 

In January, it was basically the start of the year and also my birthday month. I had my birthday bash at RedBox since it was the last year of high school. SPM revision has not started too intensely at that time since we were still learning our Form 5 syllabus. I started group tuition in Chemistry and Physics at the beginning of the year to brush up my form 4 & 5 knowledge. Other than that, I had school from 720- 230pm each day followed by co-curriculum activities from 3-430pm and since I lived quite far from school plus the rush hour, I usually reached home by 6 or 7pm.

My tuition would be at night like at 8/9 pm once or twice a week. I like to spend more time to study independently so I didn't go for too much tuition or seminars. 

Speaking of extra-curricular activities, you must be very surprised to hear my commitments because at times, I am surprised myself. I was the Secretary of the Prefectorial Board (equivalent to Student Body in some schools). Being a prefect is busy enough because you have duty almost everyday, spend the extra minutes before school to pin up all your badges and name tags, bring your blazer and wear your tie, miss a few minutes/hours of class due to duties and come extra early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for briefing at 7am(if I'm not mistaken). Being the Secretary of this organisation is even busier. I write out meeting minutes at least twice a week, then go back home and type it out. File it then send it to Mr Tan, our discipline teacher to sign. If there are any mistakes or anything I typed that he is unhappy about, then I would have to re-type it. There are 80 plus prefects and luckily we had a Secretary assistant. Each month, we would collect every single prefect's blackbooks' (the book they use to write disciplinary issues of students everyday) and we would split it into 2. I would carry it all home, then type it all out then stamp and sign everybody's blackbooks. My dad created the Excel spreadsheet that our school is using today. If not we would still be writing out the disciplinary issues which is more tiring.

 The stamp and signing part was fun because the school provided a special stamp with my name, followed by my position and school name. It looked so professional as if I was already working hehe. These are the things that motivate me to continue my job- me thinking how lucky and how fun it is to do all this. If not how do you think I was motivated every single day and month to do all my duties and study and do homework and go for tuition at the same time. I also had this handy dandy notebook with a big spiral and a shiny green pen that I would use to record meeting minutes, so everytime I had to write I would have a good feeling because then I could use that notebook. I also have duty at the main entrance every alternate mornings. I don't exactly do anything there, just monitor the prefects but still I have to be there till 8am which means I miss out the start of some classes. But we prefects, have this loyalty to the board when we signed up and I would bear the challenges for the honourable position and certificate at the end of our service. 

Other than that, I was also the President of the Debate Club. This is a totally different story and not related at all to the previous. We had iced blended sales, face-painting ( my ideas after discussion with the committee on how to raise funds and I thought it would benefit us financially and also be fun!) during Sports Day, IU Day, I also organised BLADES Cup (an annual competition that students of different English based societies would another for a friendly debate- I wonder if they are still having the cup till today??? because I bought a really big and nice trophy for it). I still have more to say but let's proceed to my next commitment. I was also the Secretary of Temenggung (the Blue Sports team in my school), list goes on collect books to be signed by teachers. Other than that, I was appointed the Secretary of Girl Guides ( Renjer Puteri) but unfortunately I had to let down that post because there is a rule in school that you cannot be the Secretary and President of 2 different organisations at the same time. Of course, our special Student Body was an exception and did not apply to that rule because we went through thorough interviews ( I had 1 interview to become a prefect then another interview when the teachers nominated me as Secretary) and background checking to make sure we were suited for that role regardless whatsoever activity we decide to take part in. 

I am only naming the main things, I have not mentioned any social events, any projects, assignments, homework, own revision, own notes and personal hobbies that I also do in my almost-no-free-time. But you get the big picture of what I'm trying to point out and yes all of this was in 2010 alone. Thanks to my mum for giving me the motivation and always supporting and being positive, sending me to school each morning and picking me up at random hours. If not for her, I'm sure I wouldn't have made it that far. In other years I had different commitments, maybe related. 

After my little story, I would advise the best way to organise your time is to know your priorities. Always carry a little book for you to write anything you need to do. Plan your day, your week and your month. Wake up knowing what you need to do each day. If you don't get to follow exactly as planned, then its ok. Happens to me many times. You just need the drive and realisation on what you need to do, then focus on getting it done. Sometimes, you lose focus and don't have the mood to do something. Don't force yourself. Its not worth it because you won't produce good quality work. I had 9 subjects to study for and 21 papers to sit for, alhamdulillah all A+. It not impossible, it requires persistance, hard work and also pray to Allah. Try to perform solat hajat everyday especially when your exams draw near. Read motivational books and success stories, they really inspire you because those people remind you that its possible. Keep a distance from negative people/ narrow-minded ones who always try to belittle you or tell you otherwise. Remember that the more you study, the more people can feel threatened and they may do/say things to make you feel demotivated. Brush it away, have confidence in yourself, remember God and let Him punish/decide what to do to them. You just need to focus on your life because its too precious for those kind of people. Wake up early each day and try to have enough sleep. Exercise and keep fit, trust me exercise really helped to elevate your mood and prevent body aches and sickness. Eat healthy food and always allocate enough time to eat well and sleep well. Don't ever ignore these 2. Put a reminder on your phone for important or urgent things. Just live your life everyday saying to yourself that 'I will maximise this 24 hours' and just do it. Don't overthink and don't let a moment pass by in the day feeling bored with nothing to do. That's one of the principles in my life.
Believe in yourself because if you don't, nobody else will.

Finally this post has come to an end. I hope that this motivates you and helps you in a way. Let me know if there are any blogpost requests and I'll try to write more. Till then , take care!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Geology Fieldtrip

I like glitter and beautiful things, I think that's quite obvious on my blog ;) Look at my new cursor, its a purple and blue butterfly, isn't it cute? And my new glitter heading! Worked on it a couple of hours just to get the right font, color and size.

I just read a few comments and messages sent to me. Some which were sent quite long ago but I recently discovered. Omg I realised that you guys like to send more personal messages to me rather than comment or type it in my chatbox which I would reply faster actually. The first thing I do when I open my blog is check the chatbox, comments and statistics so it would be a better idea actually than sending me personal messages/ emails. I'm really excited to hear from sooo many people especially when I read all of them just a couple of minutes ago. Maybe I should create one post titled 'LittleMissMeen's testimonial' then you can read what other people say about my blog. Its amazing because I started writing just as a hobby and during my spare time and now so many people are reading and following it. I will try my best to reply to your messages, just please give me some time. My last deadline for coursework was yesterday afternoon and only had some time to breathe today ;) At times, I do run out of topics to blog about or just not in the mood to write but hearing from people who read and also getting topic requests makes me more motivated to keep on writing. I appreciate all of your kind words and glad that it helps you. Will try my best to write more beneficial posts for you guys :)

Today I will be blogging about Geology, perhaps some people would like to know what we do on fieldtrips so here we go.

Last Monday- Wednesday, we had a Geology fieldtrip to Dorset. It was amazing, Dorset is so beautiful and the kind of place I like to go for a holiday. It reminds me of Cameron Highlands because of the greenery and nice scenery.

Whenever I tell people about the Geology fieldtrips, they are like OMG you are so lucky you get to go on a holiday when its not even term break. Well, I'm not sure if you will still think it is a holiday after hearing my story :)

On the first day, we were suppose to meet at 715 am so I woke up at 530am got ready wore my Geology gadgets! HEHE and my guy boots and red hard hat. I packed one small cabin luggage and my ruck sack because we were going for 3 days and my geology stuff already takes up one whole bag. 
My sweet friend who isn't doing Geology woke up early and came to my room at 7 to say goodbye *hugs. She also accompanied me for awhile at night while I was packing.The bus left at 730 and we reached Dorset around 1130 after a short break at a rest area. The first place we visited was called Lyme Regis. had lunch there took some pictures and was suppose to gather again. A tourist ( I think) gave wrong directions and we ended up meeting our group slightly later. After first, when I saw what we had to walk over my only reaction was... *jawdrop. I've never walked over large boulders, slippery cobbles which were almost half of my height. Since everybody was doing it and it looked normal to them, I did it and thankfully reached the other side. The thing about Geology fieldtrips is that we get to go to places that tourists normally won't go and we get to see more details of the geology of the place which normally people would just see from far.

The second locality was the worse. It was windy, super cool, started raining and after a couple of minutes, our lecturer decided to go back to the bus. These are the times I'm so thankful for the sturdy boots and waterproof jacket and trouser they asked us to wear. If not for the boots I think I would have gotten a sprained ankle. 

That night we were allocated to a room with one or 2 room mates. My room mate was India, yup that's her name and she's completely British. Dinner was at 7 and some people went swimming after that in the indoors swimming pool and the hot tub. I was too tired and after checking out the nearby shops, I went to bed by 10 plus. *zzzz Didn't remember anything after that.

The next day was a full day. Went to Dirdle Door, see how its shaped like a door. Checked out the 5 different rock types there- the Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks from 9-430. I enjoyed all the parts of doing the geology work except for climbing the hills and walking through thorny bushes. Again my waterproof outfit saved me :) The hotel provided packed lunch for us, a sandwich, chips, a fruit, cheese, chocolate and crackers. One more thing about the trips is that you rarely find a public toilet so I was thankful I didn't have to go the whole day (which was surprising because I already bought a she-wee *omg so embarrassing). That night, we had the amazing dinner buffet in the hotel. Our lecturers told us that this would be the most luxurious trips we would ever get so not to get used to it. After dinner from 8-10pm, we had a briefing about the independent mapping we would be doing the next day ans also some feedback about our notebooks. An independent mapping means that we would need to work in a particular area, come up with what type of rocks there are and construct the history of that area (as in how it looked like before). Yes, we had to use colour pencils for this.

During the trip, we even bumped into Geology students from other universities who were doing the same project as us. 

On the third day, we packed up our bags and returned the keys to the hotel that morning because we would not be returning. The best part of this trip was that everything seemed free from transport to hotels to food :) (actually its already included in our fees hehe)

So from 10am-2pm, we set for the mission of mapping Lulworth Cove. At 2pm sharp, we would need to hand in a beautified and colourful version of the complete geological map. It was a challenge but definitely enjoyable. At first it felt like being in Amazing Race ;) because everybody was rushing to make it from one end of the cove to the other end by 2pm. 

Finally at 2pm, the trip came to an end. I submitted my map and notebook and had lunch in the bus. We stopped by a rest area and reached London by 540pm. In the bus, we watched 500 Days of Summer and I tried to nap. I reached my room and washed up, almost everything was dirty. I was greeted by this beautiful bouquet of flowers (there were 10 cute pink flowers) and my <3 made dinner for me- salmon and rice for working hard over the past few days. It was so yummy and that's the end of my trip to Dorset. The next day most of us were working on the 3000 word essay that was to be submitted yesterday. Mine was on Gemstones :) Thursday night, I went downstairs for the Pajamas Party and got free Ben and Jerry's ice cream and some snacks. Will blog more soon, take care and have a wonderful week ahead <3

Friday, March 21, 2014

Congratulatory Note & a Chance to Be Published on LittleMissMeen

Exactly 3 years ago, I was going to SAB (my high school) to collect my results and I remember how it felt. As people are telling me their results and sharing it online, it reminds me clearly of the very sweet memories of school life like being a Prefect, Result Day, awards, fashion show, Hari Sukan (go temenggung), IU Day and many many things which somehow seem like a very long time ago. I guess many things happen in 3 years, I got my driving license, completed my A-levels, applied for scholarships, applied to UK universities, got my visa, and now I'm here. Its so remarkable that I'm actually here in UK doing my degree. And then within 3-4 years, I may be working insyaAllah. And that same period of time was like school and today (3-4 years). Time really travels fast, its like the more technology we create, the faster time travels because my parents say that time was not as fast as how it is today when they were my age. 

Whatever, it feels great right now and I'm so happy :) It feels like I'm getting more independent everyday and I'm catching up with the pace of living independently better than I imagined. I've been cooking so many dishes, cleaning, managing my studies well alhamdullilah and even got a note from my lecturer to congratulate me for getting the highest in one of our coursework. As challenging as it is being in another country and also a world's top university, its amazing. I have some very good news which is supposed to be written in a different post so I won't spoil the surprise here ( hint: Tuesday was the AGM for yoga and AGM dinner at a veggie restaurant, so yummy). Yesterday I went for dinner at Malaysian Hall for the first time since I've been in London and something very very surprising was that, I actually felt normal eating Malaysian food. It didn't feel omg amazing or anything. I was hungry and it felt good. Maybe because I've been cooking loads of Malaysia food that I didn't actually super miss it or anything. Or maybe I'm not that picky when it comes to food, I would eat anything healthy, according to my diet and nice. I'm planning to write a post about all the food I've cooked and also about Life in Halls. Well, omg I just have too much to blog about, can't wait for Easter holidays.

Its suddenly cold here again, just when I thought the sunshine is back. Oh and btw! We will be changing our time one hour forth which means Malaysia and UK will now only be 7 hours apart starting March 30th. 

Summer break is just around the corner, I can smell it. *oops so random. Booked my flight tickets already.

Next week is the Dorset trip and the following week I'll be moving temporary to a different hall due to some electrical work in my current hall. Then the following week is holiday week to _____ which is the highlight of my Easter break hehe. Keep up with my post for more stories.

And I'd like to end this post, saying a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all SPM students who got their results yesterday. Special congratulations to Lyana for being the first person to tell me her results and getting all A's. And also to Cindy! I know you're doing A-levels but I'm soooo proud of you and so honoured to be the first friend to know your results even when I was sleeping and thought it was a dream (woke up and saw 28 messages hehe) Very proud of you ! <3 Also.. would like to congratulate Rai for being the next UN President! Its so amazing, my friends are doing fabulous. Sending hugs from afar. And I can't believe that its my student Nasha who was the previous Pres, hoping to see you in UK soon! Once again congratulations again to all SPM candidates. I'm writing this because I know how many thousands of people just come to my blog to read the SPM articles alone and you all deserve a congratulatory note from me. 

Also also  SPECIAL NOTE: LittleMissMeen would like anyone( even if your exam was years ago) who has success stories whether it is SPM, STPM, A-levels, O-levels or anything to please send me an email to with your name, results and a short/long note on:

 'Advice for future '(eg: SPM)' candidates

Send me your inspiring stories/ advice by 15 April 2014. 

This is to encourage your juniors that success is not impossible even when it feels very hard. Imagine how beneficial it was to find useful/motivating material online. Now its your turn to contribute by writing a short note. Do send me a picture on your result day if you would like and I will publish it. Names will not be mentioned upon request. Hope to hear from you :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Updates and Love from London

Hello everyone! Yaay I'm finally done with official Year 1 lectures but not extremely excited yet because there are 2 courseworks and 1 essay and 1 fieldtrip all in 1 week plus from now. Its starting to get sunnier in London - yaay Spring cheers me up. Its still chilly but now I dont have to be dressed like a layered onion ;)

Look what I made last weekend- CHOCOLATE BROWNIES and


AYAM PERCIK, fresh from the oven

In the midst of busy-ness, its important to do things that cheer you up and make you feel contented like. Felt a bit distraught when my dear phone decided to go blank and sleep. Its been a few days now without a phone and it feels so weird that I'm only talking to people on fb or email or skype. I miss my phone and actually hugged it after trying to open it so many times but it couldn't. I'm just so sorry that I made it fall a couple of times and losing it made me realise how much I depended on it.. I know its just a tiny problem but there are a lot of memories and saved numbers that were not backed up on my memory card. Thankfully the other day I transferred the pictures but yeah the others... :'(

About the issue of the Malaysian Plane which went missing, I call it MH370 confusion. People are coming up with silly ideas on how it happened. People sometimes just can't be patient enough to wait for a logical conclusion so they need to draw up any coincidence or possible ones to let their heart and mind be at peace. Well, that's totally fine if you don't make another party look bad when you're not even sure yourself. I wouldn't dare to come up with any conclusion right now and let's just pray they are safe, insyaAllah.

Here's a video by my sister,she's trying to clearly point out that people should stop spreading rumors, creating stories and fake accounts out of a sad situation. Instead, just pray to God that they are safe. She's super professional and funny. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Discover Islam Week and Malaysian Night

A few hours ago, I had yoga classes and then we had Pancakes Dinner :) There were grapes, blueberries, pancakes, waffles, bananas, tea, coffee, crisps and all the topping you can imagine. There was a new yoga instructor today and I've been practising this meditation for 2 terms now ^^

 Last week, I even went for Pilates because it was Discover Islam Week and yoga classes were at the same time as the special talks. Both on Tues and Thurs last week, we had a speaker from Canada and Birmingham (if I'm not mistaken) who gave a very inspirational talk. The title of the talks were: Happiness and Is Life Just a Game? There were even non-muslims, Chinese, British, Europeans who attended the talk and took part in the exposure last week. Then on Friday, they had free dinner ! It was a full course Mid-Eastern cuisine meal with lamb, baked chicken, basmathi and beriyani rice as well as couscous- an Egyptian crushed rice kind-of thing that I wasn't very familiar with. The 2 speakers who came that night were amazing. One was a Priest who converted to Islam and the other was a British girl around early 20s who was a Medicine student in UCL and recently converted to Islam. Their stories were really touching and the man who gave the speech pointed out how much he respected Christianity because that is the religion that he grew up with but he decided to search for the truth. And speaking generally to everybody, he said something that really really made sense: You are not living in this world for your mom or your dad or your friends, yes they are a big part of your life but you are here for God, He sent you here for a reason and it is your duty to search about religion and find out the truth. 

He continued: Every religion brings peace but which one is the truth? Can this world be created by so many different Gods? There is one and only one God. Some people argue that the world was created by coincidence which doesn't make much sense. How can something so magnificent, well-organised and beautiful like the universe be created on its own? There must be a Creator and a very Great One. 

Both of the speakers said that the media shows that Islam is violent, too-conservative and that is not true. Everything in the Quran has a logical reason if you search and study about it. If people spread rumors about you would you like it? I'm sure not and of course you prefer that people ask you personally and directly instead of making assumptions. Same goes with this case. People often make bad assumptions about Islam because they are just agreeing with the bias news they see and little information they have. Islam is a peaceful and beautiful religion and the terrorism portrayed is mostly an act of extremism, most of which is disagreed in Islam because our religion taught us to create peace unless you are in a situation that you need to defend yourself. Both Islam and Christian are quite similar until the part of Jesus. Islam believes Jesus did not die on the cross ( yes we believe that it happened but God protected him and brought him up and he will return to this Earth when the Day Of Judgement draws nearer, the man who died there was someone else-I could go in the details but then this post would be a few chapters ;) while Christians believe that he died and is the son of God. The man who gave his speech mentioned that this is a wonderful idea but it is not true and God couldn't possibly have a son because then all his descendents would be 1/4 god and then would God need a son- what is the significance and then why did God decide that His son dies? In Islam, he is a Prophet and there is a final Prophet after that which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

Most people in this world are too absorbed in worldly materials that we forget about the truth and reality in hereafter. Our parents religion does not necessarily represent the truth, as hard as this is to believe. 

The story of the girl was more involving social network. She was on Facebook and she saw a conversations between 2 Muslims and they were talking about the fasting month. They were saying how since Ramadan falls in the summer and sunset is pretty late, they will be fasting for long hours even though they were having sports practice. She thought it was stupid and didn't make sense and began to research and read about the reasons why Muslims fast. As she slowly gained more knowledge and hidayah, she realised how everything made sense and had logical reason, most of which were beneficial to us, as human beings. She said that, God didn't put you in this world and then let you be and leave you stranded here, not knowing what to do. He has written it all in the Quran for your guidance in this world- Islam is very easy and lenient, you can do as much as you can and you will be rewarded for as much good deeds and faith you have in the One and Only God, He doesn't ask for anything else, just believe in Him and follow the Quran ( the holy book he sent down).

I am not a perfect person myself and that is why I always enjoy listening to these talks, I find them motivating and at the end of that night, I felt so happy and contented in my heart. Its not that crazy happy- wooooo baby ;) Its more of like you heart feels so light, happy and you feel safe that God is watching you insyaAllah. 

They also mentioned that the Arabic meaning of God is Allah but you can choose which word you prefer. Just like Jesus is also Prophet Isa (in Arabic) its the same name, depends which you choose. 
Discover Islam Week was a great success I have to say and they even gave free English Quran translations! If you are interested to have one, do let me know k? They had the booth for girls where they could try henna and the hijab. Also they had a Charity week end of last year and managed to achieve 69000 pounds, that's written in one of the weekly emails they sent me. Wow. 

And if you're improving or just about to start or even not sure, always pray and search for the truth. God promised that He will guide whoever seeks for His help. Prayers are always important and always ask God for the good things you wish, may the truth be with you :) Amin

Malaysian Night

There's nothing much to say because there wasn't a talk of course but very amazing performances! It was more professional than I thought ;) and there was free nasi lemak sponsored by Rasa Sayang restaurant. The show was mainly an act of 2 kingdoms- Bolehland and Kiasuland (you definitely know what countries they are talking about right?) and how they wanted to achieve peace and there was my favourite shadow dance in the beginning and also dances in between the scenes related to the drama. It was like a musical theatre in some ways. Then there was a dikir barat performance with traditional and modern music. It was soo entertaining and I even saw a few familiar faces, friends of friends from different unis in UK. During my interview last night, I met a few people (locals, Eurasians) who told me that they went for MNight and how they loved it and when they went on Saturday, they persuaded their friends to go for the Sunday show. Yup there were too many people that the show was held for 2 nights- The Great Hall can only fit 500 people. Oh and I can't believe we won the lucky draw- number 18! I don't remember the last time winning a lucky draw. Lucky night ^^

Tomorrow and next week I will be getting my new coursework then at the end of this month I have 2 major events ----> submission of independent essay project 3000 words and geology fieldtrip to Dorset! Omg yup I'm about to be busier but will be having Easter holidays in a month and that time I'll have loadss of stories to tell. 

Wishing everyone a pleasant week ahead. Take care :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feeling Good About Yourself

Hello guys :) I finished class a little early today and feel like its time to write a motivational post. Was going to write a Valentine's story like I did 2 years earlier but couldn't think of any ideas. I'm glad so many people loved it, I'll need to brainstorm more and do send me any topic requests if you have one. Last monday was the deadline for 2 coursework, I'm so glad that's done. And I can hardly believe it that I just have 3 weeks left of official Year 1 lectures! Omg alhamdulillah that's amazing and time is passing by really fast. 

Why I chose this topic is because almost everyone can relate to this. Basically everybody wants to feel good about themselves, that's why you see people with super-fashionable clothes, blue hair, Prada handbag and the list goes on. Different people feel about about themselves in different ways and I respect that. What I do not respect or tolerate are people who make themselves feel good by belittling others. You will not believe how many of those kind of people I have encountered especially where I am now and the reality is - nobody likes those kind of people.

To be honest, when someone acts in a cold manner or really snobbishly, the first thing that comes to my mind is: What little love they have in their heart. For all the reasons to be happy and thankful in the day, they fail to see it and only trying to spread their negativity to other people. That's because a person with a lot of love in their life and in their heart would never intentionally hurt another human, animal, or any living creature. Empathy and kindness are synonym to people who are full of love. And having love doesn't just mean you are in a relationship, its more like your heart and mind is full of beauty.

 Another thing might be because they have been treated in that manner or have had people saying those words to them. So when someone says something hurtful to you and its hard to brush off, just bear in mind that you should feel sorry for that person because they might have heard those harsh statements so much in their life. And you, just having heard it once should feel so much better of yourself and not affected by them.

In order to feel good about yourself is doing what you enjoy and what you are good at but at the same time, you need to remember not to ever let another person make you seem worthless. Take my word. Sometimes, you may be a very patient person and remain silent for the first couple of times or when you're in a good mood. But when things get overboard, you need to stand up for yourself. This is something you need to learn the hard way. You can't stop people from saying what they want to say but you can stop yourself from taking it to heart and letting it affect yourself.

Its normal that kind people are always the victim in this case and even after the harsh words and after how people have treated them, they would still be kind enough not to hurt the other person's feelings. However, as kind as you may be which I respect so so very much, you need to speak it and stand up for yourself. Maybe with a little pressure and heat from you, that person may realise what he/she is doing and improve themselves. Most of the times, this attitude is welded within them that its impossible to get rid of but at least now they know that you're the wrong person to mess with. 

I've known very kind people who have experienced this situation and its very sad but always remember that the truth will win. That's something I hold on to in life and it has a bigger meaning than those 3 words you literally see. As long as you hold on to that, you have all the reasons in the world to feel good about yourself.

Whatever it is, just forgive. Even if its hard to forgive just don't keep it in your heart. This actually helps you to feel good about yourself because after all the things the other party has said and done, in your heart you still forgive them and that is a great act of wisdom. Not many people in this world can do something like that and if you can do it with a true heart, its definitely a blessing.

Before I end my post, I'd like to say that whatever challenges you face are only making you better every time. When people say things to challenge you, there's this drive to prove them wrong. This reminds me of a story:

In Standard 6, a motivator came to my school to give a talk on UPSR. He called up some volunteers and asked me how many hours do I spend studying in the weekend. Not blowing my own trumpet here but I was one of the top student at that time and almost everytime that year I would come in first out of 250-300 students. Its hard to explain the story if I didn't say this. Me, feeling like I shouldn't boast in front of all the students in that enormous hall with teachers and parents, said that  "it depends". I didn't give him an exact figure on how many hours I studied a day and unfortunately that wasn't the answer he was expecting to hear. He told me in front of that big crowd that if that's the case, then your success is not definite. He was comparing success rate of students studying at different hours and to me, that was very immature. Any student can go to the front and lie and say he/she studies 13 hours a day. It didn't make sense and was I demotivated? Nope :) Alhamdulillah I obtained all A's, got number 1 in class and the entire standard, got the Best Student Award for Art, BM, Math, English (I dont remember exactly all the awards). Also become Student Model of the Year ( Female Category). 

Syukur Alhamdulillah, and now after 8 years, I still can't forget what that motivator said to me. I still remember clearly but it did not change my motivation and how good I feel about myself. It motivated me to prove him otherwise. And now I'm thinking back, perhaps that was what he intended to do ;) I don't remember his name but if I did, I would want to say thank you. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great week ahead everybody and till my next post! Take care

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Life Updates & Birthday Month

Dear Diary, 

I feel so happy when I make time to write here. When I read in a motivational book that says you need to put aside some time to do what you like, blogging is one of the things that pop in my mind. My <3 has helped me resolve the picture issue, Windows 8 is pretty ok afterall. 

I still remember what happened exactly one month ago.  I hate saying goodbye. I hate that moment that I'm forced to bid farewell or else I'll miss the flight and have to pay another how many thousands. Once I was in the airplane, it felt slightly better, but parting from the people you love is just a very painful experience, especially since I was by travelling alone. On my first flight, the unstable weather outside that caused some turbulence didn't make it any better.After the 17 hour journey, I reached the airport and felt emotionless, I remember exactly what happened the first time I reached Heathrow Airport and that was with my mum, sister and brother. This time I was alone.

I spoke to my mum in the taxi for some time, 4pm in UK means midnight at home so I had to say goodbye.  I thought I was ok until I walked upstairs to my room, suddenly I felt tears again. At first they were just one or two and as I started getting closer to my room, it started to accelerate.  I let myself sob for awhile and then shower and took a nap. My <3 was having exams when I reached so later that day, he brought dinner for me which was the happiest thing that happened since that moment in the airport. 

Seeing my <3 and my friends cheered me up and it made me more motivated to go back to reality and study as my exams were just around the corner. I was busy studying the next few days and suddenly I got sick. I'm pretty sure it was due to the abrupt weather transition- summer to winter and it made me ill for almost 2 weeks which meant that yes, I was having a running nose in the exam hall and brought extra tissue, silently blowing in that quiet hall.

On top of that, my birthday was 2 days before exam day ;) To be honest, I didn't really feel excited to party or anything, I just felt thankful I'm living another insyaAllah beautiful year. I said to myself that although it was going to be my special day, perhaps I should just treat it like a normal day.. 
So that night, I went to bed early around 11. And suddenly I felt vigorous, loud sounds of people banging on a door. At first I thought it was in my dream, then it kept on going so I thought it was the boys outside but then the loud sound felt so close to me. Finally when I heard someone calling my name, I woke up and realised that door was mine ;)

At 12am, my friends brought chocolate cake to my was such a sweet surprise. They told me I looked so pale at first- either because I was sick, dreamy or still trying to process the entire scene. Kira took the photo so I'll imagine she was in the picture too hehe.

Birthday lunch

Balloons from mummy- early celeb at home

Cake from <3

Later that day, I got a phone call from the security at my residence stating that a parcel was awaiting me downstairs. It was a big box from eflorist and made me curious. When I opened it in my room, I saw that it was from my mum and dad, Efan and Nasreen.

Surprise flowers from my mum and dad

Aira's bday exactly one week after mine.

Visiting Sara and Adam after exams.

Sara played her viola for me and also the piano. We went to the park together, then she asked me to play cards so we played Snap and Old Maid. It was so funny because one of the guys ended up being the Old Maid.

Surprise visit to Cardiff! 

May and I planned the visit and it was entirely top secret. I was going on a trip assuming I was staying at Ronnie's place even though she didn't know I was coming. This was at an Italian Restaurant. I was there just for a short while and it hail stormed, first time experiencing ice-rain!


S3 dinner at Nandos, it was such a happy day. 

My si comel!!! Now have lost 3 teeth, omg I send 3 kisses for you xxx and also 3 hugs ooo, eh wait i add another 2 xx

Lookies! I made nasi lemak with chicken rendang :P

Near the arcade at Cardiff 

I'll end this blog post with a little motivation. I guess in life there are full of happy times as well as sad times. Things that you like and that you don't, but always believe that however it turns out, God has special plans for you. You need to trust Him and believe that anything that happens is for a good reason, maybe for now, maybe later in the future. Although I was very sad on that very day, I never assumed that the rest of the month would be filled with so much happiness and blessings. As busy as I am ( term 2 started 2 days after exam), I look at it as a distraction from thinking of negative feelings. Alhamdulillah, life does get better, always with a positive mindset!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Problems Uploading Pictures on Windows 8

Hello! Its been awhile since I written here, ahh such a nice getaway. I was about to post some pictures and updates but had some problem uploading the pictures because my laptop is using Windows 8 now and I'm still so confused. If anybody knows an easier way, can you please let me know? 

Thanks and hope to blog more soon


Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Quick Visit Back Home & Legoland Malaysia

From the day LegoLand was launched, 15 September 2012, my little brother really wanted to go. Now, a year plus later, we finally made a trip to Johor during my short Christmas break. The weather difference between home and UK is so much. At some point, I was wondering if  Malaysia and UK could transfer heat to reach a thermal equilibrium so we would have a balance. Well, if that happened then we wouldn't have rambutans, durians, bananas and mangosteen in Malaysia and then UK would have its fresh strawberries, peaches and big apples. I guess its cold and hot for many reasons ;) 

I finally have an external heater! Yaay thank you <3 I can't believe I never thought of getting one before. Winter's creeping in and any metal in the kitchen is ice cold.

Exams coming and I'm back to books again. For the third year in a row, I'll be studying on my birthday like usual, for exams :) And will need to get used to it for the next few years *big smile

If there's one thing I miss about being at home (besides being surrounded by people I love) is my glowing room. During my short visit back, I was always anticipating 9am ish. At that time of the day, the bright Sun would shine at a good angle to my room and make my room glow green. Green? Yup Green because my curtains are light apple-green so light shines through partially. And its just so beautiful, like the morning light is cheering you on and giving you this fresh start of the day. Hmm, its true in a way how the weather can affect your mood. But whatever and whomever I miss, I always remind myself why I'm here and that sparks the motivation again. I'm just thankful for all the amazing people in my life, including the new ones who have helped me make this journey a more exciting and memorable one. I had time to meet a few of my close friends back home, but only once each. Even that was good enough but in a way it kind of makes me miss them even more. Sorry I couldn't meet everyone, time was just so limited. 

Yesterday I made chicken rice! And also mac and cheese. I was in a cooking mood hehe

Here are some pictures during our trip to Legoland. We stayed in Pariss Hotel for 4 days 3 nights and it was so much fun. We got 2 rooms. Nora, Nassy and I shared one. The journey there from KL was about 4-5 hours by car so we had lots of snacks on the way and stopped for ice cream. Legoland is just so cheerful colorful and fun. Exactly 2 weeks ago we were in the water park. Its separate to the Theme park. 

We thought legoland was just for kids but look the rides. Do you see me up there? I went on 4 roller coasters! And they weren't too scary so that was good ^^ And for this ride we had to pull the string and make it to the top. Chubby won!

This is the miniland. They built historical and special buildings in Asia like Angkor Wat, KLIA, Taj Mahal and many more out of blocks!!!

We stayed at the theme park from 930am till 9pm. Then we had KFC nearby, all the shops were almost closed. OMG and Legoland was supposed to close around 8. 

My cute baby at the water park :)

The water park was newly open in October 2013. Feel so honoured to be one of the first ones  hehe

I hope everyone is having a good start of 2014, feel blessed, be happy and look forward to the future :)